Call for speakers is now open for Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2016!

From now until May 20th, feel free to submit any topics you would like us to consider.  We're always looking for new speakers, with a focus on practical application of ColdFusion in solving real world business solutions.  So if you're a developer who has leveraged ColdFusion to build a great application or you have an interesting use case we would love you to present that at this year's Summit!  

We're also looking for speakers that have knowledge of ColdFusion in specific functionality areas or integrated solutions that can share this through practical examples that would benefit the developer community.

Please submit your proposals here:

Remember to submit by May 20th in order to be considered.

For all confirmed speakers, conference pass and hotel will be covered for the conference dates.  



8 Comments to “Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2016 Call for Speakers is now open!”

  1. Mehdi
    Do you plan finally to record the session?
  2. Elishia Dvorak
    @Mehdi: The breakout sessions will likely not be recorded.
  3. tfitch
    When is the CF Summit? This information would be super helpful directly on the blog post. Or a link to the CF Summit itself. Thanks!
  4. Mark Drew
    @tfitch here you go!

  5. Joan Bryant
    Have the speakers been revealed for the CF Summit?
  6. Gavin
    Its 10am PST on the 19th, and the submission is now closed.
    I guess the server is on Eastern time and closed at the start of the 20th, not the end of it.

    Did I miss the deadline?
    Or will you extend it to match the blog post?
  7. Carl Von Stetten
    Looks like as of right now the deadline was extended to 5/23/2016.
  8. haren
    Great summit :D
    Can I've recording of this?

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