We would like to inform you that we have moved to a new bug tracking and reporting application called “Tracker". This was necessary as internally at Adobe, we have now transitioned to JIRA for issue/bug tracking for all the products. While functionally Tracker is similar to the BugBase application, there are still few inherent differences, that we thought, we should highlight. The same have been listed below:

1. While logging a bug, you will see a field, Component, which is equivalent to Product Area in BugBase. Any Component in Tracker is a combination of Product Area: SubArea, for example, Administrator: Admin API, Administrator: Code Analyser.

2. You will also see fields "Status, Resolution & Reason Code", which is equivalent to BugBase’s "Status, State & Reason".

3. 'Duplicate ID' for any old bugs would be seen as a part of 'Bug Description'.

4. Voting comments for old bugs would not be seen. However, count of votes is visible for all the old bugs.

There are some issues with Tracker that we are currently working on . While using Tracker, you may face:

  • Issues in receiving mail notifications for any change in a bug.
  • Some discrepancies in the number of bugs, that you had logged or voted for.
  • Some discrepancies in the number of comments in the bug(s).
  • The field “Reported By” for all bugs is missing.

As always, we request you to test drive our new bug tracking system and send your valuable feedback, so that, we can enhance the overall user experience. We will keep you posted once we fix the issues listed above.


49 Comments to “Migration of ColdFusion BugBase to Tracker(JIRA)”

  1. Bradley Wood
    Thanks for your work on the new tracker guys. Out of curiosity since you're moving to JIRA, is there a reason you couldn't just expose JIRA directly since it already has a familiar interface with all the features you need. You could still lock it down via permissions for the default users and have internal projects that noone could see. One reason why I can' think of that you might have avoided that was paying for the per-user JIRA licensing costs.
  2. Aaron Neff
    Hi Suchika,

    Thanks for blogging this. I will add my feedback here.

    Old Tracker says:
    You have logged 609 Bugs and/or Features
    You have voted on 398 Bugs and/or Features

    New Tracker says:
    Issues you have created: 39
    Issues you have voted for: 11

    Old Tracker says: "Please be advised that this website is now read-only and will be shut down soon."

    Umm! *PLEASE* do not take the old tracker down until all issues, such as this, are fixed.

  3. Bradley Wood
    Good point Aaron. I would add to that, please don't take the old tracker down at all, but put 301 redirects on each ticket to the ticket in the new system. There are many many links on the Internet that will be around for years to come pointing to the old tracker. It would be really nice if all those links continued to seamlessly work and redirect to the current location of the bug for a long time to come.
  4. Aaron Neff
    In tracker.adobe.com, bug submission fails w/ error "Bug Submission Failed".

    I'm not able to log tickets.

  5. Aaron Neff
    +1 to the entirety of Brad's comment. Existing links to tickets shouldn't become broken.

  6. Aaron Neff
    "Voting comments for old bugs would not be seen."

    They should remain seen. I already have bugbase.adobe.com (tickets/comments/votes/status changes/etc) stored to db. Is it okay if I add a comment on each tracker.adobe.com ticket containing its vote comments from bugbase.adobe.com?

  7. Aaron Neff
    Hi Adobe,

    bugbase.adobe.com allowed us to edit our vote comments.

    tracker.adobe.com does not allow the same.

    Can that feature please be added to tracker.adobe.com?

  8. Aaron Neff
    Ticket detail page is missing the "Date Created".

    "Date Created" should be displayed on the ticket detail page.

  9. Aaron Neff
    Hi Adobe,

    Could you:

    1) go to https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/CF-3680177
    2) see 1st vote comment (begins w/ "Arguments and return types can be[..]")
    3) see commenter's name is not shown beneath the comment

    How is that possible? Is that a glitch?

  10. Suchika Singh
    Hi Aaron & Bradley ,

    We have forwarded all your feedback to the concerned team and are trying to get them fixed asap. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

  11. Aaron Neff
    Hi Adobe,

    Ticket detail page should also: 1) have name of product (ex: ColdFusion) and 2) say "Bug" or "Feature".

    bugbase.adobe.com had, for example, "ColdFusion x.x - Bug xxxxxxx" or "ColdFusion x.x - Feature xxxxxxx" at the top edge of each ticket.

    tracker.adobe.com simply has "CF-xxxxxxx" at the top of each ticket, and has "Version: x" under Details.

    1) Change "CF-xxxxxxx" at the top of each ticket to "ColdFusion x.x - Bug xxxxxxx" and "ColdFusion x.x - Feature xxxxxxx".
    2) Remove "Version: x" from under Details section.

  12. Aaron Neff
    Hi Suchika,

    You're very welcome! Could you also please ask them to regularly check this post's comments for more feedback?

  13. Aaron Neff
    Hi Adobe,

    I emailed a PDF screenshot of what I entered in the bug creation form, which triggers the "Bug Submission Failed" error, to cf.install@adobe.com.

  14. Aaron Neff
    Hi Adobe,

    Here is some feedback regarding the "FAQ" (https://tracker.adobe.com/static/assets/AdobeTrackerFAQ.pdf):

    Just CTRL+F the FAQ for the following strings.

    1) please chose the appropriate value

    Note: "chose" should be "choose"

    2) "Launch Build X.

    Note: It's missing the ending quote (")

    3) You can track progress of the bug through the comments updates[..]

    Note: "the comments updates" is not proper. Suggestions: "the comments" or "the comment updates"

    4) If you have regrets about your vote comment you can update your comment or delete it all together.

    Question: How do we edit/delete our comments?

    5) the different Statues of a bug or feature

    Note: "Statues" should be "Statuses"

    6) because of the amount of work it is estimated to fix it

    Note: "it is" should be "that is"

    7) In case your bug is closed as a duplicate, you can visit your bug and click on the bug ID next to ‘Duplicate ID’.

    Note: The "Duplicate ID" links need to be added. This was a useful feature of bugbase.adobe.com. Duplicate IDs should be added as comments on the ticket. The "Details" section of the ticket should contain the clickable duplicate ID.

    8) Due to privacy reasons only external users’ “screen name” is displayed on the bugs.

    Note: I see full names, not screen names. Might want to look into this one.

    9) Please select the Product as “Adobe Tracker”

    Question: Do you mean "Tracker Sandbox"? The "Add Bug" form's "Product" menu lists "Tracker Sandbox" (not "Adobe Tracker").

  15. Aaron Neff
    Oops, typo in my "Dec 15, 2016 at 2:03 AM" comment.

    This: "Duplicate IDs should be added as comments on the ticket."

    Should've been this: "Duplicate IDs should not be added as comments on the ticket."

    To clarify: The formal "Duplicate ID" feature should be added to tracker.adobe.com.

  16. Mingo Hagen
    Some notes:

    - Searches using "Reported By" do nothing (probably related to known issue #4 as mentioned by OP)
    - Comments are sorted the other way around vs the old Bugbase
    - In the search result, bugs open in a new tab (If I want that, I can hold ctrl when clicking a link)
    - Search form doesn't save previously chosen product.
    - Agree with the points made on just using the JIRA UI and the 301s.
    - No more CAPTCHA, yay!
    - Would love a way to filter on all non-fixed issues. So a combination of all open states (like To Fix, Open, To Track, maybe even "Closed+Won't Fix" since that could still be an open bug depending on the reason for not fixing it)

  17. Aaron Neff
    Hi Adobe,

    On ticket CF-4186779, Carl's and my names were changed to "External User". Also, I cannot add a comment on that ticket.

    Please tell me that is a broader issue that is being fixed.

  18. Aaron Neff
    Hi Adobe,

    Tracker forgets the currently-viewed page, upon login.

    Please try these steps:

    1) Logout of Tracker (if currently logged-in)
    2) View any ticket (ex: https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/CF-4186779)
    3) Login (use case: you are a public user wanting to add a comment or vote)

    Actual result: After login, tracker redirects you to the Tracker "Home" page

    Expected result: After login, tracker redirects you to the page you were on in step #2 (just like bugbase.adobe.com did)

    Hopefully the expected result can be implemented. The current behavior is a bit annoying.

  19. Aaron Neff
    "Voting comments for old bugs would not be seen."


    On November 10, 2011, voting comments were migrated to bugbase.adobe.com from the previous tracker.

    Example: Please see https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3039641

    See all those comments dated Nov 10, 2011?

    The same migration needs to be done now. All voting comments need to be migrated from Bugbase to Tracker. Bugbase contains MANY voting comments containing important information, and they should not vanish.

  20. Suchika Singh
    Hi Aaron/Mingo,

    Thanks a lot for all the issues that you have reported . We have logged bugs on Tracker for almost all the issues that you have reported .

    1. Difference in count of bugs that you voted or logged : https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TKR-18

    2.Bug Submission Failed : This has been resolved .

    3.Unable to edit Vote Comments: https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TKR-30

    4.Ticket detail page is missing the "Date Created". - This has been resolved .

    5. Voter's name not seen below comment for bug CF-3680177 : https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TKR-20

    6.Searches using "Reported By" do nothing : https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TKR-31

    7. Comments are sorted the other way around vs the old Bugbase : There is a button using which you could reverse the order.

    8. Search form doesn't save previously chosen product. : https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TKR-32

    9. Would love a way to filter on all non-fixed issues. So a combination of all open states (like To Fix, Open, To Track, maybe even "Closed+Won't Fix" since that could still be an open bug depending on the reason for not fixing it) : https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TKR-33

    10. On ticket CF-4186779, Carl's and my names were changed to "External User". Also, I cannot add a comment on that ticket. : https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TKR-27 (This bug is not be visible to you now , we will make this visible to you asap.)

    11. Tracker forgets the currently-viewed page, upon login : https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TKR-34

    12. Voting comments for old bugs would not be seen. : We are fixing this.

    I may have missed some of the issues that you guys have reported . For any such issue , you can go to Tracker and log a bug against the Product Adobe Tracker [TKR]. Thanks a lot for your feedback and we are trying our best to resolve all the issues .

    - Suchika.
  21. Vamsee
    All - Thanks for all the feedback. All critical issues will be addressed on priority. Few issues, from what we are given to understand, will roll out in an update to the tracker application, expected sometime in Feb or earlier next year. Please keep the feedback pouring in!
  22. BeekerMD03
    Can someone please remove the Adobe Coldfusion summit 2016 advertisement on the top of the Blog? It is a bit disheartening to still see it there 2 months after the event took place. Anyone else spot it, read it or report it? Sad.
  23. Aaron Neff
    Hi Adobe,

    Regarding "Issues in receiving mail notifications for any change in a bug."

    Please make resolution of that issue the highest priority.

    On TKR-18, Adobe asked me for input, but I never got a notification. It wasn't until an Adobe representative emailed me directly that I knew I was being asked for input on that ticket.

    If we do not get a notification, and thus do not follow-up on a ticket, then Adobe puts a comment such as "No response from customer" and then closes the ticket.

  24. Aaron Neff
    Hi Vamsee and Suchika,

    Thanks very much for logging those tickets and considering our inputs!

    PLEASE do not close bugbase.adobe.com for a while. Tracker.adobe.com is slow and clunky to navigate and is plagued with issues.

  25. Aaron Neff
    Hi Adobe,

    bugbase.adobe.com has an "Awaiting Response" section on the Home page, which, for me, lists ticket 4175138. But tracker.adobe.com doesn't have that same "Awaiting Response" section. (I will follow-up on 4175138, BTW, and it's still very much an issue). But.. can you pls add the "Awaiting Response" section to tracker.adobe.com?

  26. Aaron Neff
    Hi Adobe,

    Please see my comment on TKR-18:

    It took me 1 minute and 5 seconds to navigate to the end of the "Created" table, b/c each "Get next 100" button took 14-17 seconds to show me the next chunk of 100 tickets. I *think* I clicked it 6 times. But, when I got to the end, I wasn't sure exactly how many times I'd clicked "Get next 100" (tired, sry). And the UI doesn't tell me which chunk-of-100 tickets I'm looking at. Can you please add counters so that we can see how many tickets we filed or voted on? And can you please remove the "Get next 100" buttons? There's plenty of horizontal space to list all the numbered pagination buttons. And we can't even sort the columns in the result set. This is currently a tedious UI.

    OH! So another issue.. copy/paste stripped-out the blank lines. If you view my same comment on TKR-18, you'll see it's not all jammed-together like it is above :) And copy/pasting comments from bugbase.adobe.com doesn't do that - it retains the blank lines.

  27. Charlie Arehart
    Great to see Adobe folks responding to the feedback here so far on the new tracker.

    Here are a few more issues that I think could impact most users in their transition from the old to new systems:

    a) the date of all "vote comments" (in the right pane) show the same date, which I suppose is the date of their import, but it's not the date they were originally created. For example, see https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/cf-3681626 and compare it to the old bug: https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3681626

    There's real value to knowing the actuals date/time that someone made a vote comment (just like we can see proper dates and times for comments on the left, in the new system), in evaluating the context of their comment

    b) FWIW, the vote comments (on the right) DO at least seem to be in the correct order in which they were added by people (albeit in ascending rather then descending order, as it was in the old system). I suppose they're appearing in order of the date and millisecond they were imported from the old system, which at least keeps them being in random order. But again, knowing the real date/time is far preferable.

    c) While the other "comments" (on the left) do also appear in ascending order (rather than the descending order of the old system), at least there is that "reverse" button offered.

    But I've found that it's not remembering that choice over refreshes or in viewing other bugs going forward. Why not save that as a cookie? Some people may prefer to see the newest comments first all the time, like the old system? (But again, thanks at least for the button to switch at at least.)

    d) Would you consider a similar button to control the ordering of the "vote comments" on the right?

    e) On another matter related to the old vs new trackers, the front page of the new tracker doesn't explain that it's not enough to simply put a bugid (from the old system) into the search box at the top. We need to add cf- (for cf bugs).

    Right now, one would only know that if they clicked the "more" button at the top of the old bug tracker. It could also explain this on the search result page when no bug matching that given (number-only) id was found.

    f) Complicating matters is that on that old tracker, when one is viewing a bug (and it says at the top that it's now read-only and we need to view the bug in the new tracker), that link at the top does not link to this specific bug but instead just goes to the front page of the new tracker.

    Perhaps if it showed a link to the specific bug, fewer people would hit the complication in point 1 (or they may notice that cf- is required, but really that new tracker or its search results page ought to show that this pattern is needed).

    Hope those are helpful comments and that you may be able to attend to them also. They each seem rather simple problems to fix...which is easy for us to say, right? :-)
  28. Aaron Neff
    I agree 100% with every point and suggestion Charlie made.

  29. Vamsee
    @Charlie, this is great feedback! We will raise this with the concerned team and share an update here.
  30. Bernhard Döbler
    I filed a finding, obviously after you migrated all tickets to the new bugbase https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=4198174 - does not appear on new site.
  31. Stanton Stevens
    Bernhard - your bug should be visible in Tracker now. Did you file a new bug in the TKR project about this? I don't see it.
  32. Suchika Singh
    @BernHard , We have migrated few bugs recently. Your bug is migrated now , https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/cf-4198174
    Thanks for reporting!
  33. Aaron Neff
    Hi Suchika (or anyone at Adobe),

    Can I please ask you a question? Can I ask you to please pretend that you are an Adobe customer. And pretend you have filed hundreds of tickets, and voted on hundreds more. And pretend you want to communicate with Adobe on many of these tickets. Would you be frustrated if you did not get notifications whenever Adobe replied on a ticket? I know that I am. It's a highly ineffective way to communicate when there is simply a lack of communication. That is why I am not using tracker.adobe.com very much. I am, first and foremost, waiting for Adobe to fix this:

    Issues in receiving mail notifications for any change in a bug.

    That is the NUMBER ONE issue that needs fixed, IMHO.

    This forum post was created December 14th, 2016. It is now January 27, 2017. Still tracker.adobe.com does not notify us when comments/votes are added on tickets.

    I hope Adobe can make this an Executive Priority to fix the tracker.adobe.com notifications.

  34. Bernhard Döbler
    You link to a bug cf-4198174 in the new tracker but it's not identical to the bug I mentioned in the old tracker.
  35. Vamsee
    @Aaron - We completely understand the frustration regarding the notifications not being sent. We have informed the tracker team and will let you know once we hear from them.
  36. Suchika Singh
    @ Aaron & @ Charlie thanks for your feedback . We have forwarded your request to concerned team and also logged bugs for them.

    1.Awaiting Response Section in Tracker - https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TKR-69

    2.Date of the Vote Comment appears as the date on which bug was created. - https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TKR-70

    3.A button to order Vote Comments - https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TKR-71

    4.The front page of Tracker does not explain that we need to add cf- (for cf bugs). - https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TKR-72

    5.Attempt to go to bug link re-directs to home page after login - https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TKR-9

  37. Suchika Singh
    @Bernhard we have informed the concerned team about your bug and we will try to get it resolved asap. Thanks for reporting .

  38. Aaron Neff
    @Vamsee, Thank you very much!!

    @Suchika, Thank you very much!!

    Very much appreciated, thanks! Also, I've filed some more tickets and added comments on a few others.

  39. Jason Steinshouer
    I cannot seem to access the new bug tracker at the moment.Getting an error connection refused message.
  40. Aaron Neff
    Hi Adobe,

    You did not migrate the comments, and vote comments, for ColdFusion Builder tickets. I tell ya.. -_-

    Please see https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TSBX-147

    So it'll be odd trying to continue the discussion on cfb-4118933 (which is NOT fixed, and is actually worse!) when there is no comment history in tracker.adobe.com.

  41. Aaron Neff
    Hi Adobe,

    tracker.adobe.com's "Home" page doesn't include our Type="Feature" tickets. Filed as https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TKR-76.

    Basically, after logging an ER, we should be able to click "Home" and see that just-filed ER (along w/ our other Bugs and ERs).

  42. charlie arehart
    Sadly, today I am getting "bug submission failed" when trying to file a bug. I see others reporting it above, and Suchika saying in December that "this is solved". I guess there are either ongoing or transient problems.

    Besides looking into this example of mine today (just minutes ago), could you guys consider adding more info to the error?

    It literally is just a big red stylized ajaxy popup message saying "bug submission failed", with nothing more. We just have no idea whether trying over and over will help, or if we should wait, etc. (Thankfully, it doesn't move to a new page, so we don't lose what we wrote.)

    I do appreciate that you don't want to give away a lot of info in such an error message, but a) given that we who are using it are fairly technical (bothering to write bug reports), even SOME info would be better than nothing. Or b) how about telling us at least that someone on the server end has been notified? It doesn't say that, so we have no idea if anyone will even look into it.

    It's just so unfortunate to happen especially on a bug tracker. Of course, the irony is not lost, but the sadder thing is that someone coming to file a bug is generally already disappointed in Adobe. This would just add to the negative feelings for many who'd hit it, I'm sure.
  43. Charlie Arehart
    Still waiting on the above. In the meantime, I just noticed another severe annoyance with the new tracker. When you do a search, and choose one of the results, there is no way (I can see) to return to the previous set of search results.

    Because the app is using ajax, there's no value to the "back button" (the page never changes). And if you click "search" again, you start all over with a blank search page. It remembers nothing that you had previously entered, which is really frustrating.

    Am I missing something? I see no one else complaining of this.
  44. Charlie Arehart
    I just realized what was happening right after sending that last comment. It's that when you click a search result, it opens in a new tab in the browser. Doh! I just hadn't noticed. (That's why the back button didn't work.)

    So one just needs to close the tab and they're back to the search results. Sorry for the false alarm. (And glad I added my final caveat about whether I was "missing something".) :-)
  45. Aaron Neff
    Hi Adobe,

    I would really love to give feedback on the many CF/B tickets and bug fixes. I find that fun :) However, tracker.adobe.com has so many UI issues and does not send us notifications when users comment/vote. I find that stressing :(

    Could we please get a status update on the progress of resolving all the tracker.adobe.com issues?

  46. Stanton Stevens
    Hi Aaron,

    We will be rolling out email notifications by 3/24, hopefully that will help.

    Adobe Systems
  47. Ameya
    Hi Charlie,

    Could you please let us know which product you tried to file a bug against, in order to help us find the source of the issue.

  48. Aaron Neff
    Hi Stanton,

    I just saw your reply. Thanks very much for the follow-up and all that you are doing!

    Since it is now after 3/24, could someone please add a test comment on https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/TSBX-143, so I can see if I get a notification?

  49. Aaron Neff
    "We will be rolling out email notifications by 3/24, hopefully that will help."

    It still is not happening. As of 4/4, no email notifications.

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