Catch Asha talk about configuring ColdFusion 10 connector with Apache Virtual Hosts 



Learn the basics of Apache Connector Configuration in ColdFusion 10 here :

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3 Comments to “Video : Configuring ColdFusion 10 connector with Apache Virtual Hosts ”

  1. Ken
    Can't find parameters for Mac version of CF10. After updates, Web server not working. Does anyone have the WSConfig parameters for a Mac? Running CF10 trial and CFbuilder on one machine. Not sure if Web Server (port 80) ever worked. I don't see a CONF folder to point Apache to (that it accepts.).
  2. asha
    Hi Ken,

    Have you upgraded your Mac ? Which version of Mac are you on ?

    Please email the details to me on

    Adobe ColdFusion team.
  3. prashast saxena
    Really nice video help understanding configuring Apache for Coldfusion 10. Tried and worked as expected.
    Great job.

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