I will speaking about Zeus on the 19th (12 pm EST) at the online ColdFusion Meetup hosted by Charlie Arehart. 

Do register if you have not registered already. Here's the link.

-Rakshith Naresh


5 Comments to “Speaking on Zeus at the Online ColdFusion Meetup”

  1. Jeff
    Thanks for the presentation today. I'd love to hear more about the new EWS functionality. Will all properties of Exchange 2010 Items be available via the new cfexchange functionality such as LastModifiedTime?
  2. AJ Mercer
    With the ReST functions, can you have multiple function with the same method but different content types?

    So you can do a GET requesting 'application/json' or 'application/xml' and the correct function will be called
  3. Rakshith Naresh
    Jeff, yes. I see that the LastModifiedTime is available for contacts and tasks. Let me know if you would like to give feedback about the new exchange functionality. I will need your email id though.
  4. Rakshith Naresh
    Mercer, yes you could do that. The appropriate function will get called even if you differentiate based on the accept header for a GET request
  5. Kevin Roche
    Rakshith, I just listened to the recording of your presentation. Looking forward to the Public Beta.

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