With ColdFusion 10 we have revamped the CFMEDIAPLAYER tag to provide support for HTML5 Videos.

With growing adoption of HTML5 by most browsers, you can now use CFMEDIAPLAYER tag to support HTML5 videos and customise your video playback solutions using the same styling attributes, events and JavaScript functions which you use for Flash videos.

The CFMEDIAPLAYER tag is now bundled with device support , so you can build your video based applications and play them over iPADs and Android devices.

You can even enforce a particular type of playback on your browser using the newly added ' type' attribute and provide fallback using the HTML source tag .

 Here is my blog post listing a few snippets that show the different ways in which we use CFMEDIPLAYER to support HTML5 videos,and a few tips and tricks! You can also download some sample videos from the link.

-Viny Nigam

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