Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2016 – Presentation Files for Download

Thank you to everyone that attended Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2016!  

We hope you enjoyed the conference both for networking and awesome session content that our presenters provided.  Though we have published many of the slide decks already, many of you have been asking for the actual PDF downloads to review on your own.  The download link for the session decks is available on the FTP site below.  

We hope to see you again next year!


Slide decks online:

Dropbox share is available here

8 thoughts on “Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2016 – Presentation Files for Download

  1. Where is ColdFusion Headed.pdf is quite interesting.

    I am looking forward to hearing more about CFScript 2.0 (page 23 on pdf)


    The Best Undead Language Ever

  2. Thanks Elishia. That’s a pitty, especially considering many of the more popular language conferences do. This is a missed opportunity IMHO.

  3. @Charlie I saw your comment but misunderstood what was shared on FaceBook. I’ve attneded a number of those coldfusionmeetup and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I do appreciate you promoting those.

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