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26 Comments to “Learn about Apache connectors in ColdFusion 10”

  1. Mark Kruger

    Hey - great tutorial. Thank you! I had a follow up question. I love how you can change the log level for the connector in the apache include. Can you detail the same settings for IIS?

  2. Aaron Neff
    @Mark, I believe the IIS log_level is detailed here: (6th bullet under IIS)

    "For debugging issues, set the log level to debug, in the file present in the cf_roots\config\wsconfig\1\ directory."


    Can that above doc description please be revised to something like: "For debugging issues, set the log level to debug, in the file present in the cf_root\config\wsconfig\1\ directory. Possible values are debug, error, and info (info is the default). Restart CF and IIS after changing the log level."

    That revision informs users of the possible log_level values and instructs them to restart CF and IIS. Also, note the minor typo "cf_roots" should be "cf_root".

    I see that mod_jk.conf contains helpful comments (i.e. "log level [debug/error/info]"). Can that helpful comment please be added to isapi_redirect.dll, so that users know the valid log_level values?

    Btw, great presentation! Looking forward to the IIS one.

  3. Aaron Neff
    It should probably also note that the log file is named isapi_redirect.log
  4. Asha
    Hi Mark,

    Thank you.I will be doing a similar tutorial on IIS , will post it real soon.

  5. Asha
    Hi Aaron,

    This was very specific to Apache connector configuration.In the next video i will be doing a similar tutorial for IIS configuration and will keep in mind all the points you mentioned here.Thanks again Aaron.

  6. Zad
    Any chance this long and outstanding bug with ColdFusion 10 can be looked into or at least verified?
    It has been four months, would appreciate any feedback from an Adobe developer on this.
  7. David McGuigan
    I don't know where else to post this, but there seems to be a giant critical bug with ColdFusion 10 WebSockets. We have a mission critical application we run that every day or so starts throwing this error:

    The channel entry specified for subscribeTo is not valid. <b>our_channel_name_changed_out_of_security_paranoia</b> is not a valid channel registered for this application.$InvalidSubscribeToEntryException: Attribute validation error for the CFWEBSOCKET tag at at at cfjs2ecfm1764049959.runPage( our file ) etc.

    The code is all correct, the application.cfc is correct. The issue may be related to us using a dynamic value in application.cfc ( or may not ). The only fix we've found so far is to hop into application.cfc, change the channel name, run a request ( which also errors ), then change it back and run another request, which seems to successfully re-initialize the channel. The docs say you're supposed to be able to manage a timeout in the websocket settings of the admin, but there is no such setting available when you actually go there. This is causing us big problems as the realtime notifications / websocket functionality just stops working each day, please advise on how to proceed. If there's some internal timeout setting I can hunt down in our install and tweak that'd work too, thanks!

    ColdFusion 10 Enterprise if that makes any difference.
  8. Aaron Neff
    Hi David,

    Is this.wschannels also dynamic? If so, it may be a side-effect of some CF behavior that I wish was changed.

  9. Aaron Neff
    Hi Asha,

    You're welcome. The title of this blog entry, and the title of the video, do not say "Apache" anywhere. Perhaps the word "Apache" should be included in the titles, so that readers know it is Apache-specific.

  10. David McGuigan
    No Aaron it's not, just a simple hard-coded string. Hope there's a fix so I don't have to write a scheduled task that pings the app and runs some arbitrary code to keep the channel "active" when people aren't using it. Though I'm not even sure that'd fix it.
  11. Aaron Neff
    Hi David,

    Cool, it wasn't what I'd thought then. I think you're right, it might be related to the cfwebsocket timeout (which they didn't make configurable via CF Admin as the docs suggest [#3342977] - and, now that I think about it, it should probably be made into a new "timeout" attribute on the tag itself). I looked in C:\ColdFusion10\cfusion\lib\neo-websocket.xml and found this: <var name='socketTimeout'><number>300000.0</number>

    I have a hunch it's the number of seconds - and thus ~3.47 days. I had no idea that setting even existed there until just now :) Maybe try changing that, restarting CF, and seeing if the timeout lasts longer? (or, just for repro purposes, maybe set it to just a few seconds and see if the error is thrown after a few seconds?)

    Just an idea.. Hope it helps!

  12. Jack Ring
    I'm really looking forward to the seeing the IIS 7.5 connector configuration version of this video.

    I get frequent errors on a 2008 R2 64 bit v10,0,7,283649...

    Service Temporary Unavailable!
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
    Jakarta/ISAPI/isapi_redirector/1.2.32 ()

  13. Asha
    Hi Jack,

    Can you please let me know if you are getting this error immediately after configuring IIS or you are getting this error intermittently.Can you please email me the isapi_redirect.log which is located at ColdFusion10\config\wsconfig\<folder which has connector files configured for iis> to

  14. David McGuigan
    Interestingly enough Aaron mine has a value of 300 pre-modification. Adobe can we please get a response from you guys on this? Was it just accidentally left out of the CF administrator? How can I resolve the issue? Thanks.
  15. David McGuigan
    As an update, increasing this value didn't solve the problem. For now I'm going to break off the deployment into a separate code base / installation and hard code all of the dynamic values in Application.cfc in hopes of resolving it. This bug has cost us some serious downtime and money, I hope it's fixed soon because it pretty much makes Websockets on CF10 unusable without a ton of baby sitting at this point.
  16. David McGuigan
    So even after hardcoding both the application name and the

    <cfset this.wsChannels = [ { name = "etc" } ] />

    line the error is still happening, completely taking down our app until we see it and hack around it by changing the this.wsChannels name for 1 request and then changing it back.

    This is a huge bug in ColdFusion 10 and makes WebSockets unusable. My suggestion would be to figure out a fix and let us know about it, even if it's hacking the ColdFusion installation somehow. Unfortunately Aaron's suggestion didn't work either. Please help!!!!! Thanks!
  17. Awdhesh Kumar
    @David, Its Awdhesh from CF engineering team. I just came across your comment on WebSocket and would like to investigate and fix the same if required. Please pass me your mail id so that I can contact you directly.

  18. Viny Nigam
  19. David Byers
    @David McGuigan: Were you ever able to find a fix to this? I'm experiencing the same problems. I've patched to the latest update, rerun the connector, and I'm working on opening up some firewall ports. So far no success.
  20. David McGuigan
    No! It's extremely frustrating. I had chalked it up to the fact that we're running it on a copy of Windows 7 Professional on our intranet and was thinking maybe since it's a separate process that listens on a separate port the way it was fired up from within CF internally was vulnerable to a timeout because the main account on the box was a user account that wasn't logged into most of the time.

    What OS are you guys on?
  21. Jack Ring
    Unfortunately I had to downgrade to CF9 just after my Feb post. I weathered a storm of many issues beginning in Oct '12.

    I am however looking forward to attending this online seminar / discussion regarding such issues.
  22. David Byers
    @David McGuigan: We're running Windows Server 2008 R2 in our production environment. For me, it works on my Mac OS X 10.8.3... I need to restart CF whenever I change the name of the socket. I'm very convinced I'm being port blocked on my production environment though.
  23. Zad
    Adobe needs to do some cleaning up with the increase in spam bots on their blog commentary as of late :-).
  24. Lonnie
    @David McGuigan, Did you get this problem solved? I have the same issue on windows 2008 Server R2.
  25. Chris Baci
    Is it possible to deploy coldfusion10 on an already existing tomcat instance as a war file? I've so far been able to deploy it and resolve the taglib version issues (must be 2.4 dtd) in web.xml but now when I attempt to load cfusion/CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm, my browser gets prompted to a download of the .cfm not render the page.
  26. Aaron Neff
    Hi David,

    I recently ran into the same "The channel entry specified for subscribeTo is not valid." error in CF11 Update 3. After restarting CF, the error was no longer thrown. Definitely a bug. I'll follow-up here if I make any progress in reproducing this.


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