I presented an e-seminar, Everything about Mobile Application Development, on 10th April. Some of the attendees had asked me to share the presentation and source code of the application. So here are the links

I had added a few useful links at the end of the presentation, but the PDF (linked above) of slides does not show those links. So here they are - 


ColdFusion Splendor and Thunder

ColdFusion Documentation

CFMobile related Blogs

CFMobile related Videos

Recently PhoneGap Build made some changes in the way they pick up PhoneGap plugins. Because of this if you package the application (CFMobileExpenseTracker) using Public Beta builds, then image attachement feature would not work. We have fixed this issue post public beta. However there is a work around in public beta build- In the PhoneGap project properties of ColdFusion Thunder, select 'Load the configuration from XML' option and use this config.xml.

You can find the recording of this e-seminar here.

-Ram Kulkarni

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