Nginx is a high-performance and open-source web server that is widely used in the web communityIt can now be configured with ColdFusion 2016. With this post we are making available the prerelease build of the web-server connector for testing purposes. 

The prerelese build is in the form of an Linux 64-bit installer that packages the following 2 components:

- The Nginx web server installer. This installer is a variant of the standard Nginx installer that packages the AJP modules that enbable the communication between the webserver and ColdFusion.

- WSconfig.jar. This is a modified version of the library present in ColdFusion's <cf_root>/cfusion/lib directory, that is required by the WSConfig tool when configuring a web server connector. 

For detailed instructions on installing the webserver and configuring the connector, refer this document.  

We will look forward to your suggestions and feedback.

Click on this link to download the source for the Ngnix Connector.

Revision (09 Jan 2017): The download link for Ngnix Connector source added.



8 Comments to “Prerelease build of Nginx connector for ColdFusion 2016 now available”

  1. summer bhist
    This connector is very useful now these day. You share a great information on this topic thank you.
  2. Phill Nacelli
    Hi Piyush,

    That's great, always nice to see added options for performance gains. Have you done any benchmark performances running CF+Nginx vs CF+IIS vs CF+Apache? I think it would make a great post.

  3. Immanuel Noel N
    Hi Phill,

    We do have plans to indicate the performance benefits in the coming days.

    Do share your experiences in working with the connector.


    - Immanuel
  4. Joe Gooch
    Is this AJP connector written from scratch, or is it another, freely available AJP connector? (i.e.

    Is the AJP connector source available for custom nginx builds? You do not compile in some modules, like XSLT, or GeoIP. Ubuntu compiles with stack protection and fortify source enabled, which your build does not include. Given the nginx_ajp_module source, Linux packages could be maintained for each distribution.

    WSconfig is loading the dynamically - you say in the document that nginx does not support DSOs. Since it does, and it's being loaded dynamically... perhaps the nginx installer isn't necessary?

    What advantages does this connector provide over proxy_http?
  5. Chinoy Gupta
    Hi Joe,

    This connector is based on the other AJP connector you mentioned but with modifications to make it work with ColdFusion.

    We are planning to share the source code also. We will share the link here as soon as it becomes available.

    The connector module is indeed loaded dynamically but the trouble is that while loading a dynamic module, Nginx verifies the config parameters Nginx is built with against the config parameters that module is built with. If there is a mismatch, then the module is not loaded. That is why it is important to build Nginx and module with same parameters. Also, from what I understand, Nginx community is already working removing these limitatons. When that happens, there won't be any need of shipping the installer.

    There are various advantages of using this connector over proxy_http. First and foremost, performance. As AJP is faster and more bandwidth efficient than HTTP, there should be performance boost. Secondly, you also get those features which come with IIS and Apache connector shipped with CF, such as, CGI varaibles, deploying applications in WebServer webroot, etc.

  6. Joe Gooch
    Thanks for the response!

    I'm really interested in integrating this with our stack. I can start working with it in our Dev environments, where we're currently using proxy_http. But I really need the source code to properly assess it and package it for production use. I'm also interested in how many (if any) of the github issues with the connector have been resolved by your release.

    Are there any plans to do a proper Github fork, fix/merge any resolved issues by the community and maintain it that way? It'd be a great way to bring the connector forward. For that matter, any modifications you've made to tomcat would be nice to see (and be contributed back) as well.

    I eagerly await the source link!
  7. Immanuel Noel N
    Joe Gooch,

    Here is the source for the Nginx Connector,

    At this point, the source is only available for download, and is not shared as a repository.
  8. Joseph Gooch
    Thank you!

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