ColdFusion 11 Update 5 and ColdFusion 10 Update 16 released

The following ColdFusion updates are now available for download:

ColdFusion 11 Update 5

This Update includes approximately 115 bug fixes related to Language, Mobile Support, File Management, Document Management, Administrator, Connector and several other areas.

It also addresses a vulnerability mentioned in the security bulletin APSB 15-07 and support for Apache 2.4.10. With this update the Web Server Config tool now backs up all the connector configurations files.

For the details refer this technote.

ColdFusion 10 Update 16

ColdFusion 10 Update 16 includes approximately 35 bug fixes related to File Management, ORM, Language, Document Management and certain other areas. It also addresses a vulnerability mentioned in the security bulletin APSB15-07.

For the details refer this technote.

Installing ColdFusion Hotfix as non root user

When you try to run hotfix installer from command prompt, it opens up in UI mode and enforces you to run as root user. This is done to prevent some issues you could run into.

If you don’t have the access privileges for root account but you own ColdFusion server’s runtime user, and you might want to install as that user.  Silent installation is helpful in this case.

Step 1: Download the hotfix


Download the Hotfix from ColdFusion Administrator or directly from the following URL: (Change the hotfix version according to your need in this URL)

Step 2: Creating the hotfix properties


Create hotfix properties file and fill up with the following key/values depending on your installation.
value can be a list of comma separated server instances that are
created under a particular ColdFusion installation.

#COMMAND_INSTALL applies only to *INX based systems.
1. The
parameter COMMAND_INSTALL=true makes sure that the Standalone server is started as
ColdFusion runtime user(default is nobody) rather the root user. So,
make sure to pass this param in Unix/Mac/Solaris machines.
2. $/$ makes the installer to interpret the path properly depending on
whether it is Windows or Non-Windows platform)

For JEE installation,
USER_INSTALL_DIR value is the WAR directory containing CFIDE, WEB-INF
and META-INF under it. An example is as follows:

3. And the key INSTANCE_LIST  is NOT required at all for JEE.

You are ready to run the silent installation now.


Step 3: Execute the Installer


Note: For JEE installation, you should stop JEE server before installing hotfix and restart the JEE server after installation. For standalone installation, this is automatically taken care by the hotfix installer.

1. First switch to the user you want to run in the command prompt so that the hotfix installation runs as this user.

2. Make sure that the files that are under the ColdFusion directory are owned by this user. In case of JEE deployment, owner could be different, please change those to this user once.

3. cd to the directory containing hotfix_004.jar that you have downloaded in your command prompt and run the following command.
>/opt/coldfusion11/jre/bin/java -jar hotfix_004.jar -f <hotfix_properties_file_path_that_you_created_above_in_step2>


ColdFusion 11 Update 4 released

ColdFusion 11 Update 4 is now available for download.

This update includes bug fixes related to JSON, Imaging, Websockets, Charting, Language and Database.

For the list of bugs fixed in this update and the installation instructions please refer this technote.

For those who have applied the early access release (pre-release) build of Update 4, follow the steps below to reinstall Update 4.

  1. Uninstall Update 4 (PreRelease). 
  2. Reinstate the update URL by clicking on the “Restore Default URL” button in the “Server Updates” section in the ColdFusion administrator.
  3. Switch to the “Available Updates” tab and click on the “Check for Updates” button.
  4. Download and install Update 4.


Update released for ColdFusion Builder 3

Update 3 for ColdFusion Builder 3 is released.

This update is
primarily a companion update to ColdFusion 11 Update 3 which ahs added support for
PhoneGap 3.5.




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This is just an Update for the ColdFusion Builder 3
installation that were installed prior to the build number 292483.
Corresponding full installers with this update embedded were already released
in December. Automatic update notification takes care of notifying you, if this
update applies to your installation or not. So, if your installation is the one
that was released in December, this update is not applicable and won’t show you
the notification. 

This update has the following 3 bug fixes.  






Remote servers details not retained on Builder restart.


Server Manager


Exception when generating build for mobile project


Mobile Support


PhoneGap version for Mobile project should be updated to

Mobile Support

Through ColdFusion Builder 3, you would get an automatic notification to apply the Update.


In the month of August 2014, we had
refreshed the update 2 just fixing the bugs arised out of Update 2. Ram has blogged
it as Update 3 mistakenly. It should have been blogged as Refreshed build for
Update 2. Our apologies for the confusion with regard to the update number. 





ColdFusion 11 Installers refreshed-Has fix for Server fails to start on enabling J2EE Session variables and Installation on Japanese OS

During first week of December 2014, we had released Full installers for ColdFusion 11 with update 3 in-built. The build number was 11,0,3,292480.

There were two issues with the build that was released(Full Installers only).

1) After Enabling J2EE Session Variables server hangs on restart/start.

2)On Japanese OSes, installer doesn’t recognize the Japanese locale.

If you have applied the update 3 through Hotfix, these 2 issues won’t arise for you. And also, #1 is not applicable for J2EE deployments done as EAR or WAR.


These two issues are fixed and we have refreshed the Full installers this week. The build number is: 11,0,3,292866

If you have come across #1, either you can download and use the new installer or apply the workaround on your existing server itself.

The workaround is:

Open the xml file C:ColdFusion11cfusionruntimeconfcontext.xml (Change it as per your installation path)

and uncomment the tag: <Manager pathname=”” />


    <Manager pathname=”” />

Change it to:

    <Manager pathname=”” />


If you have come across #2, you have to download and install.


Note on ColdFusion 11 Japanese Installers refreshed with Update 3

The refreshed Japanese Installers that were released on December 10th 2014 had an
issue in detecting the platform’s Japanese language at installation time and so was defaulting to

While we are going to refresh the Japanese installers, if you need to go
ahead with the current installers itself, you can use one of the following

1) You can force the installer to run on top of JRE version 7 instead of the
default JRE 8 that is in-built into the installer.

    To do this, you should have JRE 1.7 on your machine.

Open command prompt (Open as Administrator in case of Windows) and run the
following command.

>C:downloadsColdFusion_11_WWEJ_win64.exe LAX_VM “C:Program FilesJavajre7binjava.exe”

Please change the paths as per your installer location and JRE/JDK location.
And also please use 64-bit jre for 64-bit version of ColdFusion installer and
32-bit JRE for 32-bit ColdFusion Installer.

2) Instead of #1, you can use the following method also if you are comfortable
running the installation in English itself and after installation you can
change the language that ColdFusion runs on to Japanese.

 Open the file C:ColdFusion11cfusionbinjvm.config and search for
-Duser.language=en and replace this with -Duser.language=ja and restart the
server. ColdFusion server will now in Japanese itself.







Can I get an update? If you’re looking for ColdFusion Updaters…

Many of you are looking for a central location to find the full list of ColdFusion Updaters.  We try to keep these updated for the core supported versions with links to the latest released updaters.  These are a good place to look for the full list of updaters available on each version along with a download link to the .jar file. 


ColdFusion 11:


ColdFusion 10:


ColdFusion 9:



Additional updates for ColdFusion server and Builder:


ColdFusion 11 Update 3 hotfix has been refreshed

Update: Since this post was made, the final version of Update 3 was released and should be used instead.

ColdFusion 11 Update 3 early access build has been updated to incorporate all the suggested changes. ColdFusion build number should be 11,0,03,292245(PreRelease) after applying the latest build.

For more details refer Issues_Fixed and ReleaseNotes documents.

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

NOTE: Users who have already applied ColdFusion 11 Update 3(PreRelease build) should follow below mentioned steps to re-apply the update:

1. Rename updates.xml file located at <cf_install_root>/cfusion/hf-updates/.

2. Navigate to CF Admin > Server Update > Updates.

3. Re-download the ColdFusion 11 Update 3.

4. Install it.

Resolving “500 Internal Server Error” with ColdFusion 10 Update 14

We have seen that some of you have not been able to get the web server
connector working after applying update 14.

We did our investigation and following is our finding.

The connector binaries of ColdFusion 10 update 14 are built on top of  VC++
runtime 2012 update 4.

Installation of VC++ runtime requires admin privileges. If the ColdFusion
service runs as administrator or system account, the update itself install the
VC++ runtime as this account would have installation privileges.

If your ColdFusion service account is not running as administrator or system
account, applying the hotfix from administrator can’t install VC++ runtime and
you will get “500 internal server error” after configuring the

In this case, you need to manually install VC++ runtime 2012 32-bit and/or
64 bit depending on whether Web server is 32-bit or 64-bit.

You can download VC++ runtime here at:

When you install hotfix manually, administrator privileges are enforced and
so the installation of VC++ runtime is automatically taken care by the updater.








ColdFusion 10 support with Java 8

With Update 14 for ColdFusion 10, Java 8 is supported.

If you are using ColdFusion Web services you will have to do a one-time change manually.

You should copy tools.jar manually from {JDK8_Home}/lib to {cf_install_home}/cfusion/lib/. ColdFusion Web Services will fail if this is not done. Only JDK contains tools.jar not the jre. You don’t have to install JDK on the machine where ColdFusion is installed. You can just have jre 8 on this machine and get tools.jar from any other machine’s JDK installation.

And also make sure that the earlier stubs are cleared fom {cf_install_home}/cfusion/stubs/ to get the newly compiled classes.

Originally ColdFusion 10 was shipped with jre 1.6. With that build we released tools.jar of jdk1.6.

For Windows there was a refreshed installer release. With this jre include was 1.7 and so we have shipped tools.jar of jdk1.7.

Since, we are not releasing new installers and still if you want ColdFusion to run on jre 1.8.

Unless you want Web services, it is not necessary that you have to upadte it.

The reason why we have not shipped this through updater is that it can break the existing users those who have n’t upgraded their jre.