CodeChef which Is available on github is a ColdFusion Builder extension to help you make you very productive in your CFML coding.


What is CodeChef?

CodeChef(as the name suggests) cooks up CFML code for you in no time. Just type in kewords related to what you want to do and you are done. Keyword can be a use cases like “write”, “read”, “create” etc. just a keyword like “file”, “pdf” etc. Once you type keywords in the search filed CodeChef presents you with various options based on it. You select the option based on your requirement and just hit enter. That’s it!!. Basic CFML code related to the selected option will be added to the file currently open in editor.

How to Run the Extension

Just select Code Chef from dynamic Views drop down and click Show View to get started.
Once Code Chef view is launched just type the action/keyword in Code Chef view (ex. write file, create pdf, loop, or get current directory), select appropriate option from suggestions and hit enter. Appropriate code will be inserted in any file already open in editor. Here is a screenshot of CodeChef view in ColdFusionBulder showing various options for a given keyword










The current version is only a working prototype with limited options just to demonstrate the idea and its power. Here are few screenshots to give an you an idea. Download the extension and give it a try.


As I mentioned its just a working prototype right now so the options are not extensive. I will try to keep adding more code options and keep the project getting better and make CodeChef a really powerful CFML development tool. I will write another post on how once can contribute to add more options to it but since its just CFML and XMl it will be easy to figure it out.

Do give it a try.


4 Comments to “CodeChef - ColdFusion Builder extension to speed up CFML coding”

  1. Peter Boughton
    ColdFusion Builder runs on Eclipse.

    Eclipse already offers *TWO* ways of doing this - snippets and templates.

  2. Kathryn
    The .zip file on Github needs to have the files moved up a level. CFBuilder doesn't see the config file, because it is in a subfolder
  3. David McCan
    Nice idea. A thought for a future version might be to pull snippets from a library that people can contribute to ... something like

    Peter, do Eclipse snippets rely on a plugin?
  4. Peter Boughton
    Snippets are core functionality, though CFEclipse does have its own plugin to extend that functionality, allowing importing them from remote servers.

    There is/was a cflib SnipEx server, though the URL is 404ing at the moment - details here:

    Not sure who the current custodian of cflib is (Adam Cameron?) but it might be as simple as restoring the file or even just fixing a rewrite rule.

    Templates are new and improved snippets - they allow multiple placeholders which can be tabbed between to populate variables, so would probably be a better choice.
    Again, it's core Eclipse functionality, and the file format is simple XML and properties files. It'd be pretty simple to extend SnipEx to support templates too and provide a keyword searchable interface to that.

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