There is a mandatory update released for ColdFusion Builder 3 that resolves the ‘Update URL Issue’ that prevents your copy of ColdFusion Builder from downloading and installing the updates from our server.


If you have installed ColdFusion Builder 3 as a standalone application by using the installer that you have downloaded between April 25 and May 25, you need to apply this patch.

The build number that was released on April 25th 2014  ->

The build number that was released on May 25th 2014 -> (If you are on this build you don't need to do anything. )

(You can find it in the file: C:\ColdFusionBuilder3\\version.jsx)


You can download the update  Here .To apply the patch, follow the instructions provided in the bundled readme file.

Restart ColdFusion Builder for the fix to be reflected. You should see the ‘Update available’ message at bottom right corner on re-launch.

If you don’t want to apply this patch, you should uninstall and install the latest build of ColdFusion Builder 3. 


'Services Browser' view which is available as part of the first update.


For Eclipse plugin installation you can enable/add the CF Builder repository site as follows to apply the updates:

Help->Install New Software -> Available Software Sites -> Add -> Name(Povide any name) -> Location (Provide as

10 Comments to “ColdFusion Builder 3 Mandatory Update Release”

  1. Adam Cameron
  2. Adam Cameron
    Krishna, is it this issue you're talking about: ?

  3. Krishna
    Right. It is the fix for the bug#3761655.
  4. Adam Cameron
    Cool. Might be good to mention that in the article, rather than the somewhat vague ‘Update URL Issue’.

    Also note: that ticket was still flagged as "to fix" last time I checked (earlier this morning).

    Thanks for fixing this, btw.

  5. Scott Stroz
    I am we need to install the patch if we have version The article does not make that clear - at least not to me.
  6. Carl Von Stetten

    No. Build has the mandatory updates built in.
  7. Justin Treher
    I hope you get those bugs patched ASAP that were accidentally "left out" of the final build. My code is basically one long comment according to the parser.
  8. Kevin Benore
    Doesn't seem to work with the Mac. Updated and restarted, but got no icon saying updates available. When I try to manually force an update I get "No repository found at file:/Y:/cf_builder/build/../stage/buildRepo/".
  9. Rob Brooks-Bilson
    I'm getting the same error as Kevin on Mac after the update.
  10. Rob Brooks-Bilson
    Note that uninstalling Builder 3 and re-installing the latest build worked for me, but the patch process is broken on Mac.

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