ColdFusion 10 Update 13 released

ColdFusion 10 Update 13 is now available.

This update introduces support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks. It fixes the web server connector issue on OS X 10.9 reported as bug #3653076.

Users who are on OS X 10.9 or who plan to upgrade to 10.9 should apply this update. Users on other platforms need not apply this update.

For further details you may refer this technote.

26 thoughts on “ColdFusion 10 Update 13 released

  1. Of all the bugs in the bug base you fix this? Not impressed, neither will my clients with platinum support who log bugs that don’t get fixed.

  2. I agree with Pat. I have been disappointed by the order of the big fixes that have been released. I know you guys are working hard but there are some outstanding issues which make CF10 unusuable for many of my clients at this point.

  3. Like real official support for MSSQL 2012. MSSQL has the ability to read from multiple secondary databases with the right drivers and the use of their HADR ALwaysOn feature. If you pass ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly, the MSSQL server will route it to a read only scale-out server. Microsoft and DataDirect have released the drivers to support this over a year ago. It really one of the biggest reasons to use MSSQL 2012.

  4. Dave, is there a bug number for the MSSQL support? I would say the Mavericks bug has gotten more votes and comments then I’ve seen before. People have been pissed and whining for months that Adobe needs to drop everything and fix “their” pet bug too. Adobe can’t win for losing.

    Pat/Dave, If you want “your” ticket fixed, then drum up support for people to vote on it and keep in mind that you probably represent about 0.001% of the people all asking for something to be done.

    I don’t use a Mac, but thank you Adobe for another update pushing the platform forward. I look forward to many additional bug fixes soon 🙂

  5. Anit, the update didn’t work for me. What I did was updated from update 12 to 13. Then I updated from OSX 10.8 to 10.9. Then when I tried to go to the coldfusion admin page in the browser it no longer worked. I think it is an issues with the connectors but the instructions on how to fix that were unclear to me.

    So I uninstalled coldfusion and did a complete reinstall and it still did not work. Luckily I kept a log of some of the tweaks i made in older version to make it work correctly and once I applied those it worked. Basically first I typed cd /Applications/ColdFusion10/cfusion/runtime/bin into terminal then I typed sudo ./wsconfig -ws Apache -dir /etc/apache2 -v and everything worked fine. (I found those online as a fix a while ago and they worked again)

    Not sure if this is just a me issue, but thats what I had to do to make it work.

  6. Adam, the connector needs to be reconfigured after the update is applied. This is noted in step #2 of the “How to apply Update 13” section in the technote.

  7. Piyush, thank you for the quick response. Would it be possible to get a brief explanation on how to reconfigure the connector for the default coldfusion settings. As I mentioned it is working correctly for me now but for future reference I would like to know how to do this correctly. Thank you.

  8. Adam, I am glad you got that, but let me post the info anyway for the sake of clarification.

    There are 2 ways to use the Wsconfig tool.

    One is by simply launching it in the GUI mode by double-clicking on it.

    Second is by running it as a command in the Terminal with the required parameters like you probably did, as mentioned in the comments in your second post.
    For the list of parameters that you can pass with the command, you can refer this help article (unix instruction will apply for OSX):

    In both the modes, you just need to specify the name of the web server and directory containing the httpd.conf file (default location: /etc/apache2). The location of the server binary and the server start/stop script are picked up by default.

  9. My company requires that all software be up to date, therefore i applied the update as part of our process. Looking at the hotfix_filelist.log, there were 61 files that were modified on my windows server. Any explanation of why all of the changes to these files?

  10. And how do we NOT install this specific-MacOS-version-only fix when updater 14 comes around which has general stuff in it which we need?

    I think you’ve messed up:
    a) not making this a discrete hotfix;
    b) not having a way for the updater to deal with discrete hotfixes (ie: like Windows Update for example does).

    There will never ever be any reason for me to have this fix on any of my systems, yet I will *have* to install it – along with all the risk it could possibly entail – because you have a substandard patching system.

    Shortfalls of the updater aside, it really was pretty… erm… “limited in one’s outlook” (shall I say) to publish this fix as a general “update” rather than a stand-alone hotfix.



  11. @Adam, it’s ok to apply this update on Windows. See the discussion of more details in my blog entry, listed in a previous comment.

    The problem here is one of wording, not of any mistake in how the update has been created. More specifically, it’s not that the update “is only for OS X users” but rather that the only changes it has are specific to OS X users.

    As I discuss (and demonstrate) in my blog, this is a full-fledged CF 10 update like any other, and like them it’s cumulative. The update DOES have windows-specific things in it (dlls, bat files) as well as cfm file changes, but those are all carry-overs from the earlier updates.

    And they’ll be there, along with the one change to the wsconfig.jar (for OS X), a file that is used by both Windows and *nix users alike, when Adobe comes out with Update 14, whatever it may address. So again, there’s no need to worry about this update, and whether a Windows user does or does not apply it.

    Still, I do understand the confusion, which is why I blogged what I did (I realize you may not yet have seen that.)

    And I do think there’s still opportunity for improvement in how Adobe is wording things, but it’s not as desperate as it may seem–there is no “risk” to Windows users in applying it. (I do think there’s some risk in them applying it and then reconfiguring their web server connectors, if not needed. Again I discuss more in my blog entry.)

    Hope that’s helpful.

  12. @Piyush, thanks (regarding comment #18). I can confirm that the update now adds that clarification about it being only for OS X.

    I do think (after some more of the conversation today) that it might be helpful to clarify better (there, here, and in the technote) that while the update “only has changes” for OSX, it is ok for those on Windows to apply it (and perhaps also adding that that the changelog will show that the update does include files that are NOT specific to the OSX wsconfig.jar update, but that those are there simply because the updates are cumulative.

    Just trying to help.

  13. Charlie, there’s no confusion, except on your part. I am aware how the ColdFusion updates work, and it’s a bit patronising to suggest I don’t, and that I need your help to understand things. I don’t.

    I don’t really think you understood my point, which I guess comes down to a “failure to communicate”. That said, I feel that what I said *is* clear, so I don’t quite get how you have interpreted it the way you have.

    Still: the comment wasn’t directed at you, so that doesn’t really matter.

    Cheers though for taking the time to respond to the issue you thought I was raising: you put a lot of effort into it.


  14. @Adam, I meant no disrespect at all.

    You opened asking “how do we NOT install this specific-MacOS-version-only fix when updater 14 comes around which has general stuff in it which we need?”

    I explained why that’s not an issue, along with other points that I have seen others raise concern with.

  15. I have install cf10 developer edition in my xampp but after that Apache is compulsorily shutdown it is refuse to start .help me to over come this

  16. @saravanakumar: Open the server.xml at ColdFusion10cfusionruntimeconf and search for (internal webserver start). Uncomment the connector section and restart CF service. You can then access the CF admin by
    http://ip:port/CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm where port no is the mentioned inside the connector section in server.xml. By default it is 8500. Install the Update 13 and then recreate the connector.

    If you still facing any challenge, please send at email to cfinstaladobecom

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