Code coverage is an essential part of testing, it reflects the completeness of the testing done. Code coverage is instrumental in providing information about how much of the total code is actually tested by the test suite. However code coverage does not guaranty the quality of testing but it reflects the area covered in testing.

Another important point is white box testing and code coverage(functional) are two separate activities. while the former determine the probable inputs and output for a function, the later determine if all lines and branching conditions of the function are executed, in short all paths have been covered or not. There are quiet a bunch of tools available for Java applications. But for ColdFusion applications, till now there is no way to know the code coverage.

This post provides an experimental tool, Rancho, to get code coverage for any ColdFusion application. Rancho can be used as a ColdFusion Builder extension or as an application Read more and download Rancho....

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