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The ColdFusion 10 Advantage Webinar by Ben Forta

Posted By: Rakshith Naresh 3 Comments February 26, 2013

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ColdFusion webinar by none other than Ben Forta on Feb 27th (2:00pm Eastern; 11:00am Pacific)!


The ColdFusion 10 Advantage


ColdFusion needs no introduction, it helped usher in the era of web based applications over a decade and a half ago, and remains an innovator in this space to this day. With each update, ColdFusion has further empowered us to build and create the ultimate online experiences, and ColdFusion 10 is no exception.

ColdFusion 10 is indeed a very important release, one which builds on the success of ColdFusion 9 by adding invaluable new features and functionality, all intended to make developers more productive than ever before.

Key Takeaways

In this session you will learn about HTML5 and client enhancements that make CF10 more productive, and will also discover why CF10 is more powerful, more secure, more scalable, and better integrated, than ever before.

Register here! http://events.carahsoft.com/event-detail/2301/adobe/

Quick demo on HTML5 Mediaplayer on ColdFusion Channel

Posted By: Viny Nigam 2 Comments January 31, 2013

HTML5 · Adobe ColdFusion 10 · Video

Visit the ColdFusion Channel at Youtube for a quick demo on the latest enhancements made to the CFMEDIAPLAYER tag to support HTML5 features in ColdFusion 10.

You can know more about the video player from this blog post .

Explore the  ColdFusion Channel at Youtube and let us know your feedback.

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And most importantly, stay tuned for more stuff coming your way.

Keep watching.


Debugging ColdFusion WebSockets

Posted By: Kunal Saini 1 Comment July 27, 2012

Adobe ColdFusion 10 · web application development · productivity · WebSocket · ColdFusion · HTML5

Debugging ColdFusion websockets is not the easiest things, at least not as easy as using websockets. ColdFusion 10 provides a seamless integration to websockets. It provides it's own messaging layer and client side JS functions to subscribe and publish messages to a web sockets. As CF websockets works Asynchronously that makes debugging even more complicated.

However CF10 websockets messages provides some sort of information. It is a bit difficult for beginners.
Specifically when there is an error message. it is very difficult to determine it is from client side or server side.

Here is a small tool that will help the beginners in CF10 websockets to debug their application(from client side).This tool will enable a CF programmer to see what is going in and out of the websocket at the browser. It also highlights if there  is any error.


download and view screenshots


Adobe ColdFusion Mobile and HTML5 Survey

Posted By: Rakshith Naresh No Comments June 14, 2012

HTML5 · Adobe ColdFusion · Announcements · creating a website · productivity · Rapid Application Development · scripting language · web application security

I have posted the Adobe ColdFusion Mobile and HTML5 survey here. Please spare a few minutes to help Adobe take the right steps to build the future of the product that you love - Adobe ColdFusion!

ColdFusion Developer Week is back - 4th and 8th June 2012

Posted By: Rakshith Naresh 3 Comments May 23, 2012

HTML5 · Adobe ColdFusion · Adobe ColdFusion 10 · Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2.0 · Announcements · Application Server · ColdFusion · creating a website · productivity · Rapid Application Development · web application development · web application security · web programming

We have had huge success with the first ever ColdFusion Developer Week.

With the launch of ColdFusion 10, we are back with the 2nd ColdFusion Developer Week, a series of free, live webinars hosted by seasoned ColdFusion experts. The webinars cover a wide range of topics, from what ColdFusion is and how to code it, to more in-depth topics related to CF10- HTML5, REST, ORM and Security enhancements.

If you are a new developer, someone with little or no ColdFusion experience, or even if you have been using ColdFusion all your life, these sessions are ideal for you. The ColdFusion Developer Week provides something for everyone so sign up now.

Click here to sign up.


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