ColdFusion 2016 API Manager Update 1 released

Update 1 for ColdFusion 2016 API Manager was released on 9th June 2017.

It introduces new features such as a JavaScript connector for configuring User Store, a new Token-based authentication support and packages enhancements like additional Swagger import options and logging for API request and response.

It also fixes several bugs in security, publisher portal and server core and workflows related to SOAP proxy, Swagger and SOAP to REST. For further details on the new features, the installation instructions and the manual download link refer this technote. For the list of bugs fixed with this update refer this webpage.

To be able to apply this update, ensure that you are using an API Manager installation from the latest API Manager installer. The installer was refreshed on Dec 13, 2016. An API Manager installation that has been installed with the new installer would be on build no. 301768.

Post update installation, the build for the API Manager should change to ColdFusion API Manager 2016,0,1,302960. You can validate this by using the apimanagerinfo (.sh/.bat) utility in <CFAPIM_root>/bin directory.

2 thoughts on “ColdFusion 2016 API Manager Update 1 released

  1. Our CF API Manager was installed by the hosting firm.
    I am logged in as an Administrator, but the API Administration menu under /admin/ does not show any “Update” option under the Log option. There is a “Log” option and then an “Analytics Dashboard” option.
    Furthermore, I cannot find where the version or build of this release is displayed anywhere.

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