Note on ColdFusion 11 Japanese Installers refreshed with Update 3

December 18, 2014 / Krishna Reddy

  Adobe ColdFusion 11 | ColdFusion 11 | General | Hotfix

The refreshed Japanese Installers that were released on December 10th 2014 had an issue in detecting the platform's Japanese language at installation time and so was defaulting to English.

While we are going to refresh the Japanese installers, if you need to go ahead with the current installers itself, you can use one of the following workarounds.

1) You can force the installer to run on top of JRE version 7 instead of the default JRE 8 that is in-built into the installer.

    To do this, you should have JRE 1.7 on your machine.

Open command prompt (Open as Administrator in case of Windows) and run the following command.

>C:\downloads\ColdFusion_11_WWEJ_win64.exe LAX_VM "C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe"

Please change the paths as per your installer location and JRE/JDK location. And also please use 64-bit jre for 64-bit version of ColdFusion installer and 32-bit JRE for 32-bit ColdFusion Installer.

2) Instead of #1, you can use the following method also if you are comfortable running the installation in English itself and after installation you can change the language that ColdFusion runs on to Japanese.

 Open the file C:\ColdFusion11\cfusion\bin\jvm.config and search for -Duser.language=en and replace this with -Duser.language=ja and restart the server. ColdFusion server will now in Japanese itself.




Can I get an update? If you're looking for ColdFusion Updaters...

December 18, 2014 / Elishia Dvorak

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Many of you are looking for a central location to find the full list of ColdFusion Updaters.  We try to keep these updated for the core supported versions with links to the latest released updaters.  These are a good place to look for the full list of updaters available on each version along with a download link to the .jar file. 


ColdFusion 11:


ColdFusion 10:


ColdFusion 9:



Additional updates for ColdFusion server and Builder:


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Mobile Application Development Contest - Deadline Extended to January 15th!!

December 15, 2014 / Elishia Dvorak

  Adobe ColdFusion | Adobe ColdFusion 11 | CFBuilder | ColdFusion | ColdFusion 11 | Mobile

There is still time to submit your app for the Mobile Dev Contest and Win $1000!!


We have received requests to extend the time for our mobile contest, so we are extending the deadline to January 15th.  


Please send an email to to let us know of your plans to submit an entry.


Reminder, below are the contest rules.  



If you're just getting started with ColdFusion mobile development, here are some resources to look into:
Adobe ColdFusion YouTube Channel:
Getting Started with ColdFusion Mobile
ColdFusion Mobile Workflow

Devnet Articles:
Build Your First Mobile App with Adobe ColdFusion
Mobile Application Development with ColdFusion 11

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ColdFusion chat support

December 14, 2014 / Dipanwita Sarkar


ColdFusion chat support is back, up and running! Apologies for the time away due to glitches. It is available 7am-5pm Pacific time.

ColdFusion chat support will primarily assist users with membership, licensing, support plans, technotes, documentation/blogs, self-help documents and any other first level queries and pointers. Technical issues, unless very simple and straightforward, will be encouraged to route through email/call/portal etc.

Quoting the Adobe Support tagline here "Our Support Promise. We want every connection you have with Adobe to be as exceptional as our products." Hope you have a pleasant and useful interaction with our chat support.



Cfgrid JS binding issue is fixed in Coldfusion 11 update 3

December 12, 2014 / Uday Ogra


Coldfusion 11 update 3 fixed the cfgrid javascript binding issue.(bug number 3712909,3712885)

Prior to this, js binding was broken where as CFC binding as well as URL binding were wroking properly.

As a result pagination, dynamic binding etc were not working if js binding was used though basic static grid was working properly.

Even query columns were not getting mapped to their associated grid columns.

This had happened due to our internal upgrade of EXTJS framework which did not support js binding.

So we had to write a custom js binding wrapper to make it work in coldfusion. Now everything works fine in JS binding

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