Innovation to solve business problems

August 19, 2014 / Kishore Balakrishnan

As a provider of IT solutions to government and private organizations, Digicon leverages Adobe ColdFusion to give itself a unique competitive advantage. Specifically, Digicon uses ColdFusion to build modules for internal implementation, then rapidly provision and host the results commercially.


Our ability to build applications in ColdFusion and quickly deliver them to customers gives us a huge advantage over competitors who use other development environments,” says Mark DeLaney, senior application developer at Digicon.


Successful projects include a youth summer job program in which Digicon replaced 50 paper forms with a new digital application system. The web-based system can be used on smartphones, tablets, and even video game consoles, which encourages greater participation from youth, as well as employers. To date, nearly 5,200 jobs have been filled, which has had a significant impact on meeting community needs.


Enabling Leading Wildcard Search In Coldfusion

August 19, 2014 / Uday Ogra

In the current version of Solr supported by Coldfusion, leading wildcard search is not supported by default. A ’*’ as the leading character in a search will not work. 

For example this code :

<cfsearch collection="new" name="x" criteria="*title*" categorytree="books/history/english">

Will throw an error :

There was a problem while attempting to perform a search.

Error executing query : org.apache.lucene.queryParser.ParseException: Cannot parse '*title*': '*' or '?' not allowed as first character in WildcardQuery


Workaround for this is to tweak schema.xm of the collection and add ReversedWildcardFilterFactory  filter.

To enable "*criteria*" kinda search go to schema.xml file of the corresponding collection and add this filter to fieldtype with name "text"

<filter class="solr.ReversedWildcardFilterFactory" withOriginal="true"

             maxPosAsterisk="2" maxPosQuestion="1" minTrailing="2" maxFractionAsterisk="0"/>

And restart you solr.

But do remember that Using ReversedWildcardFilterFactory will double the size of your dictionary (more or less), maybe drop in performance. So use it only if it is really required by your application


Application datasources in ColdFusion

August 11, 2014 / Himavanth Rachamsetty

Reproduced from original post here.

Datasources in ColdFusion have always been defined either in CFAdmin or through Admin API. This made it difficult for applications to be portable across ColdFusion servers.

CF11 brings application specific datasources to ColdFusion. With this, applications can register their own datasources (when they start) without messing with the server-wide datasources defined in CFAdmin. The datasource details can be defined in Application.cfc



If you are using a custom driver, you can use the last syntax given above and specify the driver class.

If you are using drivers shipped by ColdFusion, you can specify the driver and the corresponding driver class will be picked up by ColdFusion. Possible values for driver are all provided in neo-drivers.xml.

Note: If there is a server-wide datasource with the same name as application datasource, the latter will be picked up.

ColdFusion Builder 3 Update 3 released

August 08, 2014 / Ram Kulkarni

ColdFusion Builder 3 update 2 released last week had a bug because of which colorization used to break in cfscript code when it was edited around comments. This bug has been fixed in the update 3 that is released today. Update 3 does not contain any other bug fixes.

-Ram Kulkarni

Workaround for ajax cfgrid bug in CF11 in which ajaxonload() is not working properly

August 06, 2014 / Uday Ogra

In coldfusion 11 release there is an open bug in which if you try to use any ColdFusion.grid related function in a function that is called by ajaxOnLoad, the grid object will not be available. 

A grid will load properly, but when the javascript function is called with AjaxOnLoad and  function tries to reference the grid, you will get that the reference is "undefined".

This is a sample code :



      <title>AjaxOnLoad test</title> 


            init = function() 


                ColdFusion.Grid.sort('datagrid', 'col_one', 'ASC');





        <cfform name='formOne'>

            <cfgrid name='datagrid' format="html" textcolor="blue">

                <cfgridcolumn name='col_one'>

                <cfgridrow data="data1">

                <cfgridrow data="data2">

                <cfgridrow data="data3">



        <cfset AjaxOnLoad("init")> 



The above code will break at "ColdFusion.Grid.sort('datagrid', 'col_one', 'ASC');" as grid object will not be available at that moment.


Workaround :

The current workaround for this issue is to wrap the references to the grid objects within Ext.onReady method, like this:

   init = function() 


   Ext.onReady(function ()


                                 ColdFusion.Grid.sort('datagrid', 'col_one', 'ASC');




Note: Fix for this bug will be available in next update

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