Important update: Note that ColdFusion 10 and 11 have been updated to support Windows 10, a couple months after this blog post was first written. Consider applying that update rather than this manual configuration.


With Windows 10 out, there is a problem that most of the ColdFusion customers will face, configuring connectors for IIS 10. Wsconfig, the connector configuration tool, only supports till IIS 8.x. While the ColdFusion team is working on this issue and will try to provide the fix for it as soon as possible, there is already a KB article which can be referred for configuring the connectors manually. Although the article was originally written for CF10, it can be used for CF11 also. After following all the steps in the article, you need to do one more thing. Add index.cfm as default document for your website in IIS.

This solution is only recommended for development environments as thorough testing of the connectors with IIS 10 is still going on. So for production machines, you should wait for the actual release from Adobe.

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  1. Henry
    Products Affected
    ColdFusion 10?

    CF11 not affected?
  2. Charlie Arehart
    Henry, note that Chinoy says here, "though the article was originally written for CF10, it can be used for CF11 also". I get the sense that changing technotes like that one takes more effort, thus his comment here instead.

    I'll ask Chinoy (and Adobe) about the elephant in the room: when will CF support Windows 10 formally?

    I know, I know. People always chirp when folks ask about "immediate support for a new OS release", but it's not like this was a surprise update to Windows. :-)

    And yes, yes, "no one in their right mind should run a production server on the first release of a new OS", but the question is just as valid for developers whose machines (these days) may come preconfigured with Windows 10, or who may want to switch to it ASAP given that it's a free update from 8.x which so many hated (and from 7).

    So it seems reasonable for folks to expect support to be forthcoming. I will note that I upgraded a dev machine from Windows 8.1 to 10, and had CF11 on it, and I've not seen any problem at all.
  3. Geeksmedia
    Window10 are formally run on every few CF . CF11 is not able to get review as newly formateed get under maintance so wait is will surely come over it.
    anyway Thanks for the review its been useful
  4. Charlie
    Geeksmedia, what? Can you rephrase what you are trying to say? Or should we presume this is just a spam comment?
  5. Eric Roberts
    I tried the steps in the KB article and it didn't work. I get a 500.0 error. This is win10 pro 64 with CF64. Any ideas?
  6. Chinoy Gupta
    Eric, there is already bug logged with Adobe for support of IIS 10 with Coldfusion. Can you add a comment there along with the connector config and log files and we will have a look.
  7. Henry
    @Eric Roberts, try Server Settings > Settings > Disable HTTP status codes
  8. Eric Roberts

    At the risk of sounding daft...where is that located? I am still getting used to Win 10 layout...


  9. Eric Roberts
    @Chinoy Gupta

    Do you have a link to the KB article?

  10. Eric Roberts
    @Chinoy...Bug article...not KB :-)
  11. Henry
    When can we expect ColdFusion to support Windows 10? We are getting tired of configuring connectors manually.
  12. DomHoward
    This is a really bad idea. Proceed with caution.

    IMHO these instructions are poorly written and this is a lame suggestion if you have to get any work done soon. The Win10 upgrade wipes IIS off your machine so you are looking at an IIS re-install from scratch. That being the case why not put the note about enabling the ISAPI extensions etc at the start?

    And you should have a REALLY BIG caveat that this might not work at all. I'm stuck with the same 500.0 that Eric Roberts mentioned with no way of troubleshooting further. If I had known the trouble I was letting myself in for I would have stayed on Windows 7.
  13. Charlie Arehart
    Dom, here's good news. There has been a more updated blog post from Adobe with a better solution, an updated wsconfig that works on Windows 10:

    Chinoy or someone else really ought to offer a link to it here

    Separately, and to the rest of your comments, I would ask why you say that their offering the manual steps is a "bad idea"? The steps should work, and they are simply what the tool does for you.

    You also say that upgrading to Win 10 "'wipes IIS". I have not experienced that. It was simply upgraded from IIS 7 (on Win7) and IIS 8 (on Win 8.1). All my sites in each case remained intact.

    (And so there should be no need to worry about the notes at the bottom. Still, I do agree that for the sake of those who may install CF on a new Windows machine, it would be good to list those notes at the top, so that one can indeed do things like add the needed isapi filter.)

    As for the 500 error that you and Eric get, there can be SO many explanations for that, and it may not have anything to do with the steps and being on Windows 10. Instead, it's possible that issues in one's own environment may have subtleties that make them fail for you. (And this is just as true when running the wsconfig tool and its updating things automatically. Problems can happen with that, too.)

    I realize or Eric may hope that you could get an exact resolution to your specific problem, whether here or via support from Adobe. And perhaps the updated wsconfig tool will help you. If not, I'll say it's tough to anticipate and review here all the problems you may have, or walk you through the process(es).

    I will add that if you, he, or anyone else finds yourself in a jam getting the connector working (not limited to this move to Win 10), and free resources like here, Adobe support, or the forums, don't work out, I'll point out that I can help with such problems, as an independent consultant, helping remotely, and quickly.

    I've not yet failed to be able to help someone get connector problems resolved, whether it was when they were configuring things manually (like per that KB) or when using the wsconfig tool (or as part of CF's installation). For these or other CF problems, you can find consultants like myself at

    No, it shouldn't take someone getting help from others. Yes, things should work more easily. I'm just offering help for those who want it.
  14. DomHoward
    Many thanks for the link Charlie, I'll see how I get on with it. At the moment my problems are with the 500.0 authentication error in IIS - it won't even serve an HTML page, let alone a CFM script.
  15. DomHoward
    @Charlie - the newer wsconfig.jar and a forensic overhaul of my IIS config sorted the problem. Thanks for the link.

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