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Tournament Scorecard Pro built with Adobe ColdFusion 11 Mobile

Posted By: Elishia Dvorak No Comments July 06, 2015

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We would like to make an announcement to highlight a great public application that was built with Adobe ColdFusion 11 Mobile Platform Tools by one of our well-known community members, Dave Ferguson.  We think the app is a great example of the types of mobile solutions that can be built utilizing the features available.

Well done Dave!  Thanks for sharing.


The application was built using these mobile features of ColdFusion 11: 

Local data storage access using components.

Remote app inspection using built-in weinre server.

App debugging during development process.  

Application building via phonegap build for deployment. 


Bootstrap was used for UI controls and layout.  

Dynamic tempting was achieved with Mustache.

jQuery and other Javascript plugins for miscellaneous UI elements.



Tournament Scorecard Pro is an app for keeping score at a martial arts tournament.  These tournaments don't have a scoreboard for spectators, so it is up to the spectators to keep score themselves.  This has historically been done with pen and paper. However, this method leads to lost scores or other issues. With the app, spectators can easily keep track of scores and always have them with them.  They can now easily look back at previous tournaments for reference.  The app also helps during the tournament when it comes to correcting scoring conflicts and figuring out ties.




Have you built a mobile application using any of the ColdFusion 11 tools?  Tell us about it!

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Winner of the Mobile Application Development Contest

Posted By: Rakshith Naresh 5 Comments February 11, 2015

Adobe ColdFusion 11 · Announcements · ColdFusion 11 · Mobile

A few months ago we announced the ColdFusion 11 Mobile Application Development Contest. The entries have now been judged. Thanks to Simon Free and Dave Ferguson for their contributions in judging the winner of the contest.

We got only two final submissions for the contest although many others expressed interest in submitting one.

The two submissions were,

1. Shakesperean Curses by Nicholas Claaszen and

2. CFClient Sampler by Brad Wood

A big round of applause to both Nicholas and Brad for their participation in the contest!

The winner of the contest is Brad Wood for his submission CFClient Sampler.

Congratulations Brad. 

Update released for ColdFusion Builder 3

Posted By: Krishna Reddy 23 Comments January 23, 2015

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Update 3 for ColdFusion Builder 3 is released.

This update is primarily a companion update to ColdFusion 11 Update 3 which ahs added support for PhoneGap 3.5.

This is just an Update for the ColdFusion Builder 3 installation that were installed prior to the build number 292483. Corresponding full installers with this update embedded were already released in December. Automatic update notification takes care of notifying you, if this update applies to your installation or not. So, if your installation is the one that was released in December, this update is not applicable and won't show you the notification. 

This update has the following 3 bug fixes.  




Product Area


Remote servers details not retained on Builder restart.


Server Manager


Exception when generating build for mobile project


Mobile Support


PhoneGap version for Mobile project should be updated to 3.5

Mobile Support

Through ColdFusion Builder 3, you would get an automatic notification to apply the Update.


In the month of August 2014, we had refreshed the update 2 just fixing the bugs arised out of Update 2. Ram has blogged it as Update 3 mistakenly. It should have been blogged as Refreshed build for Update 2. Our apologies for the confusion with regard to the update number. 





Mobile Application Development Contest - Deadline Extended to January 15th!!

Posted By: Elishia Dvorak 9 Comments December 15, 2014

Adobe ColdFusion · Adobe ColdFusion 11 · CFBuilder · ColdFusion · ColdFusion 11 · Mobile

There is still time to submit your app for the Mobile Dev Contest and Win $1000!!


We have received requests to extend the time for our mobile contest, so we are extending the deadline to January 15th.  


Please send an email to Rakshith@adobe.com to let us know of your plans to submit an entry.


Reminder, below are the contest rules.  



If you're just getting started with ColdFusion mobile development, here are some resources to look into:
Adobe ColdFusion YouTube Channel:
Getting Started with ColdFusion Mobile
ColdFusion Mobile Workflow

Devnet Articles:
Build Your First Mobile App with Adobe ColdFusion
Mobile Application Development with ColdFusion 11

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Win $1000!! ColdFusion 11 Mobile Application Development Contest

Posted By: Elishia Dvorak 8 Comments October 20, 2014

Adobe ColdFusion · Adobe ColdFusion 11 · Announcements · CF Summit · ColdFusion · ColdFusion 11 · Mobile

ColdFusion 11 provides a single platform to develop, test, and debug mobile applications in one end-to-end workflow leveraging your existing CFML skills.  

The Adobe ColdFusion Team is sponsoring a mobile application contest where the winner will receive a $1000.00 gift card prize.  More details below.  




Good luck!! 


And please help us spread the word!

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