ColdFusion Builder 3 update 2 released last week had a bug because of which colorization used to break in cfscript code when it was edited around comments. This bug has been fixed in the update 3 that is released today. Update 3 does not contain any other bug fixes.

-Ram Kulkarni


Note-1/23/2015 (Krishna) :

                                      We had refreshed the update 2 just fixing the bugs arised out of Update 2. Ram has blogged it as Update 3 mistakenly. It should have been blogged as Refreshed build for Update 2. Our apologies for the confusion with regard to the update number.

Blog link for Update 3 is here:

9 Comments to “ColdFusion Builder 3 Update 3 released”

  1. Big Kev
    Thank you Ram and the CF Engineering Team.

    This makes me very happy :)
  2. Jose
    Getting the following error when attempting to update (from Help > Check for software updates):

    'Contacting Software Sites' has encountered a problem.
    Unable to read repository at

    Any thoughts on how to update?

  3. Leith
  4. Frank
    where can I download the ColdFusion Builder 3 Update 3?
    Cant' find the download anywhere
  5. Adam Cameron
    I can't help but think your time would be better spent focusing on ColdFusion, not CFB. There's been three patches for CFB 3.0, and nothing so far for CF11, and nothing for CF10 for over six months!

    I think you guys need to refocus your priorities a bit.

  6. Shawn
    Agreed, whatever issues are wrong with CF Builder, they surely couldn't trump 400% longer app initialization times. Priorities guys.
  7. David Levin
    Can someone please confirm the build number for this update?
  8. Big Kev
    Adobe ColdFusion Builder   Adobe Systems Incorporated
  9. sasha
    I am having issues with cfb 3. I can get the server running and new projects etc. but I can't figure out how to import existing dreamweaver sites into cfb3. The import works fine but no matter how I do it, I can't run the files. I get an error that the files are outside the document root. Even when I import it all properly. I tried importing every possible way as well as creating new and copying files. Same error all the time. When I create a new site I can run files just fine. Can you please provide a step by step "here is what you click" to get the site properly imported so that the run button actually works without error? I can't find any help anywhere except for cfb1 and 2 but the menus have changed so much.

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