Here is the public facing roadmap for the upcoming two major versions of ColdFusion. The document lists out only the high level directions that are being considered for the future releases.

ColdFusion Product Roadmap (2015)

Here is the disclaimer about this public facing roadmap.

The intended future features or directions described in this document are under consideration by Adobe Systems and are not commitments for future products, technologies, or services. The roadmap is subject to change at Adobe Systems’ sole discretion and Adobe Systems does not guarantee the features or release dates.

14 Comments to “New Product Roadmap for ColdFusion ”

  1. Pradeep
    Can i point out that the re-tweet button is not showing the correct URL, also i thought it would pop-up and not redirect the whole page.
  2. Danny Armstrong
    "Ability to manage, monitor, regulate, secure REST and SOAP web services – API management" sounds a lot like a Dropwizard like solution. I hope Dropwizard is the inspiration here and not another purely CF admin managed thing.

    "Command Line Interface to execute CFML" sounds awesome.

    "ability to store sessions in an external cache". Finally!

    Are all features listed here relevant to the Standard Edition or are some Enterprise specific?
  3. David
    @Danny I'd sure hope the bar isn't that low. Intel, IBM, and Microsoft are all major players in the API Management space and they offer full blown solutions. Adobe would have to be on par with those offerings to be taken seriously. That means offering developer portals/communities on-boarding management among other things. Doesn't strike me as the kind of thing CF would typically be involved in. Great idea, IF and only IF Adobe has the resources to pull it off and stick with it in the long term.
  4. Miguel-F
  5. Oliver
  6. Topper Harley
  7. Sathish

    I am ColFusion developer working with ColdFusion since version 2.0 when it was under the Allair brothers. In 2001, I had written an email to macromedia suggesting that they must build a CRM product around ColdFusion as most CRM products in the market them had their own semi OO scripted language derived from C++. They missed the opportunity to break into the enterprise solution market and making CFML an language for such products.

    Anyway, hope adobe gets serious with CF12 release and offers it on Azure, Google Cloud, IBM BlueMix and other such platforms for a much larger reach.

    Many clients including our client of over 13 years who are still using ColdFusion 8 and awaiting for the 12 release in 2016 are moving a lot of their other portals, sites & services to Azure except the CF which is still hosted separately.

    When CF becomes available on such cloud stacks, it will realise its true potential and bring a lot of new gen programmers to use the CFML to build their apps.

    Although many people argue that CFML is not a full programming language as such, for web development and that too when most of the web integration technologies are packed inside CFML tags, I think the need for additional scope of programming tools is not there for almost 99% of websites, webservices etc. If there is still a need, we can always use native or Java to build .net class libraries or services or Java class libraries for such functionalities that is not available out of box thru CFML.
  8. Ashok Ramkumar
    ColdFusion can sell more if adobe really releases MVC frameworks, setup for large multiserver internet sites, etc. also integrate with all other adobe products and give it as a complete package.
  9. Sathish
    We have been doing ColdFusion development since version 2.0. There was a lot of lost ground by CF as product under Macromedia & later Adobe. Tough to regain the same as developer too tend to move out when opportunities dry up.

    Adobe ColdFusion must be made available on the cloud platforms such as IBM BlueMix, Azure, Google Cloud development platforms for developers to mix and match the tools to develop apps. Without this, CF 12 etc will not take off very well except for existing clients who have invested into the platform and do not mind upgrading to avail the latest security patches & features.
  10. Stevie
    Mean while my company is encouraging us to move away from CF because according to Gartner Clock CF is at the Dusk of Obsolescence.
  11. Charlie Arehart
    To all those sounding the death knell of CF, just know that there are still thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of customers, many of whom I work with every day in my consulting, so I can attest that it's not "dying".

    We were told years ago that there were tens of thousands of customer, so even if some have left there are still many who remain. There is also the annual CF Summit, and attendance rises each year.

    Do you see mention of CF as much in the press? No, but we never did before.

    Do you find it hard to locate CF developers? Sure, but it's always been hard to find good CF developers. Most have learned they can better train up experienced developers if they are willing to learn a new language.

    (And sure, if many believe of them that CF is dying, it may prove hard to find folks willing to make that leap. But I do hear of it happening, so it's not impossible.)

    Are there things some wish Adobe would do? Sure. That's not new to recent times, or to CF specifically.

    Are there signs to some that Adobe (as a company) is not fully behind CF? Sure. But the CF team surely is.

    Are there signs to some that the CF Team is not as on the ball as they could be? Sure, but we've heard those war chants before. Everyone has their pet issues they wish were handled better.

    I could go on.

    Bottom line: there are plenty of signs that CF is alive and well and should be around for years to come. Whether it will be "thriving" is really a matter of perspective.

    I just wanted to offer some alternative perspective to the doom and gloom of the past couple of comments here. As someone who's used CF and watched the community closely for nearly 20 years, I just don't share the perspective they do. I see things changing. I don't see things as hopeless.

    Just another opinion, of course.
  12. oz
    I know CFML is for web development but I think Adobe needs to start thinking about getting it on devices and freeing it from the HTML arena. I do not mean a phone. It can be a refrigerator or a car or a media player or a UAV, whatever.

    It should be a very lightweight interpreter that is 100% FREE - stripped of all the charts, pdf and image handlers, and all web related things. I see Adobe are adding a command line interface, and this is great, and it could be based on that.

    Why? It would promote the language and get many other types of programmers and system admins on board with CFML. Right now, it's C, C++, Java, Python, etc. that handles the logic on devices and internet of things.
  13. Patrick
    I can't find any document. Has it been removed? I found the link below but it is dead. Any hint?
  14. charlie arehart
    Patrick, is that a link you found via googling or on some other post, perhaps? :-) Maybe it was the location of the roadmap from 2012? I suppose they may well delete those older ones.

    The link to the roadmap discussed here (from Aug 2015) is a different URL than yours:

    I'll note that it would indeed be easy to miss, if you're just eye-balling the post looking for any such link, because it was hidden as a link under the first word of the post, saying "Here is the public facing roadmap". But the link does indeed work. :-) That can be corrected.

    But we should note that there is likely a new road map a-coming, as Adobe has at recent events been talking about what's coming in the next release (codenamed "aether" and due likely in 2018). As such, we may see that this 2015 roadmap PDF may itself disappear and a new one would appear. Maybe someone will put a link in the text here or a comment to point to that new roadmap, when that happens, to help the person looking here for it years for now. :-)

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