In a previous video by Asha from Adobe team,we had discussed the various details about the Apache connector in ColdFusion 10.

In this video , Adobe engineer Kiran talks about configuring IIS with ColdFusion 10


You can find out more about it here


3 Comments to “Video : Learn about IIS connectors in ColdFusion10”

  1. Aaron Neff
    Thanks very much Viny and Kiran!

    Minor note/reminder for others: Due to IIS limitation, wsconfig also must be ran for newly-added sites (sites added in IIS after CF install or after wsconfig was ran). This is b/c IIS doesn't add the CFIDE and jakarta virtual directories to newly-added sites. Instead of re-running wsconfig, these two virtual directories can also be added manually.

  2. Sumit Verma

    I think the requirement for IIS is not ASP.

  3. Ged
    Note that Kiran used right click run as administrator when starting the configuration tool.

    This went quickly and without comment but it's vital

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