Learn CF in a Week!

I am pleased to announce a brand new community driven training program for ColdFusion – Learn CF in a week!

It is great to see Learn CF In a Week live from what started out as a conversation about training resources for ColdFusion between Simon and me at cf.Objective() this year.

Huge shout-out to Simon Free and other community experts for making this happen. I would like to call out all contributors from the community for this traning program that walks you through various concepts of ColdFusion as you build a fully functional ColdFusion website


• Emily Christiansen
• Tim Cunningham
• David Epler
• Sam Farmer
• Dave Ferguson
• Simon Free
• Paul Hastings
• Guust Nieuwenhuis
• Dan Skaggs
• Nic Tunney
• Adam Tuttle
• Dan Wilson


• Mark Esher
• Kristin Ferguson
• Tiffany Goebel


• Nick Borden
• Jim Priest

Go try out the training for yourself! And help spread the word!


ColdFusion e-seminar today

There is a ColdFusion e-seminar happening today on ColdFusion Builder at 8 am PT.

Title: ColdFusion Builder: The professional IDE to boost your productivity

Description: ColdFusion Builder has many features that makes CFML coding easier and faster, like code assist for functions and variables, auto code complete, code insight for CFCs and ORM entities, tighter integration with ColdFusion server, line debugger, advanced search functionality, extensibility using extensions and many more. This session will explain such productivity features, including those that are not easily discoverable. 

The e-seminar will be delivered by Dipanwita Sarkar, engineer from Adobe instrumental in the ColdFusion Builder product release.

Click here to register.



ColdFusion 10 update 4 is now available

The ColdFusion 10 Update 4 is now available for install within your administrator. It includes several important bug fixes. ColdFusion 10 Update 4 is a cumulative update. It includes all the bug fixes from previous updates of ColdFusion 10. All the issues reported in Update 3 have been resolved in this update.

The details of the update is available here.



New Product Marketing Manager for ColdFusion


Please welcome Kishore Balakrishnan, who will be the new Product Marketing Manager for ColdFusion.

Minu has decided to move out of ColdFusion PMM role. She will be transitioning the ColdFusion responsibilities and relationships to Kishore. 

Kishore has been with Adobe for more than 6 years now, performing various roles across multiple Adobe products. Kishore does bring a user level experience of ColdFusion, which is a big plus.


Java 7 support for ColdFusion

[updated as the Java EOL date is now Feb, 2013]

Oracle has announced that updates to Java 6 will no longer be available post February 2013 in the Java SE 6 End of Public Updates Notice posted here.


We are aware of this and wanted to assure you that Java 7 support for ColdFusion 10 and ColdFusion 9 will be available through updates. The updates will go out before Java 6 will be EOLed in February, 2013.


ColdFusion e-seminars on July 25 and Aug 1

Here are the upcoming ColdFusion e-seminars from Adobe engineers. To register, click here

Securing applications with ColdFusion 10 security enhancements

July 25, 2012


The session will include best practices for writing secure applications. It will discuss the new APIs and features added in ColdFusion 10. We will do hands on/Examples of each category. The session will also include brief about hot-fix installer and Secure profile features. We will end with discussing some of the configurations which can help largely protect an application.

Revamped scheduled tasks in ColdFusion 10

August 01, 2012


The scheduling task management has been completely revamped in ColdFusion 10. We’ll cover new aspects like conditionals, ranges, triggers, chaining, priority, grouping, and more. You’ll see examples of how the new scheduling services in ColdFusion 10 will make you re-think how you use cron jobs in your applications.


Adobe ColdFusion 10 on CIO.com

ColdFusion 10 figures on CIO.com in the 9 programming tools for maximizing HTML5 here.


The post talks about ColdFusion as the server-side technology for building enterprise Web applications leverages HTML5 integration to build rich user experiences using WebSockets, interactive charting, video, and geo-tagging.

Outstanding contributions to the ColdFusion 10 and ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 pre-release

We have had some valuable contributions to the ColdFusion 10 and ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 pre-release. The participants showed a lot of interest in ensuring that they give maximum feedback to the product team. This just goes on to the show passion that you have for the product. Thanks to each and everyone one of you who participated in the pre-release program for ColdFusion 10. The product team values every contribution that was made. We will look forward to your contributions as we move towards building the next major version of ColdFusion.

Now to reward the top contributors of the pre-release.The top three contributors each will get a license for ColdFusion 10 Enteprise. The other two contributors following the three contributors will get a license for ColdFusion Builder.

Both the pre-release forum participation and the bugs filed were considered to identify the top contributions.

Here are the top three contributors who will get a license for ColdFusion 10 Enterprise.

Adam Cameron, Aaron Neff and Raymond Camden

The other two contributors who will get a license for ColdFusion Builder are:

David McGuigan and Charlie Arehart

Congratulations to all of you! 

And thanks once again to everyone who took time to participate in the pre-release. 








ColdFusion 10 article from Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community’s Tom Scully posted an article about the new upgrades in ColdFusion
10, saying that the program has come at the perfect time for mobile app
developers. The article reported that ColdFusion 10 allows enterprise app
developers to be more productive while simultaneously increasing app security.
“Though it has only been out for a short time Adobe’s ColdFusion 10 is rapidly
gaining popularity with mobile app developers who know what the new program can
bring to their work,” the article said. ColdFusion 10 allows developers to do more
than ever before in a shorter period of time, Scully added.

Here’s the link to the full article.

Contribution drive for ColdFusion Koans Project

As most of us know Ryan Anklam has an interesting project called ColdFusion Koans. ColdFusion Koans is not just a great way to learn ColdFusion but also to imbibe best programming practices with ColdFusion.

The ColdFusion Koans project currently has a test suite of 80 lessons. Ryan is looking to at least double the lessons in the project. Ryan also has a contribution drive going on now. Find out more about the contribution drive here.