ColdFusion 2016 Update 3 early access build is now available for your testing and feedback. It includes support for Windows 10.1 and IBM Websphere Application Server 9 along with approximately 180 bug fixes.

Please note that this is a test build and should not be used in a production environment.

Refer the documents given below for more details on this update:

1. What's New in this update    
2. Issues Fixed in this update
3. Installation Instructions

The build number after applying this update should be 2016.0.03.300232.

In case, you have configured local site for receiving the update notifications, then please take back up of the URL before changing it to the pre-release URL.

We will look forward to your valuable feedback and suggestions.


11 Comments to “ColdFusion 2016 Update 3 early access build is now available”

  1. Mike Greider
  2. CodeFuMonkey
  3. Jake Munson
    I didn't see a mention of a Tomcat update in the patch notes. Yet in this form thread, Anit said Adobe will "definitely" upgrade Tomcat with the next release:

    Any news on why it's not being updated? Or was it just not in the release notes?
  4. Adam Cameron
  5. John S
  6. Immanuel Noel N

    As mentioned in the forums, ColdFusion is not impacted by the security issues outlined in the latest Tomcat update.

    We will be considering a Tomcat upgrade for the next CF update.
  7. phill.nacelli
    Once again, another ColdFusion Builder Update goes out without both the Standalone and Plugins Repo being updated...

    The Standalone Site is showing the latest updates, but the Plugins Site is (see is not showing the latest update. Instead of showing it is still showing

    Second time this happens.. when should we expect the 3.1.3 update for Plugins Repo?
  8. phill.nacelli
    Disregard previous comment, noticed afterwards that this is still in the prerelease urls. it's showing up correctly. My apologies.
  9. Charlie Arehart
    Adobe folks, I've just noticed that there's no mention of the new support for IIS 10 (or Websphere 9) in either the what's new or bugs fixed docs.

    I'm suggesting you add it there because some people will not see these blog entries and what they say, but would look to the "what's new" to clarify things.

    Indeed, I was looking for any mention of IIS in the docs because I wanted to see if this new support was adding (implicitly or explicitly) support for Windows Server 2016 *due to come out next week), which also uses IIS 10.
  10. Nimit Sharma
    Thanks Charlie for your feedback. We will make sure this information is updated in the what's new document.

    Windows Server 2016 needs few installer changes which cannot be shipped with the hot fix installer. However, we do have a plan to support Windows Server 2016 in the following update.
  11. Charlie Arehart
    Thanks, Nimit. Great to hear on both counts.

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