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For the last two years, we have had a wiki-based model for ColdFusion documentation, with some of the revered ColdFusion experts in the industry editing the documentation and helping us keep it fresh and up-to-date. I am sure a large number of us have benefited from meaningful code samples and other documentation input that ColdFusion community experts shared. We would like to thank each of our ColdFusion community experts for their involvement and selfless commitment. We would like to specifically shout out a BIG THANK YOU to Adam Cameron, Aaron Neff, Charlie Arehart, and Raymond Camden.  Not to forget, Dave Ferguson, Carl Von Stetten, Adam Tuttle, Peter Freitag, Steve Blades, Matt Dyer, Kev McCabe, Sam Farmer, Andrew Myers, Matt Busche, Nicholas Tunney, Ryan Guill and Steven Neiland for the value add they have provided.

However, we have had several issues with the wiki service and implementation, causing us to look for a better solution. Owing to this, we are constrained to move away from the wiki model temporarily. Having said that, please rest assured that we are diligently working toward evaluating various options and we will partner with ColdFusion community experts to set the right collaborative authoring process.

In the meantime, we most certainly want to continue seeking the expertise of ColdFusion community experts in adding value to ColdFusion documentation. We request you to continue interacting with us through We will now closely monitor the forums threads and will update the documentation accordingly. You could also leave your feedback on every help page using the yellow ticker that says “Was this Helpful?”.  

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We will review each comment that is posted using this ticker. You can also directly reach us at the email alias chl-cf@adobe.comWe are eager to continue our collaboration with you and hence we are making several means available for you to continue providing your valuable input.

We look forward to your continued support as we navigate through the temporary changes. Thank you once again for being so supportive of us in keeping ~4000 pages of ColdFusion documentation updated and useful to the community.

15 Comments to “ColdFusion documentation update”

  1. Tom Chiverton
    What happened to all the useful comments ? I'm thinking things like "this list of functions is missing X, here is a link to it" ...
  2. Tom Chiverton
    PS the old URLs trigger an SSL warning during the redirect.
  3. trufer
    OHHAI! Adobe CFML Strangulation team here!

    We understand that our documentation, and ESPECIALLY our code samples, have been wrong since the day Ben Forta grew his first beard hair.

    But, we are killing off wiki docs, and really the ability for anyone to add comments to any of our patented 'piss-poor' CFML documentation.

    This will ensure that the documentation fits our goals of choking the life out a dying sow that is the Adobe ColdFusion product.

    Then we can return to adding minor features to the Wallet Stranglehold - er, I mean Creative Cloud platform. KTHXBAI!
  4. Michael Mongeau
    The new site is difficult to navigate. The old site had a tree control in the left column for the table of contents which allowed you to easily find the tag or function you were looking for. Now you need to keep drilling into page after page. A step backwards in my opinion.
  5. Matthew Clemente
    "we have had several issues with the wiki service and implementation"

    What are the issues and how does moving off the wiki help resolve them?
  6. Gary F
    There is no facility to search the new documentation or language reference. The only search facility is dog slow and brings back results that aren't necessarily from the documentation or even the correct CF version that you're interested in.

    Adobe would have done better to pay Jake Munson to update his brilliant website so it includes CF 10 and 11 docs. It also includes community comments. The search facility is instant. Developers need instant access to info. The Adobe site is horribly slow and requires more navigation to find things.

    I have to agree with Trufer's comments. Satire always hits the sore spot with a wink. ;-)
  7. Pete Freitag
    Gary or others - you might find to be a good CFML documentation resource to add to your toolbelt.

    It is fast, cached and hosted on Amazon CloudFront CDN

    It is open source (all the code and documentation is hosted on github, you can contribute to it, or run it locally).

    It has url shortcuts to tags / functions, eg

    It has examples that are live runnable and editable right from your browser (powered by You don't even need CF installed on your computer to try them. is not a replacement for the official docs, all of the doc pages link to the official Adobe docs (top right look for blue CF). It is important for Adobe to maintain the official docs, but if you want to see more, or if you want to contribute come and help via
  8. Gary F
    Pete, thanks for pointing out Don't know how I've missed that! I like the speed and the live testing of code - sweet! It's not clear which version of CF the docs refer to or if you can switch between doc versions? It just needs a "comment" function and it will be perfect. Why Adobe can't be inspired by this and other efforts, or ask people such as your good self to provide the official docs website for them, we will never know.
  9. Pete Freitag
    @Gary F - It does not have separate docs for each version, but there are version notes, for example if you look at the doc page for Hash you will see it shows that the algorithm and encoding arguments have a CF7+ label, and the iteration arguments says CF10+

    Good point about comments I never thought to add them, and you are the first to ask -- I might look into using Disqus for that as long as it does not compromise the speed.
  10. Tom Chiverton
  11. Mike
    The new documentation site is slow and poorly organized and hard to navigate. Adobe CF 9 docs were better than this. I had forgotten about I'll be going there from now on. Thanks.
  12. Aaron Neff
    Hi Jacob,

    You're very welcome! Can you please remove the "coldfusion-tags/tags-{startLetter}-{endLetter}/" and "coldfusion-functions/functions-{startLetter}-{endLetter}/" segments from the tag and function URLs? There is no more tree navigation on the left, and the search functionality is lacking, so we should be able to easily navigate from, for example, the cfquery doc to the querynew doc by just changing the cfquery.html to querynew.html at the end of the URL (in the browser address bar).

    Example new cfquery URL:

    Example new querynew URL:

  13. Barry
    Also curious as to what was wrong with the wiki that led to this change. This new solution seems to be sub-optimal.
  14. Kevin A.
    Mirroring other comments posted, Adobe has done a great disservice to the developer community with the "updated" documentation site. It is horrible! Finding information and then having to use the browser back button, or opening every link in a new window or tab is crazy.
  15. Aaron Neff
    Hi Jacob,

    Can the old wikidocs URLs please redirect to their new locations?


    That should redirect to:

    Or, better yet, redirect to:

    (no need to have the "/coldfusion-functions/functions-a-b" part in the URLs)

    Issue: Links in blog posts are now broken, b/c the wikidocs URLs point to here:


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