Recording for e-seminar on ColdFusion 10 Security enhancements with Title: Securing applications with ColdFusion 10 Security Enhancements is available now. Due to bad voice quality we have re-recorded it and made it available for you. See the complete session here.


You can also get the slides here.

2 Comments to “Catch e-seminar on ColdFusion 10 & security enhancements”

  1. Me
    So what your saying is that the previous versions were missing lots of security features other languages and servers have had for several years now. Your finally on par with the best practices from 2 years ago.
  2. Aaron Neff
    @Me, the positive flip-side is that CF has a high focus on security now and into the future. Adobe does listen and does welcome enhancement requests at

    @Shilpi, your presentation is an excellent resource we can share with others. Thanks for all your hard work!


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