Adobe JRun will no longer be available for purchase post April 2013. Adobe will continue to fulfill its obligations under existing maintenance contracts through the term of such contracts.

ColdFusion 9, however will continue to be under core support from Adobe.

Here's the link to the updated JRun product page and FAQ page on 



6 Comments to “JRun End of Sale post April 2013”

  1. MitrahSoft
    RIP. :)
  2. Adam Cameron
    It was still for sale?

    When was the last time someone bought it?

  3. Rakshith Naresh
    Well, it is still being bought. That is the reason we are giving more than a month's notice before it is no longer being sold.
  4. Rob
    @Naresh: As I understand, support for JRun will be ending 11/2014. Will JRun support still be avilable for ColdFusion 9 Exteneded Support Agreements?
  5. Rakshith Naresh
    @Rob: Only existing JRun support contracts will run till 11/2014. No new support is being sold for JRun. Yes. If you run into issues with JRun on your CF9 server, there will support available as per the support deadlines for CF9.
  6. Lars Hagrot
    I will miss you......

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