ColdFusion e-seminar today

There is a ColdFusion e-seminar happening today on ColdFusion Builder at 8 am PT.

Title: ColdFusion Builder: The professional IDE to boost your productivity

Description: ColdFusion Builder has many features that makes CFML coding easier and faster, like code assist for functions and variables, auto code complete, code insight for CFCs and ORM entities, tighter integration with ColdFusion server, line debugger, advanced search functionality, extensibility using extensions and many more. This session will explain such productivity features, including those that are not easily discoverable. 

The e-seminar will be delivered by Dipanwita Sarkar, engineer from Adobe instrumental in the ColdFusion Builder product release.

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ColdFusion Installation failure if username contains ‘$’


Problem Statement:

If the username of the machine contains two or more $s in it and if this subdirectory of user-home is the temp directory of your machine(i.e System temp path containing two or more $s  in it), then your installation would fail.

Example: A system’s username as Admin12$01$

Installation last screen message:

 “Install failed with some errors, check the Install log for more details”

 Following are the errors that are result of this issue:

Custom Action:            …ia.action.PreInstallCheckAction

Status: ERROR

Additional Notes: ERROR –     class ia.action.PreInstallCheckAction.install() Unexpected Fatal Error:


Status: ERROR

Additional Notes: ERROR – windows_basic_commands.xmlcom.macromedia.ant.windowsdll.


Execute ANT Script:       Script: configure.xml


Status: ERROR

Install Merge Module:     Z:installersCFSolrinstallersmergemodule\


Status: ERROR

Additional Notes: ERROR – java.lang.NullPointerException

ANT Script Error:


Status: ERROR

Additional Notes: ERROR – configure-dlls.xmlcom.macromedia.ant.windowsdll.ExecProcess.


Fix/Workaround for the Issue:

 Two ways are there to work around this issue:

      1)      Set up the machine’s temp path to any path that doesn’t contain $ in it and then run the installer. It would work fine.

For Example:

For Windows – Under “Environment Variables” you can see the variables TEMP and TMP. Currently, they would have been pointing to %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalTemp

You should be changing these values to something like C:MyTemp (Make sure that the directory MyTemp exists in your machine)

After changing these varaiables clean-up/uninstall the old installation and re-run the installation. 

For Unix – Set the environment variable IATEMPDIR to a location that has enough space and the path shouldn’t contain $ in it.


2)    Other way is to change the username not to contain $ in it and then uninstall and re-run the installation again.

You can also refer these details at: ColdFusion Installation Failure Fix


ColdFusion Builder 2 Silent Installation

ColdFusion Builder can be installed from command prompt  silently without any user interactions.This helps in automating the installation in your organization and improves productivity.                                                


How does it work?

All the inputs that are required during installation are pre-filled into a properties file and is provided as input to the installer which takes the values from that.
When would you need this silent installer? 
1. When you have so many machines to install with ColdFusion Builder and you want to automate it.
This will help reduce the effort that you will have to put in.
2.Silent installation takes only half of the time that is originally required for UI installation.
3.You can just start it and no user interactions are needed during installation.
On what platforms it can be done?
Silent installation as of now is supported only for Windows and not for Mac.
Which versions of ColdFusion Builder does it apply?
This applies to both ColdFusion Builder 2 and ColdFusion Builder 2 Update 1.
How to perform silent installation?
Silent installation steps are:
1.Place installer in a directory (Say file name is ColdFusionBuilder_2_WWEJ_win.exe)
2.Create a properties file in the same dir.You can name it like 
Open the file and put the following key value pairs in it.If you want different path for installation you can change it. Directory need not be present already but the drive(C Drive) has to be already there. Installer will behave weirdly if the drive is not there.
For Standalone Installation, properties file should be put with following key-value pairs:
For Plugin Installation, properties file should be put with following key-value pairs:
Note: Please make sure to change the eclipse path with the one that you have on your machine.
3. Open the command prompt (with Run as Administrator privileges on Windows Vista/Win 7 platforms) and navigate to the directory containing Installer file and properties file. Invoke the installer from the command as
 >ColdFusionBuilder_2_WWEJ_win.exe -f
If you want to run it from command prompt with any root path you have to give full path of the installer and properties file. For Example,
 >C:downloadColdFusionBuilder_2_WWEJ_win.exe -f
4.After invoking from the command, if you check in the task managers processes there should be a ColdFusionBuilder_2_WWEJ_win.exe install process running in the background.
5.Depending on the processor you have, it may take 3 to 6 minutes to install. You can know the installation completion by the presence of  Adobe-ColdFusion_Builder_2*.log file under the installation directory or you can also know it by checking processes in the taskmanager. 
Note: Licensing the product is not part of this silent installation. You have to provide the license key while launching the product.

ColdFusion Developer Week is back – 4th and 8th June 2012

We have had huge success with the first ever ColdFusion Developer Week.

With the launch of ColdFusion 10, we are back with the 2nd ColdFusion Developer Week, a series of free, live webinars hosted by seasoned ColdFusion experts. The webinars cover a wide range of topics, from what ColdFusion is and how to code it, to more in-depth topics related to CF10- HTML5, REST, ORM and Security enhancements.

If you are a new developer, someone with little or no ColdFusion experience, or even if you have been using ColdFusion all your life, these sessions are ideal for you. The ColdFusion Developer Week provides something for everyone so sign up now.

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