Update: Since this post was made, the final version of Update 7 was released and should be used instead.


ColdFusion 11 Update 7 early access build is now available for your testing and feedback. It includes support for Tomcat 7.0.64, Windnws 10 and Mac 10.11 along with several bug fixes.

Please note that this is a test build and should not be used in a production environment.

Refer this document for the list of bugs fixed in this update.

Follow the steps below to apply this update.

  1. Navigate to ColdFusion Administrator -> Server Updates -> Updates.
  2. Under Settings tab, check "Automatically Check for Updates" check box
  3. Change the Site URL to https://cfdownload.adobe.com/pub/adobe/coldfusion/PR/updates.xml. 
  4. Click Submit to save your changes.
  5. Under the "Available Updates" tab, click on the “Check for Updates” button.
  6. "ColdFusion 11 Update 7(PreRelease)" should be listed under the "Available updates" tab. 
  7. Click on the "Download and Install" button to install the update.
To apply this update manually, click on this link to download the update jar. To run the downloaded jar, execute the following command:
java -jar <jar-file-dir>/hotfix_007.jar
You should use the JRE used by CF for running the update jar (for standlaone CF, it should be <cf_root>/jre/bin)
MD5: 2248f3a1401fe658b40743102c5d5999
For further details on the manual application of the updater follow this help article.
The build number after applying this update should be 11,0,07,296112(PreRelease).

In case, you have configured local site for receiving the update notifications, then please take back up of the URL before changing it to the prerelease URL.

We will look forward to your valuable feedback and suggestions.

32 Comments to “ColdFusion 11 Update 7 is available for early access”

  1. Miguel-F
  2. Phil
  3. Adam
    It is good to see the support being added for windows 10 and mac 10.11. I look forward to updating our mac servers once the finished update comes out.
  4. Shawn
    Isn't this a cart before the horse? Why not release a new installer? Will CF admin even run without manually fixing it first to apply the update?
  5. Nimit Sharma
    @Shawn: We have to apply this update, in order to configure connector with IIS 10. We are upgrading wsconfig tool with this update.

    On Windows 10, we can use CF's internal web server to apply this update or apply this update manually by downloading jar file.
  6. Adam Cameron
    Having started from 11 update 6 and installing this one, my updater now claims I'm on update 4 (and no further updates available on that channel, which is no surprise).

    What should my expectations here be?
  7. Nimit Sharma
    @Adam: Build number should be 11,0,07,296112(PreRelease) after applying this update.

    Can you please clear browser cache and check, if you have not tried it?
  8. Adam Cameron
    Hi Nimit, thanks for the quik response.

    Version   11,0,04,293328
    Update Level   C:/apps/adobe/ColdFusion/11/express/cfusion/lib/updates/chf11000004.jar

    I'll try to revert to the normal update channel, redo anything it suggests, and try the prerelease one again.

    This is on a Windows 64-bit Express install, btw.
  9. Adam Cameron
    It took another four goes for it to "take", but it's now reporting as installed.

    I've found the experience of updating the Express edition to be... "variable", so there's no surprise here, really.
  10. Andrew Scott
    Does this mean the installer has this support now?
  11. Nimit Sharma
    @Andrew: Installer does not have support for Windows 10 and Mac 10.11. We are certifying these platforms as part of these updates. So, we have to apply this update first, in order to configure connector with IIS 10.
  12. Andrew Scott
    And how do I install on a fresh machine without jumping through so much workarounds?

    Also why can't you be more proactive and have this a lot earlier. 3 months after Windows 10 has been released and I haven't been able to install it on my new machine, haven't got the time to manually set it up. So I went with your competitor instead.
  13. Matthew
    Thank-you for posting this fix!
  14. Charles
    can someone help me update the CF jar? where do I run the command java -jar <jar-file-dir>/hotfix_007.jar?
  15. Charlie Arehart
    Charles, it's not clear if you're asking how to run the command, or where to find the Java command. To be clear, the end of the instructions above end saying where to find it:

    "You should use the JRE used by CF for running the update jar (for standlaone CF, it should be <cf_root>/jre/bin)"

    So to be specific, on a typical windows machine, that location would be c:\coldfusion11\jre\bin.

    As for how to run it, if that's what you mean, you would do it from the command line. Again, on a Windows machine, hit the Windows key (or Start menu), and type cmd. That will find "command prompt" as an option. You should then right-click on that and choose "run as administrator". That will open the command prompt, with admin privileges (needed for the update).

    Then run the command, as in:

    c:\coldfusion11\jre\bin\java -jar c:\coldfusion11\cfusion\hf-updates\hotfix_007.jar

    (putting all that on one line), which should open the installer and proceed to do the update. (There are other ways one could run the command, either using cd to point to the location of the java command, or to the location of the jar, but the one above will suffice.)

    Also, as another tip, as long as you're considering running the update from the command line, you could go ahead and stop CF (rather than relying on the installer to be able to. Sometimes it does not, or not soon enough before the update is attempted.)

    And if you really want to play it safe, do make sure that there is no longer a coldfusion.exe listed in Task Manager before proceeding, which confirms that it did stop. But given your question I realize that may be going a bit far, so I offer it for other readers as much as anything.

    Hope that helps. Let us know.
  16. Charles
    Thanks Charlie,

    Yes, I wanted to know where and how to run the command line statement.

    I was able to install the update with your help, so thanks again.

    I need to see if you can help me with the following error:

    http error 404.0 – not found, when I try to login the CF administrator page.

    Did my update work?

    Is there something else I need to do?

    Thanks again for your help.
  17. Charlie Arehart
    Glad to have helped, Charles, and before I answer your questions, I would note that really this is not the right place for this sort of discussion. For one thing, the Adobe blog is not really a support system. Second, you're not asking about the topic of the post (the prerelease version of CF11 update 7), which was months ago and has been supplanted by the later final release of the update.

    Still, what you asked before was true of any update, and I was happy to help in case it may help others. And what you ask now could also happen with any release, and be due to any of many, many reasons. So at the risk of putting off any who think we should not discuss this here, I'll offer some thoughts, in case they may also help others.

    Let's consider a few things:

    1) So are you really feeling that it is SPECIFICALLY related to ONLY having applied the update? Nothing else was done?

    2) IS CF running? Was it down during the update (as I discussed in the last comment), and has it come back up? Are your own apps working?

    3) You ask, "did my update work?". Did you look at the logs for the update? See the log for the update in the folder for the update, in your case, c:\coldfusion11\cfusion\hf-updates\hf-11-00007\, where there will be at least one log whose name starts with Adobe_ColdFusion_11_Update_7_Install and ends with the date/time that you ran it.

    Look not at the bottom but about 75 line down from the top. There will be a count of "successes", "warnings", and "failures"? Did you have any of failure?

    If there were errors, then read my comment above again, and STOP CF and make sure it's no longer in task manager, THEN run that command-line install again. (No real need to uninstall the update first, from my experience, but you could if you wanted to.)

    4) Did you run the wsconfig tool (to "reconfigure the web server connector"), as indicated in the technotes for the update? If you did that, and something went amiss after that, then I'm afraid there are just too many things that could explain what could have gone or did go amiss (issues with your web server).

    5) If the above don't help you, I don't know how realistic it will be for you to expect anyone (me, Adobe, or others) to help you here. There are just too many variables that could explain what's wrong.

    5a) I would note, then (again, at the risk of putting some off), that there are folks, like myself, who can offer direct remote consulting support to help find and resolve the problem. I help with such things quite quickly, typically. I list such consultants (more than myself, I mean) at my CF resource site, specifically the category at cf411.com/cfconsult.

    6) And before anyone may complain about why Adobe "can't make software that does updates correctly". In my working with folks, the updates DO work most of the time.

    When they DON'T work, there's always some explanation, and again the challenge is that there are just too many variables for them to anticipate every problem, every configuration possibility, and indeed every variation of manual tweaking that people may do to their setup, to ensure that updates do ALWAYS work.

    But again, the log I pointed to should help identify and resolve the problem, and the other tips above could get you going. If they don't, you don't need to suffer for long and can reach out for help.
  18. Charles
    Thanks, for all of your help, it's up and running.

  19. Charlie Arehart
    @Charles, very good to hear. If you have a minute, I'm sure some may appreciate hearing what the issue was, and what specifically may have helped resolve it. :-)
  20. Charles
    Sorry for the delay. I forgot to run Web Server Config
  21. Charlie Arehart
    Charles, thanks for the clarification, and glad to have helped.
  22. sam
    I've tried applying this update via CFAdmin and clicking either download or download and install does nothing .These worked fine for update 6. Therefore I downloaded the update and tried to manually install. It says the update is already installed. I look in the hf-updates folder and it's not there.
  23. Charlie Arehart
    Sam, I think I may have a solution for you. It's not a quick answer, but it's pretty simple to determine and resolve, if it's what I think is the issue (I've seen it before).

    1) First, when you refer to "this update", you don't really mean the prerelease version of Update 7, which this blog post is talking about, right? The final release was offered a few weeks later, as indicated in the "update" comment on the first line. I realize it may just be that you didn't notice that this blog post was about.

    2) As for the failure of the update buttons, I suspect your problem is due to something blocking the javascript files which CF relies upon to render this page correctly.

    Here's how you can confirm things: view the source that underlies this page (it's a framed site, so right-click on white space in the page and choose your browser's option to view the "frame source", not the "page source").

    Among all the HTML you should find a reference that looks like this:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="/CFIDE/scripts/ajax/package/cfwindow.js"></script>

    or it may look something like this:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="/cf_scripts/ajax/package/cfwindow.js"></script>

    The change from CFIDE to cf_scripts would indicate that someone changed the setting in your CF Admin for the "Default ScriptSrc Directory" field, found on the first "Settings" page in the CF admin.

    Either way, that setting controls HTML which is built on that page (and any page using CF's Javascript-based UI tags), and your browser MUST be able to access that folder, as presented in that SCRIPT SRC tag I show above.

    What happens when you visit that URL? If you are viewing the source in your browser, you can just click the link as it's made into a hyperlink automatically by most browsers. If it's not, just copy that URL (the value of the "src" attribute in the SCRIPT tag as you see it), and paste it into your browser, placing it over the /CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm that you may see there now.

    Do you get an error? I suspect you will.

    It could be that that virtual directory (CFIDE, or cf_scripts, or whatever you're using) is NOT defined in your web server, for the site where you're visiting the Admin. Or it could be that it's defined but BLOCKED by some security feature, in which case your browser can't get the javascript for that page, and so your buttons don't work.

    Similarly, when you have this problem, you won't see the "tabs" on this page that should be there, like "available updates", "installed updates", and "settings". Do you see such tabs? I'd expect you do not. Those are created in CFML with the CFLAYOUT tag, which also relies on that needed Javascript).

    So if this is indeed your problem, you will need to figure out why that scripts folder it blocked (or undefined) in your web server. This would not be a "CF bug" but just a consequence of settings on your server.

    3) Indeed, you say this "worked for the previous update", but perhaps since then someone implemented steps from the ColdFusion Lockdown guide (or some other recommendation), that either changed the scriptsrc location in the admin, or (if that's not changed) they may have added new security that protects that folder (and they don't realize it needs to be accessible to any site running the CF Admin, at least for this page).

    And if you'd swear that NOTHING has changed, then it may be that you're now using a different site to access the Admin than you did before, where that other site DID work then and may work now (if it's not suffering the problem above), whereas the site you're using now does NOT work (because it IS suffering this problem).

    I know that was a LOT to take in. If this sort of problem was easily diagnosed and solved, you'd have found it. It's just one of those things where a twitter-length answer won't suffice.

    I've tried to give you enough detail to analyze, understand, and hopefully resolve the problem. (And even if somehow this is not YOUR problem, I can promise you that I've seen it to be the problem for others, and I've been meaning to blog about it. I'll wait to see what you may say in reply, and then I will create a post to help those who may have the problem but not see this blog post.)

    If somehow this is NOT the issue, please do share any thoughts in response. We should be able to resolve this. There's always a solution to such problems (and it's not usually down to a bug, but some misconfiguration).

    4) As for your saying you downloaded the update, manually applied it, and it says it's already installed, yet you don't see it in the hf-updates folder, that's really odd. First, do you mean that there's no hf-11-00006 folder there? And I assume you're looking in your cfusion folder. If this is CF 11 Enterprise, you could have other instances in that coldfusion11 folder. Make sure you're running the manual update in the right one.

    5) Finally, as far as confirming whether you have the update applied or not, just look in the CF Admin, and use either the "Settings Summary" on the left menu, or the "i" icon ("System Information") link in the top right corner. Both will show you a "Version" line, and for CF 11 update 7, it should show "11,0,07,296330", or perhaps some other number at the end. So what do you show?

    6) One last thing: I just noticed as I was about to send this that your website link is cbmiweb.com. Say hi to Jack and any other long-timers there. I used to work there, my first coding gig, and then system admin role, a long, long time ago (30 years ago. Man, time flies!)
  24. Charlie Arehart
    Doh! In that last comment, I of course meant to say, "do you mean that there's no hf-11-00007 folder there". I listed the folder for update 6. Just a copy/paste mistake.
  25. sam
    Yes this is for the production release I'm trying yo apply update 7 to. In production at least I defintely changed the location of the scripts directory as per the lockdown guide. Update 6 worked fine along with the notification in CFadmin that it was available. It's possible I made this change after applying update 6. I use IE 11 for CFadmin on the server where I apply the updates to the IP as per the lockdown guide. The IE version and settings haven't changed although Windows Updates have applied the latest security updates.

    Why can't I even manually appky the update? Is it looking at the wrong directory?
  26. Sam
    Yes no hf-11-00007 in the updates directory.
  27. Sam
    Yes only single instance of CF Enterprise and version still shows update 6 version number 11,0,06. We follow the lockdown guide and we went from version 9 to version 11. So implementing the lockdown guidd along with the new updates feature is new.
  28. Charlie Arehart
    Sam, focusing first on the UI issue (not being able to press the button) for a moment, can you tell us the result of the one test I proposed you try (to browse the specific js file I mentioned)? What did it say? If it does anything other than return JS to you on screen, then you have something blocking that file (or folder), and that's why the UI doesn't let you click the install buttons.

    As for your finding that when you tried to apply the update manually, it reports it's already applied, that's indeed odd. I'm assuming you're using something like:

    c:\coldfusion11\jre\bin\java -jar c:\coldfusion11\cfusion\hf-updates\hotfix_007.jar

    Did you use "run as administrator" for the command prompt? (I'd not expect a failure to do that to lead to the report of it saying it's "already installed" but we should rule it out.)

    Normally I'd propose you look at the error in the hf-11-00007 folder (in the hf-updates folder), but since you you say you don't see one, even when you run that hf7 jar manually, that is all just very odd.

    But let's start with the one UI test above.

    BTW, I don't work for Adobe. I am just trying to help you as one CFer to another (though I do also focus on CF server troubleshooting as an independent consultant, so I tend to have more experience with such problems than most folks).
  29. sam
    Thanks Charlie. Figured the automatic way at least. The reason was I didn't have a virtual directory for my Default Source Script in the web site where I run CFAdmin from. I run CFadmin in it's own separate site and not on sites where content is. So my custom source script virtual directory I created on the application web sites but not the site I use for CFAdmin. For that site the CFIDE virtual directory worked for CFAdmin but haven't used the update yet since I changed the source script I guess. As per best practice I filter out CFIDE on all content sites and it's accessible only one site.

    BTW, I tried going to CFIDE as you mention and it prompted me to save the javascript file. I assume this is because I have indeed changed the Default ScriptSrc Directory to a custom folder?

    Anyways I picked download and it worked fine and the page looks different now as it has tabs. However the manual method still says I have it applied. after the download the .jar is in my hf-updates directory and my command line is similar to yours. We use the latest JDK (8 update 71) which is installed under Program Files\Java.
  30. Charlie Arehart
    Sam, glad to hear at least the first part is resolved. You have raised 3 issues here. Let me address them separately.

    1) As for your observations and discoveries in solving it, honestly, I had pointed you to all that. I'd said:

    "It could be that that virtual directory (CFIDE, or cf_scripts, or whatever you're using) is NOT defined in your web server, for the site where you're visiting the Admin. Or it could be that it's defined but BLOCKED by some security feature, in which case your browser can't get the javascript for that page, and so your buttons don't work.

    Similarly, when you have this problem, you won't see the "tabs" on this page that should be there, like "available updates", "installed updates", and "settings". Do you see such tabs? I'd expect you do not. Those are created in CFML with the CFLAYOUT tag, which also relies on that needed Javascript)."

    So really, you should have been able to solve this on first reading. I did admit that it's a lot to take in, but you needed to in order to resolve things (or in this case, with additional back and forth).

    2) As for you saying that you browsed the JS file and got prompted to download, was that BEFORE or after you fixed things? I was saying that if you did it BEFORE, you'd have gotten an error which would have helped you see the need to solve this problem of access to that file within the SCRIPTS folder, as I had proposed was likely the problem all along. It would have just enabled confirming it for all concerned.

    3) Finally, as for why you find that the attempt to run the manual install keeps saying it's already done, well, first I assume you were trying this before it was indeed finally applied, right? :-)

    So it may be hard to resolve. Or are you saying that you have only now downloaded it and STILL not yet tried to do the install (in the interface)?

    Well, I suppose it may give the same error, but maybe not. I guess you'll know if you try.

    I will say that if you either have problems running the update in the interface, or from the command line, really this blog post is not the best place (for all concerned) to hash out the issues. (I replied to your first post because I felt that this problem of the buttons not working was a common enough one, with a simple enough solution--though lengthy to explain) that I thought others may benefit.

    As for whatever issue you now have with it saying it's "already installed", there must be some other explanation, and as you haven't got the hf-11-00007 folder to look at for the logs that the installer should create, I think your next best bet is to have an online session. I pointed above to a list of such consultants, or you can reach me directly using the consulting page at carehart.org. And I hope Jack would be ok with you getting help from me. :-)

    Hope to see you have this resolved, soon. (And I think it's clear now that you were not, from the beginning, using the prerelease, so that's all the more reason that this post is not the right place for this discussion, but again I hope it's helped not only you but others.)
  31. sam
    Sorry didn't see this was about a pre-release.

    Figured out the manual method not working. Which still didn't work after I selected to just Download via the GUI. The error message "This update is already installed" is very misleading.

    The problem was I was pointing the installer to ColdFusion11\cfusion instead of ColdFusion for the location. We don't have ColdFusion installed on the C drive. It finally hit me as that was the default. Worked like a charm using just ColdFusion. Just a faulty error message.
  32. Charlie Arehart
    Sam, glad you've solved things, and hopefully your observation about the error message will help others. I'll certainly take note of it.

    As for your not realizing that this was a blog post about the prerelease, again I have to sigh. It was one of the first things I said in my first reply to you:

    "First, when you refer to "this update", you don't really mean the prerelease version of Update 7, which this blog post is talking about, right?"

    I don't write all that I do to just waste time for myself or readers. I'm always trying to provide the info that I think will help us solve the problem.

    Too many people try to solve things in one sentence or paragraph, which then makes it hard when someone like you has a problem, and searches for answers, and can't seem to find what you're looking for. Or you try what you find and it doesn't work.

    As always, just trying to help. I hope you will please send my regards to Jack and others at CBMI. I have such very fond memories of my first professional IT roles there from '82-'87.

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