ColdFusion WebSockets are lightning fast and presents an opportunity to create realtime applications. This time I've created an application that tries to push HTML5 video content over a WebSocket. The idea here is to use a temporary Canvas, since it allows you to draw a video frame on it and then transfer the contents of the drawn video frame (as base64 encoded Image) over a ColdFusion WebSocket channel to the subscribers.

I've posted this on my blog along with the demo video and code. Check out Pushing HTML5 Video content over ColdFusion WebSockets.

5 Comments to “ColdFusion WebSockets Use case: Video over WebSockets”

  1. Nolan Dubeau
    very cool. Question...what is the maximum number of websocket subscribers that can be connected at one time?

  2. Sagar Ganatra
    It depends on the Server machine; on a machine with say 4GB RAM you can have around 50k to 80k subscribers.
  3. Nolan Dubeau
    Thanks for your reply. Does ACF Websockets have built in channels that can created dynamically? i.e similar to other third party services like Pusher? Or Is something that needs to be managed by developers.
  4. Sagar Ganatra
    You need to specify the channels in Application.cfc. I had posted this on my blog, explaining the workflow:
  5. Nolan Dubeau
    Thanks for the info Sagar. So is it not possible to create channels dynamically? i.e a new user randomly comes to the site and wants to start a chat with a friend. their chat would be unique to all other channels and would not have been known ahead of time. is this possible? Thanks.

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