ColdFusion 10 Update 11( has been released which includes support for 64-bit COM interoperability, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and MySQL 5.6 in addition to several important bug fixes.This update includes a fix for bug 3488063 - IIS 404 custom error handler URLs that are .CFM files do not consistently return entire document .

Though the wsconfig.jar(present in ColdFusion10\cfusion\runtime\lib,which is required for configuring connectors) has been  modified for the above mentioned bug ,it is not required to re-install the connector in all the cases.

If you are on ColdFusion 10 Update 5 or later and are using IIS webserver,you must either re-install/reconfigure the connector or use the command line interface and run the '-upgrade' option.The '-upgrade' option upgrades existing configured connectors with newer modules from a newer wsconfig.jar file.

<cf_root>/runtime/bin/wsconfig.exe -ws iis -upgrade -site <site name/ID>

If you are on ColdFusion 10 Update 5 or later and are using Apache webserver , you don't need to re-install/reconfigure the connector as the fix was specific to IIS webserver and the Apache connector files remain the same.

If you are not on ColdFusion 10 Update 5 or later then you will have to re-install/reconfigure the connector for update 11.If you are on ColdFusion 10 Update 5 or later and have not re-installed/reconfigured the connector earlier  then you will have to re-install/reconfigure the connector for update 11.


- Asha




23 Comments to “ColdFusion 10 - Does the connector need to be re-installed for update 11”

  1. Henry Ho
    Why can't CF10 automatic update do this for us in the first place?
  2. Adam Cameron
    +1 to Henry. Adobe (~ ColdFusion Team), seriously, what is wrong with you? An automated updater that still even *possibly* requires manual reconfiguration of *your own* software? How are you not embarrassed to have to publish a blog article along these lines?

  3. Joe
    No wonder ColdFusion slow and steady si on it's way out.
  4. Dave Ferguson
    @Adam & @joe

    Your comments don't even fall in the neighborhood of constructive. Adobe is just trying to clarify something about the updater. It it is completely possible that there are greater forces at work and that the updater is not able to run the config updater. Maybe it would be more constructive to spark up a conversation abut why (Like Henry did).

  5. Adam Cameron
    Sorry Dave, why do the comments intrinsically need to be constructive? I'm f***ed off that I've had my time wasted with this stuff (this specific thing, and various dumb bugs it has... all of which I've raised(*)), and I think that's my prerogative. The auto updater in ColdFusion 10 could have been really good, but as it has turned out it has been a bit embarrassing, and in turn contributes to a sense that it's all been a bit thrown together. Which *in turn* contributes to making one wonder about how much effort Adobe are putting into ColdFusion, and accordingly... where's it gonna end up.

    For Adobe to hear from their clients that these things *ARE A PROBLEM*, is much more constructive - in the bigger scheme of things - that comments like yours which simply state "that's not constructive". Did you think I didn't notice that? Good grief.


    (*) and to their credit, they're mostly marked as "to fix".
  6. Dave Ferguson
    @Adam I agree that you have the right to be upset at how your perceive the issues are being addressed. However, I take exception to your grievance when you start it with "Adobe (~ ColdFusion Team), seriously, what is wrong with you?"

    Ever heard the saying, "You get more with honey then vinegar"? There are many ways to be upset about something but when someone come off as a pompous ass nobody wants to deal with them. Phrasing displeasure in a much different, non-confrontational, tone and probably get some viable feedback.

    So, for example, instead of saying, "... what's wrong with you". You might have said something like, "Is there some technical issue with the updater that is preventing it from doing this itself?". They both basically say "WTF!?" But which one do you think is more likely to get a response?

  7. Scott
    Who cares ColdFusion is dead. Adobe told this to the world by dropping support in Dreamweaver CC. The one product that most web developers have running all day long. Now my bosses are talking about rewriting everything in php since Adobe cares so little for CF that they are dropping support in their tools. Thanks guys for making my life harder.
  8. Dave Ferguson
    @Scott Most "web developers" don't use tools like Dreamweaver to do development anymore. People now used actual tools geared towards development like ColdFusion Builder, Eclipse, IntelliJ, or any other pure coding tool. Dreamweaver has been a design tool for many versions and never had any true usage in actual development.

    Adobe has a tool with the sole purpose of supporting ColdFusion development that is far superior to Dreamweaver. I am not surprised at all that DW dropped support. I am more shocked it took as long as it did.
  9. Scott
    Everyone at every job I've ever been at use Dreamweaver as their coding environment. We have over 20 developers that use it daily at my current job to do both HTML5 and CF work. CFBuilder sucks and is so incomplete how is it usable? No design tools at all, no real support for HTML, CSS or anything. Dreamweaver until the latest version was great for working with both the frontend and backend.

    All of that is totally besides the point. Dreamweaver should always have CF support because it and CF are both Adobe products. What has happened now is Adobe has signaled that it no longer believes in CF but only supports PHP. That's all the business managers see. From a pure marketing and stock valuation point of view CF support HAS to be included in Dreamweaver. I know I dumped my stock after this and will be cancelling my CC subscription as it's unusable. Dreamweaver CS6 seems to be the final usable version.
  10. Adam Cameron
    Scott & Dave
    This is really off-topic, but hey-ho.

    I personally know only one CF developer who has ever used DW, and that was me. And it was a terrible experience. That said, this was ten years ago, so perhaps it has come along since then. DW is for "web masters", not "CFML developers", if I can make that distinction (and I don't mean it to be a derisive or divisive one, just a pair of distinct labels for the purposes of what I go on to say).

    That said, there are a lot of web masters who do CF development too, and they need the mark-up and CSS support that DW gives. That's entirely reasonable.

    ColdFusion Builder caters only to developers who spend most of their time writing CFML, and the UI side of things is more of an occasional sideline, or something they don't do at all. This is another completely valid demographic of CFML user.

    I think Adobe have done CF a disservice by marginalising CFML support in DW whilst there is not an equivalent other solution for current CFML-coding DW users.

    Like it or not, Adobe is marginalising ColdFusion, and the only people who seem unwilling to accept this is the Adobe CF Team, and a few hold-outs in the CF community. Personally I've got to the point that I think the CFML space would be better if Adobe dropped out of it. Compared to Railo, they are now doing the CFML community more harm than good.

  11. Louis
    I use DreamWeaver for the file browser, site manager, FTP and code colouring.

    I imagine I use 1% of its features, its just a glorified text editor with file browser/FTP but it works for me. If anyone can point me in the direction of something better that includes those features then go right ahead. I write CF, HTML, JS, CSS and XML.
  12. Dawesi
    When are you going to release the zxp extension for Dreamweaver CC?

    The CS6 extension no longer works and the converter in CS6 extension manager converts the mxp (old extension) but then it fails to install.

    Can you please update ASAP. Thanks.
  13. Dawesi
    @Joe - run away back to your php bloatware.

    Considering sales figures are better than ever, your timing is very poor.

    So what year of uni are you in?
  14. David
    This thread has been very entertaining.
  15. Frustrated
    This issue with the site wide error handler template is really annoying.

    Bugs happen in products. That's understandable. But this strikes me as a significant oversight. Did someone test this before it went out and, if so, how did it then go bad?

    Don't tell us about all the cool new features in the next version of ColdFusion until the nearly all of the existing features work in the current version. Developers want to develop new sites and enhance existing sites, not waste their time fixing issues that aren't of their own making.
  16. Henry
    a. I use Dreamweaver

    b. I've now got a site up on my Live 2008R2 box that isn't working and won't show me the CF error, so I've no idea what the problem is - I just get the IIS 500 error screen. This method of running the connector again is all well and good, but apparently "The IIS connector can not be upgrades as - This web server has not been configured for Coldfusion."

    CF is defo running on the box, so not sure WTF is going on there.

    It's really really poor from Adobe & the CF team yet again. I even bought a new CF license for a server a matter of days ago - wishing I hadn't bothered.
  17. Dave Ferguson
    @henry Posting a comment to a blog is probably the worst place to get install tech support. You do know that Adobe offers FREE tech support for install issues right? I would suggest that you follow that path so you can get the support you need.
  18. Henry

    Wasn't looking for support - just expressing my continued disappointment and the apparent decay of the language I've championed for almost 10 years.

    Seems things keep breaking - I solved my server issues, but it was another example of everything working fine, and then out of the blue stop working because of another 'fix' and it's causing people to really lose faith in the platform.

    The Dreamweaver CC thing is just incredible.
  19. Louis
    I installed update 11 last night. I followed the instructions exactly including reconfiguring the connector with wsconfig.exe (running it as admin). It removed all of the connectors and didn't put them back. Tried again, same thing.

    So I'm panicking at 1am thinking I've just killed all of our websites and don't know how to get it back. I had to do a lot of searching to find out how to manually add tomcat to ISAPI filters, manually add the handlers and manually add the jakarta and CFIDE virtual directories and set up index.cfm as a default document.

    So, I know how to do that now which is great, but for Christ's sake can't you just make an update which installs itself without having to muck around with all this crap.

    I love Coldfusion and will continue to be a supporter of it but this doesn't encourage people to use it.
  20. Tim
    We have IIS8/Cf10 and custom 404 still does not work, even with update 11. Adobe support is useless, they have given up!
  21. Alex
    I am now on update 13, completly reinstalled and reconfigured the connectors.. Cusomt 404 issue - STILL NOT FIXED! :(
    Sick of it!
  22. Matt Rains
    Same as Alex. Update done, connectors done and 404 custom pages still do not work correctly.
  23. JC
    The same thing Louis describes happens to our server as well. Luckily there is a manual method, but it is quite cumbersome to say the least. What exactly does wsconfig -upgrade do? Does it update the dll and associated files in CFhome\wsconfig\(instance) directory? If so, that's ideal for our configuration. Or does it create a new (instance) Currently wsconfig rebuild will trash the IIS settings Louis describes and not replace them.

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