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Various enhancements have been added to the core CFML language to provide a better development experience. Script support for CF tags and member functions for CF data structure were long pending feature requests and we are happy to add these two along with a few more enhancements in ColdFusion Splendor (codename). The following list shows the enhancements made in the CFML language:

  • Script support for tags
  • Member functions for CF data type/data structure
  • Improved JSON serialization
  • Easy to use CF functions for Query tag
  • Elvis operator (?:)
  • Promoting built-in CF function to first class 
  • Miscellaneous new functions: QueryGetRow, ListEach and others. 
We will be doing a series of blog posts on language enhancements and this post will only be on the Script support for tags. 

Script support for tags
Traditionally, while coding in script syntax, you have to switch to tag-based syntax if you have to use CF tags. The reason being, the CF tags, barring few, were not available in the script syntax. ColdFusion Splendor onwards, most of the ColdFusion tags are made available to be used in the CFScript block. Now, you can  invoke most of the CF tags within the CFScript blocks. One more good thing about the current implementation is that it will automatically take care of any future tag being added to the CF language. 

Case 1: Simple tag with no child/body.

   cfpdf (action=”getInfo”,  name=”pdfVar”,  source=”CF10MigrationGuide.pdf”);

Note: The tag attributes should be enclosed within the parenthesis and must be comma-separated.

Case 2: Tags with child tags/body.

    cfform (name='myForm', acton='')
         cfgrid (name="myGrid", query='empQuery')
             cfgridcolumn (name='firstName', id='firstName', type='string');
             cfgridcolumn (name='lastName', id='LastName', type='string');

Note: The child tag (and the body in general) should be enclosed in curly brackets, as a function block

Case 3: Custom tag

ColdFusion provides three different ways to write custom tags as shown in the following list:

  1. cfmodule based custom tags (supported in Splendor)
  2. cfm file based custom tags (supported in Splendor)
  3. Prefix based custom tags (not supported)
    // Tag based syntax
    <cf_happybirthday name="John" birthDate="December 5, 1987">
     //Script based syntax.
         cf_happybirthday(name="John", birthDate="December 5, 1987");

Stay tuned for more on the language enhancements. Please refer to the ColdFusion Splender public beta documentation for more details.

12 Comments to “Language Enhancements in ColdFusion Splendor”

  1. Justin Carter
    Is there a reason that prefixed custom tag libraries aren't supported? Why only support the other 2 ways?
  2. Tom Chiverton
    So are the old Mail/Query/etc CFCs now not meant to be used ?
  3. Tony Junkes
    The Elvis operator is backwards in the list of enhancements. :? -> ?:
  4. Scott Busche
    Any reason why all the script functions still have CF at the beginning when previous functions did not? Seems random to have half the functions with cf and half without. For example, cfproperty is just property, etc.
  5. Cutter

    Yes, the old CFC funtions (Mail, Query, etc) will still be available for backwards compatibility.


    Wouldn't that be nice. I haven't tested, but I wonder if the cfimport syntax is supported?


    Yes, this is a nice start, but a language overhaul is still necessary. Guess we'll have to see what CF 12 brings...
  6. Awdhesh Kumar
    This approach has been taken based on the feedback we received on prerelease forum. In the argument given, the CF prefix helps it to look different from regular functions and hence can be easily differentiated. We thought of changing the old syntax too but left it as it is to maintain the backward compatibility. But going forward, we would encourage people to use latest syntax.
  7. Stephanie Halmond
    Hi CFTeam,

    any reason why cfloop(from="1", to="10", index="i") {} and cfloop(list="a,b,c" index="lst") {} do not work? It is a little weird that these basic loop types are not working properly.

  8. Awdhesh Kumar
    It seems cfloop is one of the case which needs special handling. Will look into this and update you with more detail later.
  9. Tom Chiverton
    "Yes, the old CFC funtions (Mail, Query, etc) will still be available for backwards compatibility."
    So they're depreciated then ? Or are there really going to be two parallel and incompatible script-based ways to do common tasks like email and SQL ?
  10. Sean Corfield
    @Tom, given there's now cftransaction and transaction, cflock and lock, cf... and ..., there are multiple incompatible script-based ways to do many common tasks!
  11. saravanakumar
    I have install cf10 developer edition in my xampp but after that Apache is compulsorily shutdown it is refuse to start .help me to over come this
  12. Cf11Q
    I've been looking at a migration from CF9 to CF11. It seems that CF11 denies using <cfmodule> to insert code from one file into another if the file being inserted isn't a CFML (.cfm) file. The system I'm migrating uses <cfmodule> to insert .cfx files. Rewriting the code would be onerous. Anybody have ideas on how we can move to CF11 without a rewrite?

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