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[update: The REST e-seminar is now happening on the 6th of August at 8 am pacific. Register here ]

There is a ColdFusion e-seminar happening on the 18th of June at 8 am pacific. The e-seminar will run for an hour. You an register for the e-seminar here.

[Update: The curriculum is ready to be adopted. We already have various colleges/universities adopting it. You also stand a chance to win an iPad from Adobe if you can help ensure your local college/university adopts this new curriculum. Even something as simple as a contact in the local college/university can be a great start.]

We have made significant progress from the time we announced the education initiative for ColdFusion. A full-fledged curriculum titled Introduction to Web Development is being developed and we are looking to work with the colleges starting this fall semester. The course will be made available for free with enough focus on web application design, client side and server side development in an effort to give the students a holistic view to web programming.

Here's the link to the presentation that highlights our goals, approach and the next steps to make the initiative successful. 

The ask now from all the ColdFusion enthusiasts is to help promote this new course offering. It could be a promotion by you at your local college or it could be any contact at a college that you would like Adobe to reach out to.

You can either use the slide deck to present about the initiative or use the content as talking points to promote the curriculum.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions/concerns or contacts that Adobe can reach out to : rakshith@adobe.com

As many of know, Adobe ColdFusion Summit is happening in October this year on the 24th and 25th at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino at Las Vegas.


We are happy to announce that the registration for the conference is now open at the conference site.

Join Carahsoft and Adobe to hear from Al Hilwa, IDC Research Director for Application Development, as he provides an overview of the current state of developer ecosystems, the application development landscape, and present highlights of a recently published Adobe whitepaper which showcases interesting case studies of its use. In addition to a discussion of current application development trends, this webcast will present IDC's application development predictions for 2013 and a synopsis of the evolution of ColdFusion including highlights of the latest release and of the roadmap for future investments in the technology.

Here's some exciting news about ColdFusion Splendor. We will soon have pre-release open for Adobe ColdFusion Splendor, next major version of ColdFusion server and ColdFusion Builder Thunder, next major version of ColdFusion Builder. This time we will have a single pre-release program for both Builder and Server. 

If you are interested in being a part of the pre-release, do take this survey linked here.

Please realize that participating in this survey does not guarantee a pre-release invite. The plan is to start the pre-release with a reduced number of participants and eventually increase the number of pre-release of participants. You will receive an invite as soon as your interest is accepted. The acceptance may happen now or in the coming months when we decide to increase the number of pre-release participants.

Your participation will be valuable in shaping up the future version of ColdFusion.