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Are you trying to create a “Remote Server” connection between ColdFusion Builder 3 and ColdFusion 11, installed on separate servers (distributed setup).  Here are the steps.


Many of you are looking for a central location to find the full list of ColdFusion Updaters.  We try to keep these updated for the core supported versions with links to the latest released updaters.  These are a good place to look for the full list of updaters available on each version along with a download link to the .jar file. 


ColdFusion 11: 



ColdFusion 10:



ColdFusion 9:




Additional updates for ColdFusion server and Builder:




ColdFusion Builder 3 update 2 released last week had a bug because of which colorization used to break in cfscript code when it was edited around comments. This bug has been fixed in the update 3 that is released today. Update 3 does not contain any other bug fixes.

-Ram Kulkarni


Note-1/23/2015 (Krishna) :

                                      We had refreshed the update 2 just fixing the bugs arised out of Update 2. Ram has blogged it as Update 3 mistakenly. It should have been blogged as Refreshed build for Update 2. Our apologies for the confusion with regard to the update number.

Blog link for Update 3 is here: http://blogs.coldfusion.com/post.cfm/update-released-for-coldfusion-builder-3

With the introduction of ColdFusion 11 it brought many new features to developers.  These new features will allow developers to be more productive than ever before.  Enhancements like these will again assist developers in staying ahead of the curve and develop the next great thing.


Among the many new features in ColdFusion 11 one of the biggest was the Mobile Feature Set.  This set of features is designed to help the developer go from idea to installed application all from a single IDE.  These features included an integrated line debugger, remote debugging, application packaging and deployment. These features and more allows developers to build mobile applications with what they already know, ColdFusion.


In order for someone to truly appreciate the mobile features of CF 11 an example was needed.  So, to show off some of the mobile feature set, CFInventory App was built.  This app, written by Dave Ferguson, was written completely in ColdFusion Builder 3 using the Mobile Features of ColdFusion 11.



With ColdFusion Builder 3 we have implemented automatic updates feature to be in-line with Eclipse update mechanism.


In case of ColdFusion Builder 3 standalone installation:-

With this, if there is any update to ColdFusion Builder 3, you will receive a notification at the bottom right corner of Builder. You can click on that and install the updates.

With this mechanism only the changed plugins are pulled and installed on top of your Builder installation.

And this is always a cumulative update .i.e Latest update contains all the previous updates as well.

If you have just closed the notification without installing the update you can install by clicking on Help --> Check for Updates label.

In case of Plugin installation to Eclipse:-

Since the Eclipse is your own copy, you have to do a one-time setup to get notifications and install it.


Open "Window -> Preferences -> Install/Update" and configure the updater options as follows.

Click on "Automatic Updates" -> Select "Automatically find updates and notify me"

Click on "Enable Software Sites" -> Enable the site http://download.adobe.com/pub/adobe/coldfusion/cfb3pluginsrepo/ . This site is already listed. You just have to enable it.

Refer to the enclosed figures for these settings.

Once this is done on every next restart of Eclipse, updates availability is checked and notified at the bottom right corner.

By clicking on that notification message you can you can install the update.


Fig 1:Notification settings

Notification Settings


Fig 2: Update Site Sttings

Update Site