Finally!!  I've been waiting a very long time to publicly announce all the details of CF Summit 2014 and here it is!

We are pleased to officially announce the next Adobe ColdFusion Summit to be held October 16th and 17th at Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.  It's going to be even better than last year and pricing remains very low at $299 early bird rate through July!

When: October 16th & 17th, 2014

Where: Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Pricing: $299 early bird rate until July 31, 2014.  

Standard rate is $399 from August 1, 2014

Room Rate: $149/nt


Registration is now open, so please check the ColdFusion Summit site at for further details and registration info.

For all our partners interested in sponsorship opportunities, we will have sponsors this year so please refer to the contact details in the CF Summit website.

Call for speakers will also be coming soon.

16 Comments to “Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2014”

  1. Shawn
    I like the timing this year, seriously considering doing MAX and CFSummit back to back.
  2. wd 3tb
    Thanks for the advice. Ir was actually interesting article.

    Hope to read you later.
  3. Amit Kumar
    Does the sessions will be hosted online for the CF Developers outside USA?
  4. Justin Cook
    Any info yet at all on 2015's CFSummit?
  5. Elishia
    @Justin, we're still working on it. I'll let you know as soon as I possibly can.
  6. Justin Cook
    @Elishia thanks. Please do, because the company where I work is planning 2015 training and conferences. I'd like to get this in and approved. Thanks!!
  7. Rhonda Boring
    My manager asked me for information for training budget also. I would love to be included for any updated information you may have. I'm assuming cost will be comparable to years past?
  8. Shawn
    Please avoid October for CFSUmmit this year. I'd hate to have to miss it. Also any chance you can up it to 3 days of sessions. There was too much overlap of essential sessions last year. Adding a few more niche sessions over 3 days would allow people to attend more of the ones they deem very important.I know many people missed mobile, because security sessions ran at the same time.
  9. Elishia Dvorak
    @Rhonda, yes cost should be similar to what we have had in the past. We will try our best to keep it low.
    @Shawn 3 days is fairly long, but will be taking your feedback to the content committee to see if we can make some positive adjustments to the schedule.
    Looking forward to announcing soon! Hope to see you all there...
  10. Justin Cook
    @Elishia, do you know or have any idea of a location yet?
  11. Elishia Dvorak
    @Justin, Las Vegas
  12. Justin Cook
    @Elishia, thank you!!
  13. Rhonda Boring
    I agree with Justin that I was not able to attend every breakout session that I wanted to attend. It's hard to choose when I don't want to miss anything! :)
  14. charlie arehart
  15. Mike Garner
    Any update on 2015 Cold Fusion Summit? Trying to decide which Conferences $ to request from management.
  16. Elishia Dvorak
    We're going to announce very soon! The pricing should be about the same. It will be in Vegas again this year.

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