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ColdFusion case study: ITRX Corp.

November 04, 2013 / Rakshith Naresh

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One of the world’s leading open-source research websites was experiencing performance issues because increasing volumes of data were taxing the system’s available memory. To solve the problem, the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) called on ITX Corp., an IT solutions provider. ITX rebuilt the site using Adobe ColdFusion, which helped eliminate memory problems, cut development times through the reuse of modularized code, and streamline SSRN’s web technology infrastructure.


“Not only did the upgrade to 64-bit Adobe Cold Fusion help stop server crashes, it also helped reduce the number of servers SSRN needs to run its site,” says Fernando D’Agostino, lead architect at ITX. “Previously, SSRN had 14 servers. Now it has 8, which reduces costs associated with server purchases, maintenance, and support.”  http://adobe.ly/19XDRHf

Video : Community Week #3 - Handling misfires in Scheduled Tasks in ColdFusion 10

June 27, 2013 / Viny Nigam

  Administrator | Adobe ColdFusion | Adobe ColdFusion 10 | Application Server | ColdFusion | Scheduled Tasks

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Applying Updates on a Locked down ColdFusion 10 Server

May 21, 2013 / Krishna Reddy

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Note: This is valid from Hotfix 9 onwards.

Depending on the user account that you have used to Lock down your server, you might need to consider the following few more steps for providing appropriate permissions to be able to apply the updates from ColdFusion Administrator.

Hotfix needs two things to be installed properly from ColdFusion Administrator.

1) The user that is configured for ColdFusion Service should be permitted to Start/Stop the service. More on this to setup is explained below.

2) Since ColdFusion runs with the user you have setup for ColdFusion service, that user should have write/delete/update permissions for some of the ColdFusion directories. Notably, till now (Hotfix 9) the update files are there for the following directories:

<CFHome>\cfusion\bin\ (Write)

<CFHome>\cfusion\hf-updates\ (Write)

<CFHome>\cfusion\lib\ (Write)

<CFHome>\cfusion\lib\updates\ (Write + Delete)

<CFHome>\cfusion\runtime\lib\ (Write)

<CFHome>\cfusion\wwwroot\CFIDE\adminapi\ (Write)

<CFHome>\cfusion\wwwroot\CFIDE\administrator\ (Write)

<CFHome>\cfusion\wwwroot\CFIDE\componentutils\ (Write)

<CFHome>\cfusion\wwwroot\CFIDE\scripts\ (Write)

Note: New directories may or may not get added in the future Hotfixes but the above set will always be there for ColdFusion 10.

If you are running multi-instace scenario you have to set the same for all child instance folders and their service accounts

When lockdown guide is being imposed the above two requirements should also be implemented in order to be able to apply Hotfixes from the ColdFusion administrator.

Setting up the ColdFusion Service user as required in #1:

Down load and Install Windows tool named SubInACL.exe (Installer name is SubInACL.msi) to give service start/stop permissions from


Once you install it, the tool subinacl.exe gets installed under
C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Resource Kits\Tools

Then, run the tool as follows from command prompt by replacing <MachineName> and <username> with your username and machine name.

a) For machine’s local user

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Resource Kits\Tools>subinacl.exe /service "\\<MachineName>\ColdFusion 10 Application Server" /grant=<username>=TO

b) If the user is a Domain user you have to replace <Domainname> as well along with <MachineName>, <username> in the following command.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Resource Kits\Tools>subinacl.exe /service "\\<MachineName>\ColdFusion 10 Application Server" /grant=<Domainname>\<username>=TO

More details on this are explained in the below resource.


This is a one-time setup that you have to do.

Once this is done -> Restart ColdFusion service -> Open ColdFusion server Administrator -> Apply Update  -> You should be able to apply the Hotfix successfully now.


New Critical ColdFusion security update for version 9 and above

May 14, 2013 / Shilpi Khariwal

  Security | Administrator | Adobe ColdFusion | Adobe ColdFusion 10 | Announcements | Hotfix | web application security


A security update for ColdFusion is now available for versions 10, 9, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2. This hot-fix addresses issues reported in Advisory 13-03

If you are on ColdFusion 10, you will see a new update 10 within the ColdFusion administrator for you to download and install.

Adobe recommends users update their product installation with this update. Here's a link to the related security bulletin. 

We highly recommend locking down public facing servers to prevent against unknown attacks. As an additional precaution, we recommend commenting RDS servlet in web.xml

Complete instructions for protecting server can be found accessed here. ColdFusion 10 Lockdown GuideColdFusion 9 Lockdown Guide


Video on Hotfix Installation in ColdFusion 10

April 22, 2013 / Viny Nigam

  Administrator | ColdFusion | Hotfix | Updates

Here is a quick video on the various Hotfix installation mechanisms in ColdFusion 10 by Adobe engineer Krishna Reddy

You can know more about how to download and install ColdFusion 10 hotfixes directly from this link

For more information on the hotfix installation mechanism ,please refer to the hotfix installation guide


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