Thank you to everyone that attended Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2016!  

We hope you enjoyed the conference both for networking and awesome session content that our presenters provided.  Though we have published many of the slide decks already, many of you have been asking for the actual PDF downloads to review on your own.  The download link for the session decks is available on the FTP site below.  

We hope to see you again next year!


Slide decks online:

Dropbox share is available here

12 Comments to “Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2016 - Presentation Files for Download”

  1. James Mohler
    Where is ColdFusion Headed.pdf is quite interesting.

    I am looking forward to hearing more about CFScript 2.0 (page 23 on pdf)


    The Best Undead Language Ever
  2. Chris G
    Were the sessions recorded on video? If yes, when and where will those be released?
  3. Elishia
    No, we did not record the sessions. The keynote was recorded and published on the ColdFusion Facebook page.
  4. Chris G
    Thanks Elishia. That's a pitty, especially considering many of the more popular language conferences do. This is a missed opportunity IMHO.
  5. Charlie Arehart
    @Chris, separate from whatever choice Adobe may make, I'll point out, as another option, that if there's some presenter whose talk you'd like to see, ask them to present it on the Online ColdFusion Meetup (, where all meetings ARE recorded and available for anyone to view, via YouTube and otherwise. I'm the organizer and am happy to take any presenter who may want to offer any CF-related talk (whether presented at CF Summmit or otherwise). See (or send such speakers to) for more.
  6. Chris G
  7. Charlie Arehart
    Chris, I was not asking folks to start listing here what talks they would like to see. Every talk would want to be seen again by somebody. :-)

    Instead, I was suggesting that you (or anyone) approach any speaker they'd like to see and ask THEM to give their talk on the CFMeetup. I've been offering the opportunity to speakers for years, and I think many of them will be more motivated if interested folks reach out to them.
  8. Tom
    @Elishia, can you post a link to the videos? I was not able to locate the recordings, only the keynote speech.
  9. Charlie Arehart
    Tom, there are no recordings of the sessions. The post referred to the link as being "for the session decks", and though others asked in comments why Adobe would not/did not record the sessions, the bottom line is that they were not recorded.

    But as I said in the previous comment/s to yours, I run the online CF Meetup ( and I would happily have any presenter on. Reach out to the speakers whose sessions you want to see, and ask them to present their talks on the meetup. They may be more responsive to the idea if more people ask them.

    (To be clear, they need only schedule with me at to arrange a date/time to share their screen and give their talk. There's really no other "effort" required.)
  10. Tom
    I contacted Elishia and I received an email back with the link below:

    The list contains 12 recordings as of 12/12/2016.
  11. Tom
    @Charlie I saw your comment but misunderstood what was shared on FaceBook. I've attneded a number of those coldfusionmeetup and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I do appreciate you promoting those.
  12. Charlie Arehart
    @Tom, thanks for the kind regards. As for that recordings link you say Elishia shared, that points to any recordings Adobe has made available ondemand, and you'll notice that all but one of them are from the Adobe CF DevWeek, which was a series of recorded webinars from earlier this year. Only the first is from the summit, and again that just the keynote speaker.

    To be clear, there are no recordings of the several dozen sessions offered at CF Summit, but again I'm happy to host presenters who want to repeat their talk on the online CFMeetup. :-) I just need folks to reach out to their favored speakers, as many seem to respond more to the community asking then to me asking them.

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