There is still time to submit your app for the Mobile Dev Contest and Win $1000!!


We have received requests to extend the time for our mobile contest, so we are extending the deadline to January 15th.  


Please send an email to to let us know of your plans to submit an entry.


Reminder, below are the contest rules.  



  • The application must be built using the mobile feature set of ColdFusion 11
  • All entries must be received by midnight Pacific Time on January 15th, 2015.
  • All application source code needs to be uploaded to Github
  • Github repo must be public
  • No private submissions will be accepted
  • There is no specific requirement for application functionality
  • All applications need to compile to an android app and be installable
  • To submit your entry, email with a brief description
If you're just getting started with ColdFusion mobile development, here are some resources to look into:
Adobe ColdFusion YouTube Channel:

Devnet Articles:

9 Comments to “Mobile Application Development Contest - Deadline Extended to January 15th!!”

  1. Dawesi
    Anyone supporting mobile app developmint in jQuery mobile is a fool, it's such an ordinary framework for mobile.

    At least upgrade Sencha to ExtJS5 in cf so we could build a decent mobile app for a comp with Sencha Touch components out of ExtJS5.
  2. Gary
    We use jQuery mobile and CF for our online jewellery store and with sales of over $9m in 2014 (we only started trading in 2011) and the best Christmas sales ever (40%+ sales YOY), we have found it a great way to build a mobile solution. We built an entire mobile website in just 3 months with jQuery mobile, so it must be a robust solution.
  3. Rob Lapointe
    Interesting we are more than 200+ experts would like toparticipate, please describe more!
  4. Jamie Purchase

    I started using ColdFusion in July, when I started a new Software Developer job.

    I was interested by the competition before it got extended but had too much important testing and debugging on my plate.

    There seems to be a fair bit of negativity towards CF doing front-end stuff (I know javascript, as do most web developers, and I like my cfscript to keep to the back-end, server stuff) but I will give <cfclient> a try.
  5. Oliver
    Gary, great to hear that. Can you share a bit more on this?

    How's your experience on using cfclient? Thanks.
  6. Gary
    @Oliver, we do not use cfclient - I've no idea what that is even. We write all our own code, and just use jQuery mobile as the wrapper for our mobile website versions.

    It may also surprise you that we also use CF version 7. It's been rock solid and stable for us. We just don't need all the other new tags; we can code anything in CF 7 and have a website with many advanced (if not enterprise) features (stock control, vouchers, internal ordering, barcode processing, SEO, feeds etc etc). We found CF 10+ to be totally unreliable in production and constant connector updates that don't work etc. Best thing is that our version is also FREE, we didn't pay a dime for it! Thanks Adobe.
  7. Oliver
    @Gary, thanks for your inputs. It sounds the core CF in early version already be real solid for your use. Well done.

    By saying that, I would like to give cfclient a try and appreciate if some strong real case.

    Many thanks.
  8. Pushpendra
    It is a good news for me that you have extended the mobile app submission date and I also want to submit my app.
  9. Sarge
    Hey, was a winner selected for this contest? I know there was at least one entry here: but there hasn't been further mention of the contest on the official Adobe CF blog.

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