I am very excited to announce the availability of new public bugbase for ColdFusion that is built using ColdFusion. Here is the link. - The bugbase currently supports logging bug for ColdFusion Builder 2. - We are in the process of migrating old bugs to new bugbase and they should appear in some time. - You need to use search option to find/list bugs A big thanks to Vinu, Kunal, Manju and other folks on the CF/Watson team to make it happen.

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  1. Jas Panesar
    Nice, look forward to see it come together.
  2. OÄ?uz Demirkapı
    Great work! Thanks.
  3. Dan Vega
    Why do I have to search for bugs? Is there a way to see all open items?
  4. Hemant Khandelwal
    The bugbase will be used for other Adobe products in future. And hence you have to select the product via search to see existing bugs.

    If you have any suggestions for bugbase, please use product "bugbase" and log bugs in the bugbase itself.
  5. Adam Cameron
    When will all the old bugs be imported? A lot of the issues I reported in CFB 1.0 are still present in CFB 2.0b (but to be fair, a lot of other bugs I raised have been fixed ;-), but I am loath to raise them again.

  6. Hemant Khandelwal
    Yes. It is in process. Since we are the first team to migrate (and need to map old bugtracker fields to new bugbase fields) it will take extra time.

    We are looking at possibility of making old customer logged bugs as public as well but no promises. All bugs logged internally will remain private.
  7. Adam Cameron
    OK, cool. When making the decision as to whether to import the old bugs, please bear in mind that your clients (the people who have raised these issues) have invested their time - in some cases a significant amount of time - to raise these issues with you, and that it's all important data.

    I should think there's little point in importing the "fixed" bugs, but even old ones that are "closed" with the reason "won't fix" (not that you displayed the reason, previously... not sure if you do now?) is significant information.


  8. Rupesh
    Yes. We will import all the bugs from bugtracker including the fixed and closed ones. We don't want to lose any of them.
  9. Aaron Neff
    Currently, "Version" for CFB contains these 2 options: "1.0,2.0"

    However, it should probably contain these 3 options: "-,1.0,2.0"

    Meaning, it'd be more helpful for users if we can search against *all* versions of CF/CFB.

    Currently, we must repeat search query for each version.

  10. Aaron Neff
    Hi Team,

    Can the search results cfgrid please store current column sort and page into session scope?

    1) navigate to another page of grid, or sort a column
    2) click on an ID, to view bug/ER
    3) click browser Back button, to return to grid
    4) see grid 'forgets' previous page and column sort

    This would be more helpful, IMO:
    4) see grid 'remembers' previous page and column sort

    That way we can perform our search queries faster, w/o having to re-paginate or re-sort the columns.

  11. Aaron Neff
    Hi Team,

    Please disregard my two comments here. They can be deleted (including this post). I forgot that the new bug base supports filing bugs/ERs against the bug base itself. I've filed Bug 2903160 and Feature 2903162, respectively for the two items I mentioned.

  12. Kunal Saini
    Hi Aaron,

    You can directly raise a request for this(or any other new feature in bugbase) by going to New feature and select product as Adobe Bugbase.

  13. Bob Walasek
    Is anybody working on ColdFusion Builder 2 fixes? I've had 2 bugs in the bugbase since 5/2011 and they are still in an "unverified" state. What gives?

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