This post is to announce the release of new updates for ColdFusion 11 and ColdFusion 10.

ColdFusion 11 Update 7

ColdFusion 11 Update 7 includes support for Windows 10 and OS X 10.11. Tomcat has been upgraded to version 7.0.64. This update addresses a vulnerability mentioned in the security bulletin APSB15-29 and also includes bug fixes related to connector, database, language, caching and certain other areas.

For more details, refer to this article.

ColdFusion 10 Update 18

ColdFusion 10 Update 18 includes support for Windows 10 and OS X 10.11. Tomcat has been upgraded to version 7.0.64. This update addresses a vulnerability mentioned in the security bulletin APSB15-29 and also includes bug fixes related to connector, language, caching and certain other areas.

For more details, refer to this article.

For those who have applied the early access release (pre-release) build of Update 7 or Update 18, follow the steps below to reinstall Update 7 or Update 18, as applicable.

1.     Uninstall Update 7 (PreRelease) or Update 18(PreRelease). 

2.     Reinstate the update URL by clicking on the "Restore Default URL" button in the "Server Updates" section in the ColdFusion administrator.

3.     Switch to the "Available Updates" tab and click on the "Check for Updates" button.

4.     Download and install Update 7 or Update 18.


64 Comments to “ColdFusion 11 Update 7 and ColdFusion 10 Update 18 are now available”

  1. Kev McCabe
    I think you might want to check the update.xml as it says ColdFusion 11 Update 7 Thursday, 17 November 2015 not and Tuesday!
  2. Nimit Sharma

    Thanks for pointing this out. I will get it updated.
  3. doug s
    do you guys know what happened to the "express" installers? there seems to be a new download form that offers less.
  4. Peter Boughton
    Oooh, the changelog lists this as fixed:
    > 3822982 "Report Execution Times" is prohibitively slow on large apps

    Hooray! If we can actually get accurate values without killing the application that'll be handy when doing performance tuning.

    Just need to wait for the fix to bug 3956389 to be released to make updating a possibility. :/
  5. Phil
  6. David Levin
    Tried to update ColdFusion 10 Developer Edition from Update 17 to 18 and now ColdFusion's primary service won't start. It's stuck in the 'starting' stage. Had to reboot in safe mode and restore from the backup files in hf-updates.

    Attempted the update again with same result. Update log shows no errors:

    318 Successes
    0 Warnings
    0 NonFatalErrors
    0 FatalErrors

    Restoring from backup again.

    System specs: Windows 7 X64, IIS 7, ColdFusion 10 Developer.
  7. James Moberg
    Using Windows CF10 Developer Update 17 (Windows Server 2008 R2), I attempted to "download" the updates prior to installing and am now stuck with "503 Service Unavailable". I can't even access static, non-CFM files. I'm glad I tested it internally prior to blindly trusting that it would work the first time. Any official recommendations from Adobe?
  8. Nimit Sharma
    @David & James:

    Have you guys tried starting ColdFusion service manually after applying the update?
  9. James Moberg
    I did. That's the first thing I always try. I'm sorry that I didn't include that in my initial response. That didn't work, but ColdFusion did respond after rebooting the server. I'm going to create a restore point before I continue.
  10. James Moberg
    Are any instructions for manual installation going to be provided? I'm not sure why it didn't work, but would like to know if there are any alternatives since I don't trust the built-in updater that much.
  11. David Levin
    @Nimit, yes I rebooted and the service was still stuck in the "starting" status. The only way I could uninstall the update was to reboot in safe mode and manually roll back the update.
  12. David Levin
    @Nimit, and yes I attempted to start the service manually with no luck.
  13. Piyush
    What is the update level of your CF 10 server prior to the update? Do you have single CF server instance or multiple CF server instances in a cluster?
    Can you pls. try starting the CF server manually from the windows command processor console post-update, and share the console output.
  14. Jörg Zimmer
    and once again I don't see the Version-No mentioned in the article.
    My Version after Update 18/7: 10,0,18,282462 and 11,0,07,289974
    Version expected: 10,0,18,296330 and 11,0,07,296330

    I'm running CF10 Standard on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit
    and CF11 Standard on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit
  15. Piyush
    Hi Jörg,
    You reported this during the last update release as well. The last time the update level was updated but the build no. was not. You send me the logs files but there were no failures or warnings in there.
    The cfinfo output you shared indicated an old build no. with a newer update level, even prior to applying update 17/6.
    Now, can you confirm if the build no. was invalid prior to applying yesterday's update.
    Is this issue limited to a single instance of CF10 and CF11, or observed with more than one instances.
    Can you also check the new update install logs for any reported issues.
    We can try replicating the issue in an OS similar to yours. I don't remember if we did that the last time you reported this.
  16. Jörg Zimmer
    Hi Piyush,
    yes I can cnfirm that the build no. was invalid/wrong prior to the update since we came to no conclusion the last time :)
    This is not limited to a single / the both instances.
    I have a Windows 10 64bit machine with CF11 dev that now mentions 11,0,07,292866.

    But: Our dev/staging machine running Ubuntu 12.04 32bit! with a recently installed CF11 dev now shows 11,0,07,296330
  17. Jörg Zimmer
    and to follow-up:
    log files show no errors
  18. Piyush
    Thanks for the confirmation, Jörg.
    We did not observe this on Windows 10 at our end. I'll check the internals to see how the build no. is picked to be displayed in the CF admin.

    We did not observe any issues when updating from a 2-instance CF10 cluster on update 17 to update 18.

    Can you share the update install log from the defunct update installation.
    Why don't you drop a note to our support folks at They can coordinate with you to monitor the
    update process, if you are willing to try that again. Nothing like observing it first hand.
  19. Priyank
    Hi James,

    I tried this in 3 machines including Ubuntu and Windows 2008R2/2012R2 with Lockdown and unable to see the issue. Could you please send an email to and I will work with you.

  20. Matthew
  21. David Levin
    @Piyush, my version prior to update was: 10,0,17,295085.

    Just to be totally safe I rolled back my installation to Update 15. I then stopped all coldFusion services and set the primary service to "Manual" to prevent it from starting automatically.

    I then re-installed update 17 manually by executing the hotfix_17.jar file. The install wizard completed successfully. I restared coldfusion services and confirmed everything is working properly.

    I then shut down coldFusion services again and manually installed hotfix_18.jar. The wizard reported a successful update. I then attempted to restart coldFusion services and again it was stuck in the "starting..." status. I rebooted and attempted to start the service and it remained stuck in the "starting..." status.

    I believe something may be wrong with hotfix 18 on Windows7 X64.
  22. Priyank
    Hi David,

    Could you please show the context.xml here. Location C:\ColdFusion10\cfusion\runtime\conf.

    In case Manager pathname entry is commented, just uncomment it and it will work.
  23. David Levin
    @Priyank, here you go:
  24. Priyank
    Hi David,

    This looks fine, could you please send an email to and we can look into this.
  25. Ron Stewart
  26. Hari

    Bug #3956389 is fixed and is targeted to the next update of ColdFusion 11.
  27. Ron Stewart
    I tried to apply CF11 Hotfix 7 on the first of several development systems where I am running CF11 w/HF6 deployed on Java 1.8.0_66 and stock Tomcat 7.0.65. Downloaded HF7 jar via the Updates page in the CF admin, stopped CF11, then installed HF7 via command-line (java -jar ./hotfix-007.jar -i GUI). It reports the following in the hotfix log:

    Installation: Unsuccessful.

    776 Successes
    0 Warnings
    1 NonFatalErrors
    1 FatalErrors

    Action Notes:

    Failed to copy hotfix files:/tmp/925428.tmp/dist/cfusion: Failed to copy the hotfix files to the target location. Retry installation after ensuring that the server is not running or files are not locked by the server.

    Rebooted system to ensure files weren't somehow locked, and attempted again to apply hotfix. Identical errors in the log file.

    I can provide the full log by email if that will help figure out what's amiss.
  28. Nimit Sharma

    Please forward installation log file to
  29. Bob C
    We had a similar issue with CF11 hotfix 7. I checked the logs and found it that it could not move one file to backup or delete it. The file is \ColdFusion11\cfusion\runtime\lib\ecj-P20140317-1600.jar. We made sure CF was stopped and also made sure there was no AV or anything else interfering.

    Keeping an eye on this thread to see if there is a solution posted.
  30. Bob C
    Just to see what would happen I manually stopped CF, renamed the offending file, restarted CF, then ran the update. The hotfix installed fine with no errors.
  31. Patrick Schütz
    Hi Jörg and Piyush,

    I can confirm the problem with the reporting version number.

    On Windows Server 2008 R2 the Coldfusion 10 Version number after Update 18 is now: 10,0,18,283922 and NOT 10,0,18,296330.

    Kind regards,

    Patrick Schütz
  32. Adam Cameron
  33. Mike Greider
  34. Marco
    [sub] dang, sorry list. Forgot to tag the subscribe checkbox
  35. Aaron Neff
  36. Piyush
    Jörg and Patrick,

    Can you confirm if what you are sharing is the information displayed in the CF admin. Is the info output by the cfinfo tool the same? I think these two things use different mechanism to pull the info.
    Can you also check and confirm the contents of the <cf_root>/cfusion/lib/updates directory.
  37. Patrick Schütz
    Hi Piyush,

    I can confirm that the version is displayed in the CF admin.
    The same version "ColdFusion Server 10,0,18,283922" is displayed by the cfinfo tool.

    In <cf_root>/cfusion/lib/updates is only one file: "chf10000018.jar".

    Kind regards from Germany,

    Patrick Schütz
  38. Jörg Zimmer
    Hi Piyush,
    same on my side... just tested our CF11 server with
    Base Version:

    Even more regards from Germany ;)
  39. Charlie
  40. Alex
  41. Roland
    Are there updated installers?

    It's kind of a huge pain to install this on Windows 10 using the series of workarounds we have to work through. Is there even a release note that mentions the downloadable wsconfig.jar that you are only hosting on this blog?

    How about at least updating the release notes with the actual step-by-step process required to install CF11 on Windows 10?

    As it stands, your release notes make it seem like you can use the installer, but this is not true. You have to:

    1. Run the installer
    2. Download wsconfig.jar from a random blog post here.
    3. Figure out where to put wsconfig.jar
    4. Run the Web Server Config Tool.
    5. Add the connectors.
    6. Complete the install process by visiting the CF admin.
    7. Run the update to bring it up to 7.
    8. Rerun the web server config tool to remove bindings.
    9. Rerun the web server config tool to re-add bindings.

    I don't know about you, but this isn't an install experience I would want for my software. It actively discourages users.
  42. Jakob
    I want to apply Update 7 to a clean install of downloaded CF 11 (Developer eDITION) applied to Windows 10 but, as before Update 7 was available, I cannot Add an IIS Webserver because IIS 10.0 is not supported.
    All ColdFusion Services run but I cannot run Administrator because in my \inetpub\wwwroot\ the CFIDE\administrator\index.cfm structure was not installed.
    It only exists in \cfusion\wwwroot\ and run from there it reports HTTP Error 404.0-Not Found because the expected physical path does not exist.
    I assume that I will have to apply Update 7 before I can select IIS 10.0 as Webserver. However, without a way to run the Administrator, please provide the command line steps to accomplish this, AND a URL where I can download update 7 from without having the Administrator to do this for me.
  43. David Levin
    @Roland, I agree that Adobe should roll out fresh installers with Windows 10 support for ColdFusion 10 and 11. I've been told that it's a hassle for them to get all their ducks in a row for a full-fledged installer (something to do with Adobe's legal department) but I think it would be worth it in the long run and it definitely make Adobe's customers happier.
  44. Charlie Arehart
    @Roland and David, I agree on the idea that a new installer for Windows 10 would be a great help, as the challenged both Roland and now Jakob attest.

    @Jakob, as for your challenge, did you choose the option during install to use IIS or the built-in web server? Just so you know, either way, CF10 and 11 will ALWAYS put the CFIDE in the cfusion\wwwroot. It no longer gives you the option to choose where (which did used to default to inetpub\wwwroot, if you'd told it to integrate with IIS).

    So if you use the built-in web server, then your browser URL would use a port like 8500. And that cfusion\wwwroot IS the root of THAT web server, and so it would find it.

    If you told CF to integrate with IIS, then if the connector tool WOULD work with Windows 10 and IIS 10, then it would put in a virtual directory in IIS, pointing CFIDE to that cfusion]wwwroot.

    So you say you get "not found". what URL are you using? IF it's one being processed by IIS, do you have the CFIDE virtual directory in that site? If not, that would be a problem.

    But then that site needs to be properly configured for CF, including also a Jakarta virtual directory, and ISAPI filters and handler mappings, all pointing to the connector DLL or folder containing it. Again, normally, CF would configure all that itself, but prior to update 7 of CF11, it doesn't know how to handle earlier releases of IIS (just a bug in that it looks for specific supported releases, and doesn't know what to do if it sees IIS 10. The steps it would do are not at all different for IIS 10 vs IIS 7 or 8.)

    So what can you do? Well, just for the sake of completeness, there was a blog post in August that talked about and pointed to resources for manually configuring things:

    And then in October they came out with a new wsconfig.jar (the connector configuration tool), which you could use to do it more automatically:

    But as you note, Update 7 now includes that updated connector. You just need to be able to get that installed, and since you can't get to the admin, I realize you feel you can't even run the update.

    If you did not choose to enable the built-in web server, one thing you could do would be to enable that, and then use that to get to the Admin. It's just a matter of tweaking one XML file and restarting CF. I have a blog post on that and more related to the built-in web server:

    But I sense that what you really mean by "please provide the command line steps to accomplish this" is how to run the updater from the command line. You can. You just need to point to the installer jar with the java command.

    Adobe did a post on this back in the CF10 timeframe (more in a moment), but the links they offer there for getting the update jar itself are no longer appropriate for CF11. The URL to get the download is:

    And FWIW, you can always get the URLs for all the updates by visiting the URL that the Admin would check to find them:

    Just note that that's an RSS feed. Your browser may only show the text. Do a view source to see the underlying XML, where you'll see all the updates and the download URL for each.

    I do wish they would just offer the download URL for each update jar in the update technote itself, but they do not. Same with command-line install steps. They do offer the command-line steps to uninstall, though it is written presuming that you DO have the java command in your path. If you don't, you'll get an error with the steps shown there.

    Some good news is that CF10-era blog post I mentioned above DOES show how to run the update from the command line, and DOES show how to get to the java command even if you don't have it in your path, by pointing instead to the java that's built into CF, in its jre\bin folder.

    Jakob, the command line you seek to do that is at the bottom of the post:

    I do hope to do a post myself that brings together this info about getting and manually installing updates, so we don't have to point to multiple resources, (and some of them dated).

    Let us know if that gets you going, Jakob.

    (And I'll add, FWIW, that if anyone needs help getting this sort of stuff done and doesn't want to read through lots of blog posts and technotes, or stumble along with challenges, I can help you do such things remotely, quickly and safely. More at And I hope those who "hate sales pitches" will appreciate that I've given all the info needed above. This additional point is for those who don't want to or who stumble in trying to "do it themselves".)
  45. Jakob
    @Charlie: many thanks. With your help there now is a full process for a clean Coldfusion 11 install in Windows 10 (64bit).
    1. Install IIS (10.0) by activating this as one of your Windows Features.
    2. Download the Akamai Netsession 'Download Manager Installer'
    3. Download Coldfusion_11_WWEJ.win64.exe
    4. Run Coldfusion11 in C:\Coldfusion11 default folder (and MS Visual C++ 2012 package; likely necessary). I installed my 'Developer' Edition for use in localhost ( selecting "All IIS websites" an setting my administrator password.
    5. Component Services show that "IIS Admin Service", the "Coldfusion11 Application Server" and other Coldfusion11 services selected are running.
    6. The Administrator fails to run from the Windows10 link created because the URL target does not exist: http//
    7. This prevents the prescribed install of the hotfix_007.jar "Update 7" (downloaded from that is required for Windows10.
    8. The incompatibility with the IIS10.0 is demonstrated if you try to install a Webserver using the Windows10 "Coldfusion Webserver Configuration Tool".
    9. Charlie's install of a hotfix from the command line noted above worked like a charm after I copied the hotfix_007.jar file copied into the Windows/System32 folder.
    10. At the Elevated Command Line prompt (Run as Administrator) C:\Windows\System32> was then typed:
    C:\Coldfusion11\jre\bin\java -jar hotfix_007.jar
    11. Hitting Enter starts the CF update process: follow instructions. The hotfix is installed in Coldfusion11\cfusion\hf-updates\hf-11-00007
    12. The webserver automatically restarted (verify as suggested).
    13. The Webserver Configuration Tool now allows you to select for localhost "All IIS" website and complete the process that prior to the hotfix would report that IIS 10.0 was not supported.
    14. This process reports the addition of VDIR objects "Default Web Site/jakarta" and "Default Web Site/CFIDE".
    15. The CF Administrator link created is now functional so that you can configure your CF webserver after entering your admin password.
  46. Jakob
  47. Roland
    Guys, all due respect, but this is a preposterous situation.

    Tell me this: how would a new programmer, who enthusiastically keeps up to date with their tools and operating systems, who still hasn't been jaded by the industry, who may become a lifelong ally of your ecosystem, perceive the state of this product if they can't easily install it?

    You're doing a massive disservice to adoption. There's a reason I have to apologize for ColdFusion to my customers, and this exemplifies it.

    I wasn't being constructive. I was bitching. I've stood up for this platform for almost 20 years now, yet I still have to defend my choice. You don't make my job easy.

  48. Charlie Arehart
    @Roland, I'm curious who the "guys" are you are writing to. The only recent comments (after your first) have been David and me, who acknowledged your point and agreed, and Jakob (who just exemplified your pain, and who asked a specific question that I answered).

    Since Adobe didn't reply here, I'm just wanting to make sure that you're not somehow misconstruing our comments as not acknowledging your point. We have.

    Of course, what matters now is for Adobe to acknowledge and act on it. We're certainly sighing with you until this is resolved.
  49. Charlie Arehart
    @Jakob, thanks for updating the steps. It should help others, until Adobe does come up with a new installer. And I may do a blog post before then, to help spread the word, and I'd acknowledge your having put that list together, though I would modify it as I would document it.

    For instance, I'd think it's worth pointing out that at your step 4, if someone took the option to use the built-in web server, they would not need to do all those steps from 5-14. They would get right into the Admin, apply the update, and then rebuild the connector.

    Still, I'm not denying your point that someone who is more used to (and may prefer) connecting CF to IIS at install, the current situation makes that difficult.

    That said, I'm curious why in your step 9 you indicate putting the jar in the system32 folder. That's not necessary (I've done the updates hundreds of times with folks and have never needed to do that), and I don't know of any technotes or posts that suggest it. Can you clarify why you thought it was necessary?

    Still, good catch on identifying that additional page from Adobe that does list all the updates as a web page (vs the feed page I offered, as the Admin uses). That's definitely better for most to look at to find the update jars.

    I do still wish Adobe would just link to the jar in each update's technote, for those who may not know about that page. And even though I did, I had forgotten about it, in gathering up all that info to answer yesterday.
  50. Adam Cameron
    I have used the "unsubscribe" link to unsubscribe from this thread about five times now. but still I get email for every bloody comment. Can you please stop f***ing spamming me?

  51. Jakob
    Feedback on Charlie's questions:
    1. At step 4 in my process, I could NOT select the "Built-In web server" because it did not allow me to define it and get access to the Administrator: before hotfix_007.jar is applied, I could not access it (unless I would have Appache available, which I did not).
    2. The location of the hotfix_007.jar file in step 9 assured that it was found from the elevated command prompt as this location would be independent of any PATH-variable dependent access.
    While my '15-step' process will work, I agree with everyone that the downloadable CF11 file should be upgraded by Adobe through hotfix-7 as the simple way to assure broad and simple support for Windows 10 etc.
  52. Charlie Arehart
    @Adam, this is a problem with Mango, when you use a + in your address (as some do with gmail, like, which gmail igores and still delivers to

    The problem though is that when you click the unsubscribe link in the email, it just passes that as-is on the URL, and of course the + gets converted by your browser into a space, so the delete just doesn't happen.

    I've confirmed this on my own testing of Mango, and I suspected that was what was happening for you, so I gave Adobe some code to confirm that and remove your subscription in this entry for that address.

    The problem would remain for other posts where you use that form of email, if you may want to unsubscribe from them also. Of course, the real solution would be to get a change into Mango, so that it handles things correctly in the email that's generated, as well as the web page which processes that request. That will take a little more time (to post to Mango, and get posted onto Adobe's site).

    In the meantime, if you post to another entry with such an address, and you later want to unsubscribe, just know that you can't rely on doing it yourself for now, so just ask and hopefully someone will see it and could handle it.

    (Actually, I just realized that if you may have already been unsubscribed, then you won't get an email telling you this. But at least if you come back to check and see if there are more comments, you may see it. And hope it may help others.)
  53. Charlie Arehart
    @Jakob, I'm sorry that I have to press and challenge you again. I'm really not saying these things to be contentious. I realize you're trying to help folks with the info you're sharing, and I just want to do the same, ensuring that accurate info is shared. :-)

    So when you say "I could NOT select the "Built-In web server" because it did not allow me...", well, I think you're perhaps misunderstanding me.

    What I'm saying is that when one installs CF, they are asked at the end of the installer whether to configure CF with an external web server (like IIS or Apache) or CF's internal web server (which happens to be the Tomcat web server).

    If one chooses the built-in web server during installation, then there is NO interaction that happens with IIS, and therefore no problem with the fact that the current CF11 (or 10) installer does not currently support IIS on Windows 10.

    Instead, one would find that the CF admin would open using a port, by default 8500. And that WOULD open, and you then COULD apply the update (as I was saying in my last comment). And then they could run the wsconfig tool and connect CF to IIS. I hope you may reread my last comment in that light and see if it makes sense now.

    Finally, as for the issue of your putting the jar in the windows\system32, you say you did that because it "assured that it was found from the elevated command prompt as this location would be independent of any PATH-variable dependent access." Um, ok.

    But to be clear, where the JAR is really has nothing to do with the path. That is a matter related to finding the Java command itself, sure. And that's why I pointed to that Adobe blog post where at the bottom they DID show how (in CF10) one could find and use the java that's installed in CF:

    "First cd to where it is downloaded and then run as follows. Change path as per your installation.

    > C:\ColdFusion10\jre\bin\java -jar hotfix_008.jar"

    As it notes, you just need to run that wherever you put the JAR. There's just no significance to having put the jar in the system32 folder. As for running the command-line as administrator, that is indeed important (and the technote did mention that in its previous paragraph).

    Again, though, I agree 100% with Roland, David, and you that all this is more complicated that it needs to be right now, without an updated installer for CF11 or 10 that incorporates the update, updated wsconfig tool, and updated connector.

    As always, just trying to help.
  54. Christian
  55. Jin Park
  56. Sang
    any advise on where look on how to get CF2016 working on Windows 10 dev system?
  57. David Levin
    Adobe really should update the installers by now. I know it's a hassle for them but seriously, you should be able to get up and running with ColdFusion on Windows 10 without having to hack your way through the install.
  58. Charlie Arehart
    Sang (#56), what advice are you looking for? CF2016 does support Windows 10, out of the box.

    (This blog post is about CF10 and 11, where they needed a specific update to be applied, and then you needed also to add that update if you were installing them for the first time. That's the concern David (#57) raises, which won't be fixed until a new installer for them is available.)

    The installer for CF2016 does already have the right connector tool (wsconfig) built-in, to support Windows 10, already.

    So please do explain, Dang, what help you seek, if it's perhaps something else. (I have installed CF2016 on multiple Windows 10 machines, no problem.)
  59. Sang
    Thanks David (#57) and Charlie (#58) for your input.

    I spoke with ViKram ( CF installation expert @ Adobe) and we were not able to get CF running on my Windows 10 system. We then download another version of the setup file via FTP site provided by Vikram co-worker. With this setup file, no problem with the installation and CF work just fine.

    Vikram thought that it was a bad download. So, I perform a little test. I re-download the file and re-run the installation using the new download setup file. Same problem, CF 2016 service was not created and start CF manually ( CFstart) did not resolved the problem. Uninstall CF, reinstall CF using the FTP setup file. Again no problem! We do not know the exact nature of the problem but using the setup via FTP just work.

    Problem solved using the setup file provided by Adobe tech support (Vikram) via FTP.

    I hope this help other CF'er facing this abnormal issue.
  60. zack
    After updating i can't enter http://localhost:8500/CFIDE/Administrator/index.cfm. It show coldfusion error page
  61. Charlie Arehart
    Zack, it's not that unusual. I would suspect you had an error in the application of the update. Often it's that the updater couldn't stop CF for some reason, but it proceeded to try to do the update, and "half-did it", and got errors.

    Look in the [coldfusion]\cfusion\hf-updates\ folder. In that folder will be a subfolder for whatever update you just ran, like hf-11-00007, if you did CF11 update 7.

    Look in that folder to find an "install" log with the date you did the update. Look at that file, and page down 2-3 screens to find a list of the number of "successes" and "failures". I suspect you'll find you had one or more failures. You could read on in the file to understand the nature, but often it's not too obvious.

    For most people, the solution is to re-apply the update. But as you are experiencing, you can't get to the admin to run the installer. So instead you need to run it manually.

    Go to the command line (if in Windows, use Start and type CMD, and right click the option that appears to open the command line "as administrator"). Assuming you're using CF11 and it's on your C: drive, type this:

    c:\ColdFusion11\jre\bin\java -jar c:\ColdFusion11\cfusion\hf-updates\hotfix_007.jar

    which will run the updater again, this time from the command line. It will restart CF, and then you can check your Admin to see if it comes up.

    One thing: note that CF will now be running as the user you are logged in as. You may want to stop it (go to task manager, and find the coldfusion.exe, and right-click and choose "end process"), then go to your Windows Services panel and start the service that way, so it runs however that service is defined (either "local system" or perhaps some sort of "cfuser", but not likely the user you are logged in as).

    Finally, FWIW, this update will have been tracked in the same logs folder I mentioned above. There will now be a second log file, with the current date and time. Assuming it's all successes, you can go on with the rest of your duties. :-)

    If that doesn't do it, while you could ask more questions here, if you (or anyone) may prefer to have direct remote assistance with this or other CF server troubleshooting, there are folks who offer such. I list them, including myself, at
  62. charlie arehart
    Oh, and I forgot to mention in the last comment: while the command-line updater says it will try to stop CF, it would be wise (in the situation above) to go ahead and stop it yourself first, using Services. And if it does not stop in a timely manner, again, go to Task Manager and kill the process.)

    I trust *nix users will know how to translate the discussion above to corresponding actions within their OS, or they too can seek more help here or via the support avenue I mentioned. :-)
  63. charlie arehart
    Zack, did you resolve your problem, perhaps with the comments in 61 and 62? If not, let us know what else you may observe to help get you going.
  64. Michael Charbonneau
    is it possible to update the Tomcat version that ColdFusion is built upon? our Nessus security scans are complaining that TomCat is not uptodate (older than 7.0.68). is there a CF11 update on the horizon that will address this ? we do have update 7 installed for CF11 .. and that only supports TomCat version 7.0.64

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