Our contract with Verity will soon end and we will no longer be able to allow downloads that have Verity in it (CF9/CF8 installers have Verity) post 31st of May. For this reason, we are coming out with a CF 9.0.2 without Verity. Post 31st May, anyone who wants to get hold of CF9 bits will be given access to CF9.0.2 as we can no longer provide the CF9 bits. CF9.0.2 will be made available on the website as well post 31st May.

But if anyone needs the CF9 bits with Verity, they need to download now (before 31st of May) from the website here: http://www.adobe.com/support/coldfusion/downloads.html

The same rationale applies to CF8. Anyone who needs CF8 bits can reach out to Adobe support and get access to the CF8 installer before 31st of May.

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  1. David Epler
    Is the only change for ColdFusion 9.0.2 the removal of Verity?

    If not could you please provide details of what other changes will be in 9.0.2. I am really hoping it would include the latest Java 6 JDK and a back port of the hotfix installer and notification that is in 10.
  2. Hemant Khandelwal
    CF9.0.2 = CF9.0.1 minus Verity Plus CHF/Security HF Plus JDK 1.6.029
  3. David Epler
    Thank you for the clarification.

    Just a few followup questions. The post says that there will be a new ColdFusion 9.0.2 installer. Will there be a standalone ColdFusion 9 Update 2 available as well that can be applied to existing 9 and 9.0.1 installs?

    If there is a standalone Update 2 provided will it leave Verity intact on a previous 9 or 9.0.1 install and just apply the CHF/Security HFs and JDK. I am assuming this would be the behavior but just want to make sure.
  4. Damon Miller
    If there will be a CF9.0.2 update, will it include all fixes since the 9.0.1 release as well? Also, will there be a CF8.0.2 update with all fixes as well? Thanks
  5. Dan G. Switzer, II
    Would you be able to install 9.02 and the current Verity Standalone installer?
  6. Hemant Khandelwal
    @David our original plan was to just have full installers for CF9.0.2. We are also evaluating if it is must to do an updater installer as well. Do you have a specific scenario in mind where it will be required? I am assuming folks with existing installs of CF9.0.1 really don't have enough reasons to updgrade (assuming they have already applied hotfixes)
  7. Hemant Khandelwal
    @Damon, as I stated in the above comment, CF9.0.2 will have all hotfixes included that we shipped on CF9.0.1.

    There will be no 8.0.2.
  8. Hemant Khandelwal
    @Dan, Most likely not. If it is otherwise, I will update the thread after confirming with the team.
  9. Brian Woodward
    It's a shame I can download CF8 installer (full software) from the adobe site. Just incase we need to restore our CF8 server.
    There only seems to be an option to download CF9 installer.
  10. David Epler
    I do think a standalone ColdFusion 9 Update 2 is absolutely necessary and a *really bad* assumption that administrators have been patching ColdFusion 9.0.1 as hotfixes have been coming out. It is pretty much acknowledged that the patching mechanisms in 8 and 9 are horrible which led to the improvements in 10.

    Granted to patch 9.0.1 right now only requires CHF2 along with APSB12-06 Section 2 and upgrade the JDK but those manual steps repeated across multiple servers takes a lot of time which is why I created Unofficial Updater 2. The community shouldn't be responsible for producing the patch tooling, Adobe should and that is why a COldFusion 9 Update 2 is needed. It gives the customer any easy way to get fully patched (to that time) with something that has been fully tested by Adobe.

    I would also go so far to say that unless the hotfix installer and notification is back ported to 9, that Adobe should release yearly updates that rolls up all the hotfixes. 9.0.2 for 2012, 9.0.3 for 2013, 9.0.4 for 2014

    I kind of expected the response on an 8.0.2 since according to Adobe docs ColdFusion 8 EOLs 7/31/2012 for core support.

    Lastly, I think Dan has a valid configuration path that should be looked at. I see a situation where I need to deploy a new server to support an existing application that requires Verity still. The install path you are suggesting is that he install CF 9, then Update 1, and manually patch (or use Unofficial Updater 2) as opposed to just install 9.0.2 and use Verity standalone. I am wondering what else is going on under the hood with the Verity removal in 9.0.2 if the route Dan is suggesting isn't valid.
  11. Hemant Khandelwal
    @David thanks for your feedback. We have plans to do CF9.0.2 update installer (that can be applied on CF9.0.1). However, a CF8.0.2 is not possible. Core support means, we continue to provide security hotfixes and other requested hotfix from customers. Continuous installer on CF9 is a good idea but as of now we have not planned for it.

    Verity standalone installer will not work because specifying engine=verity in the tag will throw an error and Solr will be the default search engine.
  12. Charlie Arehart
    To those asking that Adobe provide a fall-back option for people to still download CF8 and 9 if they absolutely need it, note that there was a more recent blog entry here from the team clarifying that you may be able to ask for that. See the post for details:


    Since folks reading that entry may not know to look at this one, I'd recommend that comments about the support agreement policy requirement listed there be discussed as comments in that blog entry, rather than here. Just a suggestion.
  13. du hoc
    Would you be able to install 9.02 and the current Verity Standalone installer?
  14. Rakshith Naresh
    @du hoc: Not it wouldn't work as the integration with Verity is no longer available in CF 9.0.2.
  15. charlie arehart
    No, there is not update to get to CF 9.0.2 from 9.0 or 9.0.1.

    While 9.0.1 was an "updater" for 9.0 (you installed it on a machine with 9.0 and it turned it into 9.0.1), that is NOT the case for 9.0.2. It is a "full installer", which requires that there be no CF9 install on the machine beforehand. So no, it CANNOT bring an earlier CF9 "up to 9.0.2".

    For more on CF 9.0.2 and what it was about (and a discussion of such questions), see a blog entry I did on the topic:


    So to your second point, the only way to keep Verity in CF is to run 9.0 or 9.0.1. As you may know, it's been removed entirely in 10, forward, in favor of Solr which was introduced in 9. And in case you or other readers perhaps hadn't known/noticed, there is a tool in the CF 9 Admin to help migrate Verity collections to Solr.


    An Adobe developer had also posted some tips on coding aspects of the migration, and later he also posted a link to the migration wizard for those on CF10 or 11 only now wanting to do such a migration of Verity collections. Both are linked to here:


    Finally, if you if you will be staying on 9 to keep that Verity support, you should know that support for CF 9 ended in 2014 and Adobe no longer offers any further updates. That said, you should at least be sure to apply the latest/last Cumulative Hotfix and the latest/last security hotfix. If you're not sure what updates you have, the following blog entry may be helpful:


    And as for where to find those CF9 hotfixes and security updates, check out Gavin Pickin's "CF Repo", which I discuss further here:


    Sorry if this reads (to some eyes) like I'm just boasting in pointing out all these links to my site. Instead, it's just that I have been answering questions like this in my CF server troubleshooting consulting every day for years, so am offering them just to help the person asking the question, and other readers who may find this post in the future.
  16. Theo
    "... it's just that I have been answering questions like this in my CF server troubleshooting consulting every day for years"

    Just goes to show how flakey a product CF is if you've been fixing it for years! It amazes me that people still use this thing after all the hassle and stress it brings. Mind you, that's good for the "CF consultants" isn't it LOL!
  17. charlie arehart
    Theo, that's so rude. Here I try to help, and you crap on it. Yes, I said I have been answering questions like this for years.

    Surely you would agree that in EVERY technology there are community contributors, like myself, who have been answering common questions for years. We used to do FAQS, these days folks do it via blogs. And yes, some may be able to turn such troubleshooting into a consulting business. Why is that wrong? It's surely not unique to CF. (Railo and Lucee have consultants as well, if that's where you're coming from. And I support folks using them, FWIW.)

    Indeed, why choose to turn this into an indication of CF being flaky? The internet is full of resources where people help each other on all manner of technologies (blogs, stackoverflow, serverfault, twitter, and so on).

    It just seems really unfair to turn this attempt to be helpful against either me or Adobe. I threw that comment in because there are people who lament that they don't want to have to dig through the web to find solution. They may appreciate knowing there are folks they could turn to for help.

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