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Amazon is organizing a webinar on the 18th of September at 10 am PT titled 'Leverage the power of Adobe ColdFusion on AWS'. You can register for this AWS webinar here

Learn about the AWS offering from,

Tom Laszewski, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Chandan Kumar, Computer Scientist, Adobe

Akhila K. Srinivas, Software Engineer, Adobe


Please participate in this ColdFusion feature usage survey. This is not a typical feature usage survey for ColdFusion. The purpose of this survey is to understand the usage of some of the old or not-so-popular features of ColdFusion.

The information gathered here will help Adobe deprecate/retain/provide alternate features in the next major version of ColdFusion.

Thanks for your time.

ColdFusion 10 update 11 is now available for download within the ColdFusion 10 administrator. This is a significant update as it has more than 50 fixes across various areas of the product.

The most noteworthy additions are the support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012, MySQL 5.6 and 64-bit COM interoperability.

Here are the key areas and some fixes made in this update:

1. JSON - serialization issues 

2. Caching - ORM secondary cache and cached query with query params, 

3. File Management - Spreadsheet tag working with VFS files

4. Hotfix Installer - Error notification if a problem is encountered during hotfix installation

5. REST Services - Issues with RestInitApplication

6. Scheduler - onMisfire event handler, PauseAll/ResumeAll, Scheduled tasks - migrated or from CAR

7. Security - Accesing public methods of a CFC via WebSockets

8. Web Container/Tomcat - CGI.server_port, IIS custom error handlers

9. Web Services - IIS virtual folders and https access

10. WebSocket - CGI scope reset and CFC returning CGI Scope

Details of each of the fixes in update 11 is available in here.


David’s comment on the TechCrunch article about Enterprise developers and backend tools is not targeted at ColdFusion, but towards other products that Adobe announced in 2011

There has been no reduction in investments in ColdFusion over last few years. We see exciting opportunities driving the future of ColdFusion and we will continue to make investments that the opportunities demand or need. 



A new whitepaper from IDC on ColdFusion is now available within the ColdFusion Community Portal (Details of the portal here). The whitepaper from the analyst descirbes the value proposition of ColdFusion, powerful capabilities of the platform, future directions and customer case studies.