Update: Since this post was made, the final version of Update 3 was released and should be used instead.

ColdFusion 11 Update 3 early access  build is being made available for your testing and feedback/suggestions

Follow the instructions below to apply this update:

1. Navigate to ColdFusion Administrator -> Server Updates -> Updates

2. Under Settings tab, check "Automatically Check for Updates" check box

3. Change the Site URL to http://download.adobe.com/pub/adobe/coldfusion/PR/updates.xml

4. Click Submit to save your changes

5. Under Available Updates tab, click on “Check for Updates” button.

6. "ColdFusion 11 Update 3" should be listed under "Available updates". 

7. Click on "Download and Install" to install the update.

We look forward to your valuable feedback and suggestions.


Issues_Fixed (list of bugs fixed in this release)

Release_Notes (covers what's new in this update and known issues)


NOTE: In case, you have configured local site for receiving the update notifications, then please take back up of the URL before changing it to the above provided URL.

23 Comments to “ColdFusion 11 Update 3 is available for early access”

  1. Tom Chiverton
    Known issues section is appalling e.g.

    "issue with unicode in SQl Server 2014"
    What does this mean ? It doesn't work ? Silent corruption ?

    "Signature change"
    Are you saying if I don't manually clear cfclasses something will break ? CF should be doing this low level stuff for me !
  2. Miguel-F
    Cheers for allowing early access to your users on this update.
  3. Aaron Neff
    I agree with Tom on both points. Can Adobe please clarify here regarding the Unicode+MSSQL2k14 issue. And the signature change should be handled internally.

  4. Nimit Sharma
    @Tom: We are still investigating issue with Unicode in SQL Server 2014.
  5. charlie arehart
    Yep, thanks Adobe. Especially after the challenges some had with CF10 Update 14, it's a great idea to give interested folks the chance to test out the update before it would just start showing up in the CF Admin of those who may not be paying attention to this opportunity.

    I realize some might assert that you (Adobe) should "just more thoroughly test things", but there are so many different permutations of configurations folks could have. I said the same (and more) in a blog entry pointing out this prerelease update (http://www.carehart.org/blog/client/index.cfm/2014/11/8/prerelease_offered_for_cf11_update_3).

    It would just be wise for folks to test things for themselves, and to provide feedback ASAP. And watch this blog's comments, of course! :-) Let's hope it may go smoothly for all concerned.
  6. shigemii
    Is CentOS 7 officially supported on this update?

    Because CentOS is a clone of Red Hat, I believe CentOS 7 should be also officially supported.
  7. Priyank
  8. Tom Chiverton
    @Nimit Sharma Thanks for the response, but that's no clearer is it :-) I assume you consider it a release blocker though ?
  9. David E
  10. Nimit Sharma
    @Tom: It is not a blocker because it turn out to be an issue only with one testing machine. It is working fine now.

    I was using this test to insert 'ñ' character into the table.

    <cfquery name="q" datasource="mydsn">
       <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="CF_SQL_VARCHAR" value="Spanish">,
       <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="CF_SQL_VARCHAR" value="Español">

    I will be removing this bug from the release notes document.

  11. Tom Chiverton
    @Nimit Sharma ah ha - that sort of bug :-) What did you change to stop it happening on that machine though ? just something inside the DataDirect bundle you use ?
  12. Adam Cameron
  13. Adam Cameron
    @Nimit if they're "known issues"... any chance of letting us *know* the ticket numbers for them? (both here, and revise the doc).

    And shouldn't the "known issues" include every single bug you know about that impacts CF11 and haven't done anything about about? Those are, after all, all the issues you know about.

  14. Anit Kumar Panda
  15. Brad Wood
    Thanks for putting this out on a "dev" channel for people to kick the tires before it goes live. This will hopefully get a lot more eyes on it.
  16. Phil
  17. Hemant Khandelwal
    Thanks everyone for trying out the patch.

    Please also help us promote the same as it will help get as many eyes and allow us to resolve any issues.
  18. Adam Cameron
    Hey Hemant, which of your team members have ColdFusion-related blogs, and how many have blogged about this? (not a rhetorical question).

  19. Mike Greider
  20. Dave Cordes
  21. Chris
  22. Doug
  23. charlie arehart
    @Adobe, you ought to also add to the blog entry above a mention of the fact that after using the prerelease URL and checking for updates, the prerelease update 3 offers a "Read more" link which fails, because it goes to http://www.adobe.com/go/cf11_update3, and in the blog entry about the "refreshed" update 3, Nimit clarified that this URL is not working for now in the prerelease. Most would not expect that, so the blog entries (both of them) ought to clarify this for readers.

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