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Educators and students throughout Europe benefit from the technological innovations that European Schoolnet builds using Adobe ColdFusion. The consortium of 31 education ministries develops programs and projects that benefit teachers, pupils, researchers, and industry partners who share the goal of improving the quality of education in Europe.

European Schoolnet serves more than 250,000 users and 25 different languages with projects like the eTwinning portal, a virtual meeting point for the exchange of information between schools. It provides all the tools and services schools need to find partners, resources, advice, help, and information, and even to build eTwinning projects in partnership with each other. To support its objectives, eTwinning needed to integrate smoothly with a wide range of third-party technologies, APIs, frameworks, and existing Oracle databases while still aligning with the organization’s rapid development methodology.


“Development in Adobe ColdFusion is easily 40% faster than in other development environments. Significant time efficiencies are found in early development stages, faster coding, extensive code reusability, testing, and debugging,” says Bart Vanhulle, technical manager and lead developer, European Schoolnet. “In addition, any conceptual, integration, and methodological challenges are readily addressed through the highly effective Adobe ColdFusion online developer community.” http://adobe.ly/1xGtlOV

ColdFusion 11 update 1 was out and blogged about here. It included the fixes listed in the technote, out of which two (Bug# 3777189 & Bug# 3758172) were related to IIS. We would like to share one of our Customer experience and how we solved a connector issue after applying Update 1 in ColdFusion 11.

The Challenge

Recently we were contacted by a customer from a larger organization, who wanted the IIS fixes. They weren’t aware about the release of Update 1. Once we told them, they tried to apply the Update 1, but had issues with it. We suggested them the alternatives that can be used when there is a problem with direct application of the hotfix. The update was installed successfully and was confirmed from ‘Settings Summary’ page in the CF Administrator. The next step was to reconfigure the connector. The moment connector was re-configured, all the sites went down. There were approximately 15-20 sites configured with ColdFusion and the entire production went down. We checked the update logs and they were clean. The error reported was "Error 403 Access Forbidden" across all the sites.

The Solution

We tested the non CFM sites, and they were functional. Only the ColdFusion based sites were giving the forbidden errors. Thus we inferred that, the issue is either with ColdFusion or the connector configuration. We enabled the internet port for ColdFusion and there we go, it worked. This meant, ColdFusion was also working perfectly, but somewhere the connector broke. Even after trying all the ColdFusion based troubleshooting steps, basic windows troubleshooting, permissions check, ColdFusion logs etc., we were unable to fix the issue.

Then we decided to compare the settings with one of the development servers they had. And bingo, we found the root cause of the 403 error. “worker.cfusion.secret=yourSecret” was added by them in their {cf.home}/config/wsconfig/[magic number]/workers.properties as a part of connector shared secret setting. This is a part of ColdFusion 11 Lockdown Guide procedure. When the connector was re-configured, the previous settings with configuration information were erased. But the corresponding entry in the {cf.instance.home}/runtime/conf/server.xml was still looking for the related entry in workers.properties and thus was throwing error.

The Result

Once the setting was updated, all the sites were up and running in seconds. The customer was very happy, as their sites were back on production. If the connector needs to be reconfigured, we have to first remove it and then re-configure it. Connector removal means, the changes made by the user will be lost. When the user re-configures the connector thereafter, we don't have any means to identify what configuration settings they previously had.

The Recommendation

Before you re-configure the connector, we strongly recommend the following:

Ø  Back up all connector configuration files. Connector configuration files are available at {cf.home}/config/wsconfig/


Note: The same has also been mentioned in the ColdFusion 11 Lockdown Guide as well.

As a provider of IT solutions to government and private organizations, Digicon leverages Adobe ColdFusion to give itself a unique competitive advantage. Specifically, Digicon uses ColdFusion to build modules for internal implementation, then rapidly provision and host the results commercially.


Our ability to build applications in ColdFusion and quickly deliver them to customers gives us a huge advantage over competitors who use other development environments,” says Mark DeLaney, senior application developer at Digicon.


Successful projects include a youth summer job program in which Digicon replaced 50 paper forms with a new digital application system. The web-based system can be used on smartphones, tablets, and even video game consoles, which encourages greater participation from youth, as well as employers. To date, nearly 5,200 jobs have been filled, which has had a significant impact on meeting community needs. http://adobe.ly/1uTEQES