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  1. I already asked support several times what issues currently exists… what took so long to get this done? I remember an Adobe policy to support CF on new OS within 3 months after MS releases a new OS.

  2. @Alexander: You are right. It wasn’t supposed to take this long. We encountered an issue with our installer SDK and had to follow up with a third party vendor for the fix. We finally received the fix. We will now be working on getting the installers out as soon as possible.

    @Aaron: You are welcome!

  3. We’re looking to deploy a CF 2016 instance on a new Windows Server 2016 VM in the near future.
    If the updated installer comes in the next several weeks we should be fine.

    But just in case, what is the current state of CF 2016 on Windows Server 2016?
    Will it simply not install/run at all?


  4. I installed CF 11 onto Windows Server 2016 in January of 2017, and wish I hadn’t. Safari, when running on any Apple device, can not receive the default document when the default document is a ColdFusion file, and when the request is made across an HTTPS connection. This does not happen for any other browser (or even Safari running on a PC), and does not happen for non-CF files. Nor does it happen for non-encrypted connections. Adobe support tells me once CF is certified for Windows Server 2016 this will be corrected, but it isn’t ready to run on Windows Server 2016 quite yet.

  5. I am needing this as soon as it is available, so hopefully it will be posted to this forum when it becomes available and I will be notified.

  6. @Denz: We want to understand why would you want to install 32 bit CF on a 64 bit OS? Ia there a reason for doing so?

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