You can download the hotfix directly from the following URL (This example assumes that you want to download Hotfix 8)

Similarly, for update 10, it is as follows:

If you want to download earlier/newer hotfixes replace the jar path in the above URL with the hotfix number that you want.


Download/Copy this hotfix_008.jar to a any directory on your machine where you want to maintain repository of Hotfix installers.

And then open the command prompt (with Run as Administrator" option for all Vista/Win7/Win8 family OSes
and in case of Mac OS X/Unix/Solaris you have to run hotfix with sudo user or root user.)

Then run the just downloaded jar file from command prompt:
First cd to where it is downloaded and then run as follows. Change path as per your installation.
>C:\ColdFusion10\jre\bin\java -jar hotfix_008.jar

4 Comments to “How to download and install ColdFusion 10 Hotfix directly?”

  1. David Byers
    Does anyone have a link to the CF10 Developer installer for the Mac, 64-bit version? The download link on Adobe's website is not working, and their truly wonderful support is saying I have to open a tech-support case that will take 2-3 days to resolve.
  2. Hemant Khandelwal
    Hi David,

    I am asking the team at Adobe to check the same.

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    Great news. Is it possible to use MS SQL 2008 and/or 2012?

  4. Pete

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